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Eugene Marathon

All I can say is that I love the Eugene Marathon. I had so much fun! The course was great, so pretty and for the most part – flat.


The expo wasn’t too big and we were able get through it pretty quick. I also put this awesome magnet for the fridge. I’m pretty sure Ryan is going to love it…


The morning of the race went really well. I had set my race outfit the night before so there was no stress.

imageI had my coffee, bagel, water and was ready to go at 6am.

photo-1I met up with my friend Chloe and we rode the shuttle bus together. 
My only complaint was the bathrooms at the start. It was pure chaos… Thankfully Chloe found a short line and we made it with 5 minutes before the start of the race! (great job Chloe!)

I finished the race in 3:40:59. I still can’t believe my average pace was 8:26 per mile. That is crazy to me! How’d I do that?! I had great support and was so happy to see family and friends along to course. The coolest thing to me is that I felt great after the race. I didn’t feel the need to take a nap – totally different from how I felt after the Portland Marathon.

After the race my parents and I went to the University of Oregon Museum and then an early dinner at the Excelsior Inn. 


And on Monday I received a surprise treat from Ryan!!! Edible Arrangements is really good.


Now on to – moving, the Brooklyn half-marathon, a wedding (yay Elena!) and then a trip to Costa Rica. So busy … all the time!


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Getting Ready and Run for Boston

I bought some marathon essentials this week to get me pumped for Eugene.


 I bought two pairs of my favorite running socks, two gels I’ll be taking at miles 9 and 18 and shower wipes – just in case we have to check out of our hotel before the marathon and I can’t take a shower until we get back home.
No one wants a stinky marathoner at the dinner table.

This weekend I’ll be running in two Boston Tribute runs.
Here’s the information if you’d like to join!

Saturday, April 20th – 8am:

The New York Flyers invite anyone and everyone: Flyers, members of any and all other teams, unaffiliated runners, people who don’t run but support humanity and running-for fun and/or for competition to gather at the Maine Monument at Columbus Circle at 8am on Saturday, April 20th. Once we gather a few words will be said and, by 8:15am, we will be off to loop Central Park’s bridle path one time at a leisurely pace. You can do the whole loop or any part of it. You can run, you can walk. We will take the bridle path to avoid conflicts with any cyclists out training or racing. I suggest that if you have Boston Marathon gear, from any year, that you wear it. It’s ok if you don’t, but then try to wear something blue and yellow, the race’s colors in many years.  

Sunday, April 21st – 3pm:

WHERE: The FINISH LINE of the NYC Marathon (near Tavern on the Green)

WHEN: Sunday, April 21, 3pm. We will gather at 3 and leave shortly after 3:30pm, when we will observe a moment of silence in honor of the Boston Marathon victims and their families.

We’ll run a full loop of the park, heading South.

WHAT TO BRING: Wear something Boston-related, if you can.


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Let’s Compare the Two

In order to be completely ready I researched the elevation for the Eugene Marathon. In order to get a good idea of what I signed up for I compared it to the six mile loop in Central Park. I ran that loop twice on Sunday.

Eugene Marathon:
Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 1.22.11 PM

Look at that nice downhill from mile 12 1/2 to mile 21!

Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 1.22.04 PMI’m confident my training in Central Park will help me. 

Being able to master the Central Park hills definitely gives me an advantage. (i hope).

Oh, and my friend Kesal sent me this the other day. I love it.



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What a weekend! From Friday to Sunday I was busy! Ryan and I accomplished a lot for our upcoming move. We got a bed, sofa, love seat, chair and ottoman. phew. And we still have a lot to do. 


Sunday was the More Magazine half marathon. It was a great day for a race. Sunny, in the 50s – perfect. I did not race this race. I made this my last long run before the Eugene Marathon. I added on two miles at the end to run a total of 15 miles. I finished the half in 1:47:32 – a 8:13 pace. I felt great the whole time, my confidence for the marathon has definitely increased.


And then of course, I had to celebrate my race 🙂 16 Handles frozen yogurt.


This week I’m going to take it easy and run Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Nothing crazy, just some quality runs. Throw in a Pure Barre class or two and I’m good.

I can’t believe Eugene is so soon!


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Spring is here!

Lots has happened since my last post.

First off. I’m not sick anymore! Woohoo!
Second. We found an apartment! AND we’re not paying a brokers fee! Yesss. Not paying a brokers fee saves us about $5,000. Yes, New York is insane. Yes, that $5,000 is to RENT an apartment, not buy… We move the beginning of May!
Third. I’m still planning on running the Eugene Marathon. I’m not going to bump down to the half. Even though it would make my life a lot easier. Who want’s easy, though right?! I cannot wait to go to Oregon!

Lastly, it’s finally spring in New York! This week has had perfect running weather. I knocked out 12 miles on Sunday and then eight on Monday. Pure Barre tonight and an early morning run tomorrow morning.




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So this whole marathon training thing isn’t going so hot. I was doing really well and then I got sick and I’ve lost some motivation. Last week I ran a total of 51/2 miles… That is not good when the Eugene Marathon is this month. yikes.

Here’s this week’s plan:

Monday – nothing

Tuesday – Pure Barre

Wednesday – Morning run – 5 1/2 miles

Thursday – Pure Barre

Friday – Morning run

Saturday or Sunday – Long run (20 miles???)

I’m suppose to run 20 miles this weekend… My plan is to run as long as I can. I don’t want to injure myself. I also have the More Magazine Half Marathon April 14th so I’m going to run some miles beforehand to make sure I get two solid long runs before the marathon.

I really wanted to go into this marathon prepared but you never know what life will bring you. I got a horrible cold. Oh, and I also have to find a new apartment by May 15th. Life’s been a little crazy lately!


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Can You Freeze Soup?

Valentine’s Day with Ryan was so much fun. Super relaxed. Silver Linings Playbook was really good and I think everyone should see it such for the dance at the end. I laughed so hard! Then we enjoyed the chocolate dipped strawberries I had made the night before. I added peanut butter chips to some of them. I highly recommend doing it – super good.

Then it was the long weekend! Saturday I got my 16 miler in and it was the best long run! I ran 10 miles with a fellow NY Flyer and the other 6 by myself. I averaged an 8:40 pace. I have no idea where that came from, but I felt great the whole time. photo-1I’m feeling more and more confident about Eugene now that I got a solid long run in. 

Monday I added two new recipes to my recipe list. I’m getting closer and closer to my goal of cooking/baking 26 recipes this year.

The first recipe I made was White Bean Soup with Red Chard. There was A LOT of chopping involved – finely chopping two onions is not fun… 


But – I did it! I made my first ever homemade soup!!!


I then moved on to baking. This bad boy doesn’t look so pretty but it tastes really good! I made pear upside down cake. The hardest part was flipping the darn thing over on the cutting board.

Now I have a ton of soup and lots of cake… and there’s one of me. So yeah… I’ll be eating soup and cake for the rest of the week. Can you freeze soup?

NYCRuns Half-Marathon this Sunday in Central Park! I can’t wait to kick butt on another training run!


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2013 Running Goals

I have two major running goals for 2013.

1) Run a marathon in under four hours. I would love to be around 3:45… Or you, know… qualify for Boston… I’ll have to look up the time qualifications.

2) Run a half marathon under 1 hour and 40 mins. Last year my personal best was 1:41:31… So close!

I know I’m going to need to amp up my training to meet these time goals. I’m hoping for a great marathon time in New York. New York will be the big one for me.

Eugene is more of a fun – see my family (and friends! many are running the race!) run. But I do want to run it in under four hours.

I’ll be running four half marathons this year and I’m hoping that Staten Island, where I did my PB last year, will be the race where I get under 1:40. We’ll see. 
It’s really all on me. If I train I know I can reach these goals.
If I don’t and sit on the couch then we all know what the outcome will be.

What are your 2013 Running Goals???


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That Was a Long Break, huh?

So that was a long break from blogging, huh?!
It’s funny how when life gets really busy/fun/crazy/etc you don’t have time for other things – like blogging. When there is interesting and cool stuff to tell people about you don’t have time to tell them. 

That’s what happened to me.

I’m going to try to make more of an effort to blog more often. Once or twice a week, maybe. (hopefully)

I’ve just started my training for the Eugene Marathon. It’s going… not that well but it’s going…

I’m still in love with Pure Barre. It may or may not be interfering with my marathon training…

Oh, and in June I’m going to Costa Rica. That’s pretty awesome, huh?


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Okayyy everyone get excited… I’ve signed up. It’s happening!
The Eugene Marathon!!!
April 28th, 2013!!!
Be there or be square!
(Is that dorky to say??)


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