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No sleep for the marathon bound

I didn’t run last night. Or this morning. Yesterday I was just too tired. Also, all this excitement surrounding the marathon has left me all antsy. And when I want to sleep I can’t! My brain won’t turn off. So last night’s sleep… I don’t even know if I slept at all. So that meant no 5:45am run. No way.

I’ve been trying to read for about an hour before bed to calm my excitement and get a little sleepy. It works but once the lights are off my brain does not want to go to sleep. I’m hoping from the lack of sleep last night and a run tonight I’ll be able to sleep. That would be nice.

I’m so tired… and my hair is kind of greasy…

I just want to take a nap… but I need to run

Portland here I come!!!!

“Running a marathon is like living life. It’s a long distance and a long journey. And you’ve got a lot of different things that can happen along the journey.” Clive Davies

PS- It totally feels like fall today!!!! My walk to work this morning was just perfect!! I see a pumpkin spiced latte in the very near future 🙂

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Last Long Run and Winner Announced!!!

Today I’m feeling back to normal. After a very busy weekend all I wanted and needed yesterday was sleep. So last night I went to bed at 9pm and now I’m feeling 100%. Ready to run some miles after work! I’m also loving this fall weather. Though it is raining today, I don’t mind and I’m just happy to be rid of the humidity!

This Sunday is the New York Road Runner’s 18 mile tune-up run. This will be my last long run before the Portland Marathon!!! Can you believe it’s so close! WOW.

After completing this race I will also be done with my 9 + 1 which means I’ll be running the New York City Marathon next year!!! Very exciting stuff you guys!!!

The Nuu-Muu winner is….

Kristen!!! picked you!! Please e-mail me your address 🙂

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Two Workouts – One Day

Yesterday I went for a run in Central Park after work. My plan was to run ten miles. I only got six in. My legs were pretty tired after spin class that morning. and it started to thunder and lightening… Cool but a little scary. I’m actually a little surprised that I ran at all. I was exhausted yesterday. 

After my run I ate, showered and headed straight to bed. I was sleep in about 5 minutes. I love going to bed at 9pm. 

Today is supposed to be my rest day but I feel weird not working out at all. BUT I need my legs feeling great tomorrow for my long run. I’m hoping there is no rain this weekend. I really don’t want to run in the rain or on a treadmill for 3 hours… 

Other than a long run this weekend I have no plans. And I love that. Monday through Friday is so busy and scheduled, I love having no plans on the weekends. Relaxing and sleeping are two of my favorite things.

oh and this too…

Sushi for my Friday night treat??? I think so.

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Central Park, I missed you

I didn’t realize how much I love running in Central Park until last night.

Recently I had been enjoying running at gym – out of the heat and humidity. And right around the corner from my apartment.

However, last night the weather was just too perfect not to run outside. So I walked to Central Park from my apartment (around .60 miles) and then ran the 6 mile loop (Death Mountain included) and continued my run back to my apartment. I totaled seven miles and was extremely happy. 

Before stepping outside to run – I had, had a full work day and then went and took the puppy out and played with her… Needless to say the last thing I wanted to do was go and run eight miles. I was just tired.

But I talked to my roommate Danielle and she gave me a pep talk and we decided I should just go run and see how I feel. Getting two or three miles in is way better that none. And to my surprise I was able to run seven! And the only reason I didn’t push to eight miles was because it was getting dark and I didn’t want to get lost (or get bug bites)… I haven’t been living there that long! 

All and all I’m very happy that I pushed myself and ran. I had fun running and was so happy to be back in the park.

I’m pretty tired from this week and I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow… Oh, and run 18 miles on Sunday!

To those people who were wondering – the photo from yesterday of me and Danielle is from our Senior year at Marist. We were just climbing out of our friends window… no big deal 🙂

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Hello Monday…

Friday after work I was on puppy duty so Bailey and I went to the dog park to see her friends. It’s really crazy how she’s like a little celebrity! After the fun at the dog park it was time for my 14 MILE RUN. This farthest I have ever run in my life! And I did it! At times it was pretty miserable but I finished and never walked.

I also used NUUN for the first time and I am a fan! Before, during, and after races I have been drinking Vitamin Water. I love the energy flavor. But, it’s loaded with sugar… NUUN replaces your lost electrolytes without any sugar. And they have a ton of great flavors. I tried the berry one 🙂

When I got back to Ryan’s apartment I had a glorious dinner (a huge sandwich and bbq chips) and lots of water. I did stretch and ice my knees and shins. Ice really does help with muscle fatigue. Oh, and I had to be ready for my 4 mile race the next morning… Great planning on my part…

Living in New York you are never know what you will see. These two lovely ladies were on the train with me at 7am… It looks like they had a wonderful Friday night.

There were tons of people at the race! The weather was beautiful but a tad hot… What also made this race great was my friend Ashley had also signed up for the race so I was able to see and catch up with her! We also got a photo together which I will hopefully get sometime this week!

I really did not have any goals for this race except to finish and get one step closer to my 9 + 1 NYC Marathon goal. Running 14 miles the night before can make your legs pretty darn tried. Though I was nervous at the start I surprised myself and finished the race in 32:05, which is a 8:02 pace. Not bad for sore, tired legs!

After the race it was time for some relaxation and fun with Bailey and Ryan. There’s nothing wrong with watching TV for three+ hours, going to the dog park, and then going to sushi (date night!!). I say that’s a perfect Saturday.

Sunday we enjoyed a lovely brunch at my favorite Belgium/French restaurant. We also got to see some friends from college which was a nice reunion. I forgot how wonderful those people are!

Once we got back into the city Ryan and I took Bailey to the dog park late night (9:30pm) for some fun – we needed her tired so she’d sleep through the night!

As you can guess I’m exhausted from this weekend! And tonight I have a Core Fusion class at Exhale

Sleep? What’s that???




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Relax and Breathe

I am so happy tomorrow is Friday. This week has been way too busy and I have been way too stressed out. I feel like I’ll just start to get the hang of balancing work, training, friends and family and then all of sudden I feel like I’m drowning. My “to-do” list is way too long and I can’t check anything off.

I know I just need to relax and breathe…

I was able to run tonight which helped me relax. Five miles. I really enjoy running. A lot more than when I first started training. It’s now become a time to escape and just have me time. Which sometimes I really need.

Oh, and I have a race on Saturday. Four miles.

I think this is what I really need…

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It Finally Caught Up With Me.


This week has been incredibly busy and my lack of sleep has finally caught up with me.

I did get my 7 miler in last night. It was a relaxing run but it’s really difficult to get used to the humid weather. I know I talk about the humidity in almost every post, but I’m not used to it. For 18 years I lived on the West Coast (the best coast!!!) where we have dry heat – no humidity. My body just can’t handle it… So I ran the seven miles at a 9:30 pace and was just happy to finish and get in some mileage.

I ran along the East River, by where Ryan lives (he bought me dinner after my run! Score!) and had lots to look at. I didn’t need any music. People watching is entertainment enough.

It seemed as though it was going to rain the entire run but it never did which was nice since I had my phone and the last thing I need is my phone to get soaked and not work. My computer not working is enough, thank you very much.

I ran under a bunch of bridges including the Brooklyn Bridge! I’ll definitely be running this again.

I’m suppose to run tonight… I can’t remember how many miles. I think 4 or 5? And then ten on Sunday.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Good luck to those people running in the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon/Half-Marathon!


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Trail Running From Hell

The humidity has come back. With vengeance. Yesterday I had a six-mile run planned with some co-workers. My boss used to be an elite runner so he said he would take me and another girl we work with out for a run. Cool, great.

before running

We’ll do the six-mile loop around Central Park I like. NOPE. Wrong. He took us on these running trails all throughout the park. LET ME TELL YOU. It was one of the most difficult runs I’ve done in a very long time.

after… not happy at all

Afterwards I felt like I had run a half marathon. It was the most miserable thing ever. The humidity plus the trails made for not a fun time. My legs actually woke me up in the middle of the night hurting. Oh, and my cat chose last night to run around like a crazy person… I love getting four hours of sleep.

I’ve decided not to run today (thanks to yesterday) and run Thursday and Friday and push my long run to Sunday.

I am happy that I can say I survived the six-mile trail run from hell but I won’t be doing that again for a long time.

Resolution Update: I’ve been cooking more and trying new recipes. Cooking rather than ordering out food or grabbing sushi every other day is waaayy cheaper!

Look Mom, I’m cooking!!! And no, Ryan I didn’t burn anything…

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Cheers to the best Dad there is! Happy Father’s Day!

To the man who never doubts me. Who always says I can do anything I want (as long as I work hard and put my mind to it.)

He taught me so much about life  and I’m sure there is much more to come!

Oh, and he’s pretty stylish too~

Dad – I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day! I will be seeing you very soon!!! XOXO

And as my Dad says, “Life’s a banquet and most people are starving.”  


Race Update: 5 mile Portugal/ Father’s Day Race: 39:13 – Pace 7:51

It was pretty hot out and I think I should have eaten more for breakfast… I’m happy with my time but I know I could have done better. I’m off to take a nap! I’m tired!

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My Weekend in Pictures

This past weekend was crazy busy. Ryan and I went to New Jersey and did tons of fun stuff. Golfing on Saturday, all you can eat sushi for dinner, and on Sunday we went rock climbing.

Ryan and I were both on our high school golf teams.

This was Ryan’s first time rock climbing. I had been in a gym before, but this was way more difficult! It’s a great workout. I’m feeling it today! My back and arms are super sore.

And, I know… I didn’t mention running… I know… I know… I’ll start it up again. My body is just tired. Tonight I’m going to review my marathon training schedule and plan everything out 🙂

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