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Fall Fun – But No Run

This past weekend was so much fun, but I’m afraid I’m on the brink of getting sick. AGAIN. Both Ryan and I woke up Sunday morning with sore throats. I’m getting really tired of feeling great one week and then feeling sick the next. I’m not even training that much! I’ve haven’t been able to! Any way. Friday and Saturday were really fun. We had a great time doing “fall” activities.


I love everything to do with fall. I was the girl at Pier 1 Imports in August buying Fall/Halloween stuff. They have amazing stuff there. And the scented candles there. I’m in love with them.


After the pumpkin patch it was carving time. 


There’s a haunted house, Keith Urban, Yankees, and Mickey and Minnie. I carved the haunted house one. It was really difficult, but I LOVE how it turned out!


On Sunday Ryan and I headed back to Queens. The way we go is part of the New York Marathon Route which got me really excited. Even though I’m not “fully trained” for the marathon I am so excited. This is going to be an amazing experience. I’m told the crowds are amazing and really lift you up. 


I can’t wait! And tomorrow I get to hang out with someone really awesome!!! 🙂


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17 Days

17 days until the big day!
I’m finally feeling like I can do this. Last week I went to Pure Barre on Monday, ran 8 miles on Tuesday, and 16 miles in Central Park on Saturday. Though the last two miles of the 16 miler were a little hard, I knew that if I needed to run 10 more miles I could.

I’m also getting excited for Marathon Week here in New York. There’s so many fun things to do before the marathon and everyone is so happy and excited. The City gets over”run” by tourists (get it?!?). They just run around everywhere in spandex. It’s very amusing. It’s just a really fun time AND it’s right around my birthday! (I’m turning 27…)

I hit up the Running Company today and bought a new pair of shoes, gels and a new water bottle (my old one got mold in it somehow- how does that happen?) for the marathon. I love new running stuff! And shopping in general i guess…


This weekend we’re headed to New Jersey for some Fall fun and of course, some running will happen.


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Cleaning Sunday

I didn’t leave my apartment all day. It was so beautiful outside and I wanted to go outside and enjoy the fall weather but I just kept cleaning and being productive. And then it started raining and then it got dark outside… So today I stayed inside. All day…

When I get the “cleaning bug” I get to work because it doesn’t hit that often.

My suitcase is all packed and I picked out what I’m going to wear on the plane to Oregon 🙂 

Of course it’s my Portland Marathon Training shirt! What else would I wear?!

After a long day of cleaning and packing I treated myself to a pedicure. I picked a glittery gold color for the marathon. Can you call gold a power color???

No running today. Three miles tomorrow morning!

I can’t believe the marathon is a week away!!! I’ve been training almost a year for this. Totally crazy.  And totally exciting! Ahhhhh!!!


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Today I finally got my latte

Today has been great! I slept until 9am, read, enjoyed a NAKED Juice called Green Machine which is unbelievably good! Go try it! It has spinach in it! Super healthy. Did you know October is National Spinach Lover Month???

Another food item that I’m now addicted to. POP CHIPS. They are soooooo good. Go out and buy those too. You are welcome.

What made today wonderful, besides the green juice and pop chips at lunch… Getting my first PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE of the season! Woot! Woot! One bad thing – $4.30 for a TALL?! Really Starbucks????

After lunch, while enjoying my latte I was reading and this little one kept laying on my book. She does this all the time and when I’m using my laptop. I guess she wants to be right in the action??

Later on I hit the gym. I was all caffeined-up so I was excited to get running. I ran a solid 4.5 miles increasing my speed. I kept imagining the finish line at the marathon 🙂

After the gym guess what was waiting for me in our mailbox???? The  NOVEMBER issue of Runner’s World!

I probably won’t be able to save it for the plane ride…


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Waiting on fall

My legs were still pretty sore this morning so I hit the elliptical for 45 minutes. No over training here!

I’m hoping to run a solid 5-6 miles tomorrow and then eight on Sunday. This tapering thing is kinda strange. No double-digit runs? Until the marathon??? Whatttt??? Exciting but scary all at the same time!

What else is going on?? Well, I’m still waiting for fall to arrive here in New York. All I want to do is order a Pumpkin Spice latte and walk around in the crisp, cool fall air. Is that too much to ask!?

It’s still humid. And I still walked to work this morning! Surprising. And guess what? I’m a more relaxed person. I’ve already been to the gym and walked almost two miles. All before 9am! That is pretty awesome!

Tonight I’m having a date night with Ryan (and Bailey the puppy). That’s exciting! Dog park, dinner and a movie. I couldn’t ask for anything better! (frozen yogurt trip???) 

This week is speeding by and soon I’ll be waking up the morning of the marathon! Craziness!

Anyone else change something small in their lives and seeing great things happening??

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Last Long Run and Winner Announced!!!

Today I’m feeling back to normal. After a very busy weekend all I wanted and needed yesterday was sleep. So last night I went to bed at 9pm and now I’m feeling 100%. Ready to run some miles after work! I’m also loving this fall weather. Though it is raining today, I don’t mind and I’m just happy to be rid of the humidity!

This Sunday is the New York Road Runner’s 18 mile tune-up run. This will be my last long run before the Portland Marathon!!! Can you believe it’s so close! WOW.

After completing this race I will also be done with my 9 + 1 which means I’ll be running the New York City Marathon next year!!! Very exciting stuff you guys!!!

The Nuu-Muu winner is….

Kristen!!! picked you!! Please e-mail me your address 🙂

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The September Issue.

Does this make anyone else excited for fall???

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