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One Month To Go

When you’re busy and happy other things that used to be priorities take a back seat.

– Work has been crazy busy. When I used to have an extra thirty minutes after lunch to write my blog I don’t anymore. Sorry blog and readers for not paying attention to you!

– My life has completely changed since the Eugene Marathon. Before, I lived with a roommate on the Upper East Side. The only “person” that I had to worry about was my cat. I was able to easily get to Central Park for training runs and meet up with the Flyers for long runs. Now, I live in Queens with Ryan, Bailey (dog) and Lexi (cat). I have a lot more responsibility and a new park (Flushing Meadow) to get used to and feel comfortable in. The Flyers don’t have many runs in Queens. So my training has kind of fallen away.

This past month (September – now) has been crazy with a wedding, a trip to Canada and my parents visiting New York. All things that are awesome, but again – not great for training for a marathon.

Training for a marathon is like having a second job.

I’m just starting up again now. One month to go. We’ll see what happens. This race will definitely be different from Eugene. 

I’m just going to enjoy the day and get my 26.2 miles in. New York City is an amazing city and the marathon is a great way to see all five boroughs, right?!

Here are some photos of me not training 🙂

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 11.45.06 AMFamily Trip to Canada!


Golfing before the wedding!

1376428_10100161546980532_2044526641_nReady to dance the night away at Ryan’s cousin’s wedding!

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Eugene Marathon

All I can say is that I love the Eugene Marathon. I had so much fun! The course was great, so pretty and for the most part – flat.


The expo wasn’t too big and we were able get through it pretty quick. I also put this awesome magnet for the fridge. I’m pretty sure Ryan is going to love it…


The morning of the race went really well. I had set my race outfit the night before so there was no stress.

imageI had my coffee, bagel, water and was ready to go at 6am.

photo-1I met up with my friend Chloe and we rode the shuttle bus together. 
My only complaint was the bathrooms at the start. It was pure chaos… Thankfully Chloe found a short line and we made it with 5 minutes before the start of the race! (great job Chloe!)

I finished the race in 3:40:59. I still can’t believe my average pace was 8:26 per mile. That is crazy to me! How’d I do that?! I had great support and was so happy to see family and friends along to course. The coolest thing to me is that I felt great after the race. I didn’t feel the need to take a nap – totally different from how I felt after the Portland Marathon.

After the race my parents and I went to the University of Oregon Museum and then an early dinner at the Excelsior Inn. 


And on Monday I received a surprise treat from Ryan!!! Edible Arrangements is really good.


Now on to – moving, the Brooklyn half-marathon, a wedding (yay Elena!) and then a trip to Costa Rica. So busy … all the time!


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Do you like my hat?

Today is my Birthday!

I’m now 26! Now that I’m closer to 30 I feel waaaay more mature. haha
Do I look older and more worldly???

So far my day has been going great! And it’s not even 12pm!
Last night I opened some presents my parents sent me.

My friend Kristen, who ran the Portland Marathon sent me this awesome card:

I woke up this morning to a beautiful card and Lululemon giftcard from my roommate. And when I got to work my friend Ashley surprised me with Crumbs cupcakes (yes, I had some of one of the cupcake for breakfast…) and a Starbucks card!

Tonight Ryan and I are going to Discovering Columbus which is an art installation in Columbus Circle and then out to dinner. I would say the day is bound to get better and better 🙂


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Let’s Get Excited

So yesterday’s blog was all sad. Sorry about that… Time to change things around and get excited for the marathon!
Here are some things that make me happy/grateful for:

Let’s get excited!!!

This guy keeps me sane and normal.

These two always support me, no matter what.

This one makes me crazy… but I love her

This one is the cutest ever. And her licks always brighten my day.

Pretty fall photo from last weekend.

I’m going to go to the Marathon Expo tomorrow after work!!! I’m getting more and more excited and nervous. I can’t wait to cross the finish line!!!


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Can You Tell I’m Excited???

I’ve been up since 6:30am… I wish I could say it was because I went for a run this morning. But no, I had to take Lexi to The Cat Practice, where I’m boarding her. I like to call it “Kitty Summer Camp”… I’m really nervous – I’ve never boarded her before and she hasn’t been around other cats since I adopted her at 8 weeks! I hope she does okay and doesn’t hate me when I get back from vacation!

Vacation time is almost here! Ryan and I just have to get through today and then we’re off to the West Coast at 7am! We’re going to be in Seattle for a couple of days and then my parents are going to come up and pick us up (from the Mariners game) and we’ll all head to Oregon. I cannot wait for this trip!!! We have been planning it forever! Ryan has never been to Seattle so there will be lots of sight seeing and we’re going to the Dave Matthews concert at the Gorge!

How awesome does this look!? AMAZING! We’ll be there Friday! I also can’t wait for my annual pool party at my parent’s house, wine tasting with my family! And my friend Abby’s wedding! (We have a lot planned… It’s going to be a VERY BUSY TRIP!)


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Taking Pictures of Strangers…

On my walk home yesterday (the 6 train had delays…) I came across these two cuties.

They reminded me so much of me and my Dad. Every Saturday morning in the summer we would go to the farmer’s market. Part of this ritual was picking out flowers. This father daughter duo were so cute carrying their flowers it made me miss home and my Mom and Dad! Even though it made me a little sad – it also brought a smile to my face.

After my leisurely walk home I had a quick dinner, headed to volunteering and then, since I didn’t do my long run on Sunday, went to the gym. I’m suppose to cross train on Monday nights but I never do it. I decided since I missed my long run I HAD to cross train. I watched The Closer on the elliptical and the time flew by! I love that show and I’m so sad it’s ending…

Tonight – Speed-work with the Flyers!

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Rum Run Re-Cap

10K (and a little bit) Rum Run Re-Cap!

This was a fun race. Fun because my family and friends were there to cheer me on and two of my friends ran the race!

The actual running of on the race was hard. Really hard. At one point I stopped and walked… I think lack of sleep, traveling and going out Friday night to celebrate my friend Tracy’s birthday were all against me. I also didn’t look at the course map and there were some monster hills in this race!

Right after finishing the race.. not a happy camper

Surprisingly I got first in my age group!!!! I could not believe it! My time was 48 minutes flat with a pace of 7:29 for 6.4 miles. My friend Tom ran with me most of the way and I know he pushed me to run faster so – Thanks Tom!!! I’m still in disbelief! I got a medal and everything! 

I had a great time at home in Oregon and I can’t wait to be back there in three short months! I know the time will fly by with my marathon training starting up in July, speed sessions with the New York Flyers and a couple of races thrown in there too!

Tonight I’m going on the NYRR Mini fun run which coincides with the 10K Mini on June 9th. We’ll be running an easy three miles in the park. I think some famous women runners will be there too!

Next race: NYRR 10K Mini – June 9th! My first official race as a New York Flyer! 

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Guess what?! I signed up for another race! And it’s in Oregon!!! Yesterday I booked my flight to Oregon for Memorial Day Weekend! I’m SOOO excited! I’ve been watching the prices for over a month now and even signed up for Priceline’s price drop alerts and the price finally went down! And I just couldn’t resist!

It’s a short little weekend but it’s better than nothing and I’m going to get to see my family and friends! And run in a cool race

Training update: This week’s I’ve been doing really well! Tuesday night I ran 1.5 miles and then went to spin class, Wednesday I ran 4.6 miles and tonight my goal is five miles!

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I’m a little nervous

I haven’t tried to run yet… I’m a little nervous. I’ve been doing hour long elliptical sessions at the gym and nothing hurts but when I stretch I can really feel the muscles. They’re still sore… I’m going to try and run tomorrow and see how I feel. 

My Dad sent me some photos from the race. I love this top one. I’m working so hard to get to the finish line!


The food at the race was really good.

My official time was 1:50:06 (8:24 pace). 5th in my age group!

Oh, and I signed up for another half marathon… The Verrazano Half-Marathon at Shore Park on April 28th! I just have to take the subway and it starts at 9am!


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Hi. I’m back.

Hi. I’m back.

I’m still waiting on the final results from the race…

The race was really difficult and I hadn’t taken into account the difference in elevation. Here in New York we’re at sea level. The race… not at sea level. We were running between 3,000 – 4,800 feet. Meaning the air was a lot thinner making it harder to breathe. The hills were pretty steep but the not being able to take a deep breath really affected my pace. 

This trip was so much fun and I’m so happy I was able to spend the time with my parents and friends. I already want to go back to Nevada. The desert is just so beautiful.

I did bring one thing back with me that I’m NOT happy about. Piriformis Syndrome. It’s caused by running hills and sitting for long periods of time. So that’d be running the Red Rock half-marathon and then taking a five hour flight back to New York the next day and not getting up once… I can hardly walk… I’m doing the stretches now as I type this and it’s pretty painful. It’s my fault though – I hardly stretched after the race. I’m hoping I’ll be better by this weekend.


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