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I’m a Cooking Machine

Last night Ryan and I worked on another new recipe. I am now a cooking machine! The recipe last night was – “healthified” garlic shrimp pasta. We used THIS recipe. We also added scallops. (We highly recommend doing that!)

We had to go to two grocery stores to get the perfect ingredients. Mainly to buy the freshest seafood.

I still can’t believe we made this restaurant quality meal. I’m the person who burns stuff! I’m still in disbelief! And a special thank you to my parents for the wine – Seven Hearts is my all time favorite wine!!

I also got a three mile run in before dinner. I’d say yesterday was a total success.

Pure Barre and volunteering tonight!


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And then I took a vacation from the blogging world

Sometimes life gets in the way of things you want/need to do. Like write posts for your blog… I guess  after I had my little vacation from running I then took a vacation from the blogging world. While I wasn’t blogging I was having a lot of fun 🙂

Ryan’s Birthday was last week so we had a busy week! On his birthday we went to the Devils Game! Hockey is way better live. 

It also helps when your team wins!

And what makes the night even better is a chocolate peanut butter cupcake.

And then Friday night. Was the BIG Birthday blow out! There were four birthdays that were celebrated! 

Guy’s photo (notice all of them are wearing button downs)

Girls photo!

There was only one play a group of 20 could let loose and have some fun. KUMO Sushi!!! Ryan and I love this place. We go here all the time and I always bring my out of town friends here!

We all had tons of fun and I’m pretty sure all of the birthday boys enjoyed their party!

This weekend Ryan and I are going to New Jersey to celebrate Easter with his family. There will be tons of homemade Polish food! I cannot wait!

Let’s talk about running:

This week I’ve been kicking butt! The weather has been perfect so I’ve been out running in Central Park. Monday I ran 3.25 miles, Tuesday, 5.60, and last night 5 miles. My legs are a little sore today but I’m loving it. 

Oh, and Ryan and I saw The Hunger Games… I was kind of disappointed…


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Back in Action

So yesterday was the last day of my vacation from running/working out. It’s been a great (almost) two week vacation and it’s now time to get back to business.

Last night I was on puppy duty.

This little one loves Ryan so much that all she did was mope around and wait for him by the door!

After my babysitting duties were over I headed home and made some dinner… No gym… And then I wanted ice cream. I decided that since it was the last night of my “vacation” I should celebrate.

This ice cream is delicious!!!! It’s part of Haagen-Dazs limited edition ice cream and let me tell you – they should make this all the time. I almost ate the entire thing! I bet it would be really good with hot fudge on it…

Anyway – Tonight my plan is to run a nice easy three miles and then go to spin class. I’m kind of excited to get back into the swing of things!

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Show those hills who’s boss

This trip was great! (minus piriformis syndrome when I got back…)

The weather was just perfect, I was able to see friends and family, run a half-marathon and go out and be social! Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

The Red Rock Hotel was super nice. I loved the view from our room and the bathroom was super big and nice 🙂

For dinner Thursday night we went to Hash House A Go Go. I think they called it Southern farm food.

I got the chicken and waffles. HUGE portions. Super good but I would recommend splitting an entrée! As you can see I was a little overwhelmed…

Friday we walked around the strip for a while and then Ashley (far left) and I had to leave the group to pick up our race packets and have dinner with my parents!

Lucky number 238!

After a delicious pasta dinner at Terra Rosa (restaurant in our hotel) it was time to get ready for race day! We laid out all our stuff and lights were out at 8:30pm! Wake up call at 4:30am!!

My parents surprised Ashley and I with Red Rock wine as a congrats on the race! It’s a whole theme on this trip… Red Rock hotel, Red Rock half marathon, Red Rock wine… (went off on a tangent there)

Back to the race! The start was a little unorganized compared the all the NYRR Races I’ve run but still started on time. This was the smallest race I’ve been in. Ashley and I were talking at the start and then someone just yelled GO! and we were off!

Though this was probably the hardest race I have run I LOVED IT. The views were amazing and I love really giving something your all and succeeding. At times during the race I was all alone just running in the desert… pretty cool

I finally got a running photo! score!

With the elevation being way higher than New York breathing was the most difficult part of the race. Running up hills and not being able to get a deep breath is a little scary.

My pace was all over the place during the race. At the steepest hill I looked down and my Garmin said 10 min pace, and the last 3 miles I was anywhere between a 7 min and 8 min pace.

I think one of my favorite memories of the race was about 25 yards to go and my Dad yelled out my name – we waved at each other and then I saw my Mom at the finish line cheering me on! Best parents ever!!!

I would definitely run this race again. Though it really beat me up I want to run it again and show those hills who’s boss 😉

Red Rock 2013! Anyone wanna join me?!


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Eeekk! Tomorrow = Vegas!!!!

Last night after work I headed over to Ryan’s place. He made me a delicious good luck on your race dinner! And Bailey the puppy gave me lots of good luck kisses – aka slobbery licks.

That huge white blob is a baked potato… So good… And of course the chicken and veggies were tasty too 🙂

Then I headed home for much-needed sleep.

The worst is waiting for a subway car that never comes…

 This week I’ve been pretty tired. I think it’s my nerves. I always get antsy before a trip let alone a race. Put that together and I’m excited/nervous/antsy all the time! Tonight I’m going to do a little baby run (3 miles) to keep my legs race-ready and finish packing. Then early to bed!

Eeekk! Tomorrow = Vegas!!!!


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Love em

The Lara Bar Coconut Cream Pie bar might be the best thing in the world. I bought one this morning for breakfast and my world was turned upside down. The ingredients that make this little guy so delicious are: dates, unsweetened coconut, almonds, cashews and extra virgin coconut oil. I might now be a tiny bit obsessed…

Another thing I’m loving: The Tone it Up workout videos. They’re free and can be found on their website or on YouTube. My two favorites are the Bikini Strap workout and the Beach Bum workout. I try to do two sets of each video once a day.

I’m so happy it’s Friday. AND it’s a three day weekend!!! Lots of relaxing is going to happen 🙂 Oh! And some running too!


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Best ever

One of the best Valentine’s Days everrrr!!!!

Ryan got me some of my favorite things!!!! Pirate’s Booty, coffee and chocolate!

We then went to our ALL TIME FAVORITE asian noodle place – Tasty Noodles, in China Town. It’s amazing and I want more noodles right now.

To get to the subway you have to pass the courthouse – Mom – this is where they film Law and Order. I thought you’d appreciate this 🙂

And then it was ice cream time…. So good!!!

One bad thing though… There’s a cupcake shop right next door…

So we had to try some cupcakes too…

Way too much sugar yesterday! Woah. I hope you all had a great  Valentine’s Day!

Back on the treadmill tonight. Just a nice three mile run. And I may go to Total Body Conditioning… Not sure….


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NYE pics and Tone It Up!

Since I don’t have a camera I rely on my friends to take pictures at different events we go to… (Some times they lose their cameras and then everyone is out of luck :-() Not the best planning on my part, but here are some photos from New Year’s Eve!

So. Yesterday I signed up for the Tone it Up Plan. I have been reading about the plan for about a month now and I finally caved in and bought the plan after reading great reviews on yet another blog. I love how motivated the trainers Karena and Katrina (below) are and their workouts are great! They also have a great outlook on healthy eating (One of my 2012 goals).

After my three mile run (and before Total Body Conditioning Class which might have been the most difficult class I’ve ever been to – I’m so sore today!!) last night I went to the grocery store and stocked up on some of TIU must have items. Quinoa was one of their faves.

I had never had it before and might have been a little nervous… I mixed the quinoa with black beans and garbanzo beans and added some sautéed spinach to the mix. AND IT WAS REALLY GOOD!!! And super filling. Also, by following the directions, I made a bunch – which I can eat over the next few days and test out some different food items in it.

I’m loving all the recipes in the Tone it Up Plan and I can’t wait to get cooking and try out all the different TIU Workouts!


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Why wait until 2012?!

Look at all that healthy food. Even though we have a couple of days until the new year I decided to start off on the right foot. Why wait until 2012?!

Last night I did a three mile run and went to total body conditioning class. Between my run and the class I had a little over an hour to grocery shop and eat. When I went to the store I was on a mission – HEALTHY FOODS ONLY. And I did it! 

I felt great last night and this morning. What you eat really does effect how you feel! Saturday I’m running ten miles with my friend Ashley and then it’s New Years party time! Two of my friends from home (Oregon) will be in town and a bunch of us are going out! Very fun 🙂

Anyone already make some New Year’s resolutions??? I’ve only made one so far – healthy eating!

What are you doing for New Years?  We’re going to Katra!!!

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Christmas time in Oregon

Christmas time in Oregon

Cookie baking

Candy eyeballs from Target made these little guys so cute!

The Ugly Christmas Sweater party was a hit!

These girls have been my best friends since high school! Love them!

Cooking attempt fail… But it still tasted good!

Christmas Eve 🙂

Opening presents with family (Go Ducks!!!)

Cute apron for my cooking… See above photo…

Christmas morning!

Christmas ball

My Dad makes me one every year! – not store-bought~

What’s in the middle??? A beautiful little box with money in it for my travels to the half marathon in March!!!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!!! No running took place for me, but lots of fun and eating great food did!!!

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