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Fall Fete and Another Race!

This weekend was so much fun! Ryan and I had a blast at Fall Fete on Saturday night. We meet up with our friends Mallory and Matt, had some drinks, appetizers and looked over the auction items. 



I guess we’re all a little competitive and chose which items we had to have… Ryan really wanted one basket, so I could not lose. We won two baskets…We also won a Sprinkles Cupcakes gift certificate and a dinner for two at a restaurant (we only paid $45 in the silent auction!)


It was a great end to my birthday week. The party was at the Colony Club on Park Avenue which was really cool. It’s always fun to see new and interesting places. Mallory and I decided that the room would be perfect for a wedding. 🙂


Oh, and I joined a Ragner Relay team! Cape Cod! May 9th – 10th!!! Another race added to the books. I’m excited. My first relay!




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Best Tuesday Ever

Yesterday was the BEST TUESDAY EVER.

First off. I have an awesome boss. I told him a friend of mine was coming into town for only one day and the only time I could see her was from 12pm – 5pm. HE LET ME TAKE A HALF DAY. Amazing.
So from 12pm – 5pm I got to hung out with Janae and she brought along another cool blogger – Anne. I get to hangout with Anne and some other bloggers when their back in town for the marathon. 

The three of us had an amazing time doing fun touristy stuff. I took them to FAO Schwartz, Dylan’s Candy Bar and we then just walked from the Upper East Side into Central Park and rounded out the tour at their hotel. We had a blast just talking and hanging out.
I had to take Janae and Anne to Pick-A-Bagel. My “old stomping grounds” . They have the BEST bagels. Trust me and go there.
I’m telling you, the running blogging community is pretty cool. Everyone I’ve met is so nice! I’m pretty sure it’s because everyone is healthy and happy on endorphins from running.
Janae and I decided that I need to come and visit her in Utah. This is going to happen. I love Janae and everyone says Utah is beautiful. So I need to visit!

PS – Thanks for the photos Janae!!


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Costa Rica Trip

In June I checked something big off my 26 to do list. I went to Costa Rica!!! There was a total of 18 of us! We all had so much fun and I would love to go back someday.

We went zip lining, fishing, explored the area on atvs and just enjoyed the sun. Oh, and the food was amazing! Definitely a trip of a life time 🙂





There were lots of monkeys by the house we stayed in. It was so cool to be near wildlife.



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Eugene Marathon

All I can say is that I love the Eugene Marathon. I had so much fun! The course was great, so pretty and for the most part – flat.


The expo wasn’t too big and we were able get through it pretty quick. I also put this awesome magnet for the fridge. I’m pretty sure Ryan is going to love it…


The morning of the race went really well. I had set my race outfit the night before so there was no stress.

imageI had my coffee, bagel, water and was ready to go at 6am.

photo-1I met up with my friend Chloe and we rode the shuttle bus together. 
My only complaint was the bathrooms at the start. It was pure chaos… Thankfully Chloe found a short line and we made it with 5 minutes before the start of the race! (great job Chloe!)

I finished the race in 3:40:59. I still can’t believe my average pace was 8:26 per mile. That is crazy to me! How’d I do that?! I had great support and was so happy to see family and friends along to course. The coolest thing to me is that I felt great after the race. I didn’t feel the need to take a nap – totally different from how I felt after the Portland Marathon.

After the race my parents and I went to the University of Oregon Museum and then an early dinner at the Excelsior Inn. 


And on Monday I received a surprise treat from Ryan!!! Edible Arrangements is really good.


Now on to – moving, the Brooklyn half-marathon, a wedding (yay Elena!) and then a trip to Costa Rica. So busy … all the time!


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So the blizzard came to New York City and totally ruined my Saturday morning running plans. I was supposed to meet up with some NY Flyers for a 16 mile run but… as you can see running outside was not going to happen.

photoThe snow is pretty on the trees, but I really needed to get that run in… I headed to the gym to get some miles in but went at the complete wrong time. EVERYONE was there. I was only able to get 3.5 miles in because there was a line to use the treadmills and you get kicked off at 30 minutes… Totally lame…

photo-1 Moving on from that disaster of a long run I decided to do some organizing (Courtney’s idea!). I took everything out of my running drawers and figured out what I use and what I should toss. I also categorized my workout stuff for running and Pure Barre. Now it’ll be super easy to find stuff.

photo-3I continued to be productive and made peanut butter chocolate chip walnut cookies for the Girls Night Out I was going to later that night. They were really good.

photo-4 We had a  great time and the cookies were a hit! I also got an amazing nacho recipe from my friend Mary. Super easy and delicious. (and meatless!)


And on Sunday! I made spaghetti squash!!! I’m on a roll with this no meat thing. I got the recipe HERE. I used spicy tomato sauce and Boca meatless chicken burgers. I can’t wait to have the leftovers tonight!

photo-6 Pure Barre tonight – and crossing my fingers I get to the gym for a run tomorrow morning!!!


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Another Date

Like I said yesterday, I’m all about running dates to help me through my marathon training. Last night was the perfect example. I met up with my friend Heidi right after work and we headed for the park. She is about to move back to Finland so this was our last run together. The next time I see her will be before the New York City Marathon!

Right away she said she wanted to do a longer run. I was super tired from staying up late watching the Super Bowl but I said okay – let’s do the six mile loop! I would have never done that by myself. It was so much fun and the time flew by! It was one of the best six mile runs I’ve ever had. Running with friends is the best!
After the run Heidi wanted to stop by Juice Press. I’d walked by the store before but had never gone inside. Juice Press is a raw food and juice store. They also do juice cleanses.
I knew once I walked in I was in trouble. The place was awesome! All the food and juice looked so good and of course it’s all super healthy!

Heidi did warn me it was expensive. SHE WAS RIGHT. The juice I bought was $13.50… I didn’t see the price until after I paid. Oops.
Juice Press recommends that for beginners to start slow. Swap out one meal for a juice. This morning I had the $13.50 juice for breakfast. And NO COFFEE. This is a huge deal. Coffee is like my best friend.

I need to start eating more healthy and I think these baby steps will help!!!

I’m super excited to try some of the other juices and the food. They have a vegan cheesecake that is supposed to be amazing.

Pure Barre tonight!


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Saturday Full of Running

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to meet some friends of mine for a nice ten miler in Central Park. When we planned this I didn’t think it was going to be super cold. It was 20 degrees… I would have never gone by myself. I’ve come to realize that making running dates is the best way for me to get my long runs in this training cycle. When other people are counting on me there’s no way I won’t show up.

Of course after finishing it was coffee and bagel time. AND THEN NAP TIME. I had the best two hour nap. Naps after a long run are probably the best thing ever.

Once I woke up I had to start getting ready for the New York Flyers Awards Dinner. It was a formal dinner and I might have been a little under dressed… People went all out! I now know for next time.


Ryan and I weren’t planning on attending but a couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail saying I was up for an award… And guess what!?

I was one of the winners of the Rookie of the Year Award! 

It was a really fun dinner and it was good to see some of my running friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.


Ryan on the other hand… I think he got his fill of running talk for the year. At least the Super Bowl was the next day 🙂


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