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Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the totally awesome and delicious granola from Wildway is Annie! Congrats! 
Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 9.15.45 AM

Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 9.17.08 AM


Please e-mail me at

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Taking Time to Relax + a Cool Work Event

I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday! Man oh man am I tired. 

Last night we had our biggest event of the year at work.


Highlight of the night – Meeting Bill Cowher and hanging out with about 200 athletes. Most of them Olympians. 


With all of the stress from work I’ve really been trying to make more time to relax and eating healthy foods a priority. You really have no idea how much of a difference it makes. Even just taking time to take a bath relieves so much stress.

This bath soak from Kerstin Florian is my favorite: link here


Remember today is the last day to win some awesome granola from Wildway!
—-> Click here to enter!


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Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was nice and relaxing. 

Saturday I went to brunch with some of my friends from the Junior League. It’s always nice to have an afternoon with the girls. We’re already planning the next brunch and a trip to Atlantic City! It’s crazy how much more time you have once you don’t have to train for a marathon!


Sunday was filled with errands and cleaning. I’m terrible at cleaning during the week so on Sundays I go crazy with cleaning. 

This weekend Ryan and I decided we really need to eat healthier. If you want to join us in healthy eating, enter my giveaway!  The Wildway granola is amazing. We’ve had it for breakfast both Saturday and Sunday… and I might have had it for a snack too.


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Starting the Weekend Right

It was a verrry busy week at work and I had no time to write! I’m so happy it’s the weekend! Ryan and I always try to sleep in and have a healthy breakfast to start the weekend right.

This morning we tried a new granola that is AMAZING. It’s super fresh and tasty (and dairy and gluten free!!!). I might be a little obsessed with it. We mix it with greek yogurt and put honey on top. Ryan is very picky about granola and he loved it too.


Because our little household loves WildWay granola so much we’re going to give away a bag for you to try!!! Check out their web site here.


To enter, just like them on Facebook and comment below about something fun you’re doing this weekend!

Contest will end Tuesday, November 19th 🙂


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That pint lasted two days

I made it to the gym last night! 3.36 miles, 2 miles with a 1.0% incline – 30 mins total.

The last thing I wanted to do last night was go to gym. My brain and stomach were yelling – STUFF YOUR FACE!!!   Sushi!!!    Ice Cream!!!

But I somehow ignored all of that and went. And it was awesome! When I first walked in I saw my friend and there was a treadmill open right next to her! Perfect. She was finishing up her workout, but for my first mile it was great to relax and talk.

After my workout (abs included!) I made a HUGE bowl of pasta with red peppers, onion, and diced up tomato. Oh, and tons of cheese (Dad you’d be proud!). It was just what I needed. Oh. And I needed this too… while watching The Closer…

That pint lasted two days… Man oh man I love that ice cream. Good thing I have one more waiting in the fridge for me! muhaha

Tonight’s plan – Hit the gym. AND then treat myself to sushi. I just have to. I’ve wanted all week. (get it??? all week??? It’s been two days.. Bad joke?)

Oh, and I caved in last night and signed up for the 2012 NYC Half lottery… If I get in I will be running two half-marathons in two weeks… Who do I think I am!?? This girl???  She’s having a giveaway by the way – so if you like pretty jewelry enter!

Who else signed up for the NYC Half lottery??? If I get in my legs are going to me sooo mad at me!

Anyone else watch The Closer??? I’m pretty much obsessed…


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Last Long Run and Winner Announced!!!

Today I’m feeling back to normal. After a very busy weekend all I wanted and needed yesterday was sleep. So last night I went to bed at 9pm and now I’m feeling 100%. Ready to run some miles after work! I’m also loving this fall weather. Though it is raining today, I don’t mind and I’m just happy to be rid of the humidity!

This Sunday is the New York Road Runner’s 18 mile tune-up run. This will be my last long run before the Portland Marathon!!! Can you believe it’s so close! WOW.

After completing this race I will also be done with my 9 + 1 which means I’ll be running the New York City Marathon next year!!! Very exciting stuff you guys!!!

The Nuu-Muu winner is….

Kristen!!! picked you!! Please e-mail me your address 🙂

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Oregon Friends Visit!


This weekend was crazy busy and I’m tired! My two friends from Oregon, Tracy and Tom came to New York to visit and we all had a blast!

Friday night a bunch of us went out to sushi – my fav – and then went out afterwards. The food is amazing. If you’re ever in NYC go to KUMO on the lower east side.

We ate and drank and were very merry. It was great to merge my Oregon life with my New York life. It rarely happens.

It was tough to get up and out of bed on Saturday but we did and went to the Dave Matthews Concert on Randall’s Island.

It was really fun, but standing on concrete for three hours is not so fun… I’m glad I went but prefer indoor concerts with seats 🙂

Sunday night Tracy, Tom and I went out to dinner and then went to 16 Handles for dessert. – Of course they loved it!

I ran Friday morning… I was planning on running 20 miles on Sunday but my body was dead from all the fun times. It also could be the change in the weather. It’s definitely feeling like fall! Last day to enter my giveaway!!!


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