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2013 Running Goals

I have two major running goals for 2013.

1) Run a marathon in under four hours. I would love to be around 3:45… Or you, know… qualify for Boston… I’ll have to look up the time qualifications.

2) Run a half marathon under 1 hour and 40 mins. Last year my personal best was 1:41:31… So close!

I know I’m going to need to amp up my training to meet these time goals. I’m hoping for a great marathon time in New York. New York will be the big one for me.

Eugene is more of a fun – see my family (and friends! many are running the race!) run. But I do want to run it in under four hours.

I’ll be running four half marathons this year and I’m hoping that Staten Island, where I did my PB last year, will be the race where I get under 1:40. We’ll see. 
It’s really all on me. If I train I know I can reach these goals.
If I don’t and sit on the couch then we all know what the outcome will be.

What are your 2013 Running Goals???


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As of yesterday I decided to stop eating meat. After watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead I really wanted to eat healthier. Cut down on sugar, processed foods and most of all meat. 

My goal: No consumption of meat for one month.
No chicken, pork, beef, or fish. For me, that hardest will be not eating fish. But I know I can do it. If the guy in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead can drink only juice for 60 days I can go without eating meat. Easy. 
(i hope)


So here we go! Catie’s No Eating Meat Month Starts Now! (actually yesterday)… 

Anyone else wanna join me?
February 8th – March 8th???


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Lots to Share

Since the start of the year I’ve made it a goal to try to beat my monthly miles from last year. February 2011 was the first month that I started using Dailymile – a site that tracks your workouts. Last February I logged 38 miles. As of today I’m at 37 miles! I’m a competitive person so I know I’m going to try my hardest to beat each month!

This weekend was really fun. I celebrated another friend of mine’s birthday (we just keep getting older!!) and the rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, cleaning and organizing.

(These pictures were taken with my new camera!!!)

Oh! And I found out my parents are coming to cheer me on at the Red Rock half-marathon!!! This was such a wonderful surprise!!! Now I have the best cheer squad! My friend Sarah and her boyfriend and my Mom and Dad. It’s going to be the best weekend ever!

Since I did not get my ten miler in on Sunday I woke up extra early today (5:15am) and hit the treadmill. Ten miles complete by 7:05am 🙂 Best Monday workout ever! I was a sweaty mess. I really don’t know how some girls at the gym look cute when they are working out. My face gets so red. It really perplexes me… I guess they aren’t running like a crazy person on the treadmill.

Oh and this happened.

YUM. Have you ever been to The Soft Serve Yogurt Company??? If not. YOU SHOULD. Ryan and I got one of their special sundaes and it was magical. It had banana soft serve, bananas, chocolate chips, pretzel bites, and peanut butter! 

Happy Monday! I have a feeling I’m going to be in bed verrry early tonight!!! And Happy Early Valentine’s Day ❤

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Side aches are annoying

My run tonight: 4 miles in 34:24 – 8:36 pace.

I’m still feeling a bit off but I did get in a great run tonight. I hit the treadmill hard with the Red Rock half-marathon in the back of my mind. Though towards the end I had to slow down because I wasn’t feeling too great I’m pretty proud of this run and I can’t wait to see what I can do once I feel 100%. It’s still a little hard to breath (go away cold!!!) and I did have a side ache for most of my run.

My goals for the rest of the week:

– Wake up early tomorrow and run. Speed does not matter. I just need to get miles in!

– Run at least 6 miles either Saturday or Sunday.



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2011 Stats – 2012 Goals

Total Miles: 665.15

Total workouts/races: 124

Races ran: 12

2011 was the year I really started running. It was a great year for me. I feel like I really grew as a person and found something I really love to do. Running is a great time to be with yourself and think about everything that is going on in your life. Though I really enjoy running by myself – running with friends is just as great. I’ve even met some really great people through running 🙂

Now that 2012 is here I’m trying to think of some goals for this year… I know I’m going to run the New York City Marathon in November, so I have the marathon goal on lock down. But what else??? Let’s see…

1) Eat healthy and cook more (I had this on my list last year and I think I did pretty well)

2) Run 700 miles this year! (I want to beat last year!)

3) Travel to someplace I’ve never been to (beach vacation maybe???)

4) Be more organized!!! (My bedroom is always so messy!!)

Okay – So 2012 you better be ready! I’m coming for ya! 

Anyone else make goals or New Year’s Resolutions???




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