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My Birthday!

Yesterday was such a great day! At work my co-workers bought donut holes, gave me flowers, we went out for lunch (sushi!!) and had Baked by Melissa Cupcakes! The day flew by and before I knew it, it was time to get my haircut!
I just got a trim  – nothing too crazy. I might get bangs next time…
image-4I met up with Ryan at Columbus Circle and we headed to Tommy Lasagna on the lower east side. The food was amazing and we left happy and full.
Ryan gave me my gift at dinner! A Pandora bracelet. I’ve been wanting one for a few years now, so I was really excited! I love it!
We got dessert to go since we were super full and headed home to open my presents from my parents! I got an awesome watch, jacket and some Eloise stuff from the Plaza Hotel. When I was little I loved the Eloise books. I have two Eloise Christmas Ornaments and I may have had a lunchbox too!
My 27th Birthday was just perfect. It ended with me and Ryan eating chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and watching Modern Family. 
Saturday we’ll be going to the New York Junior League’s Fall Fete and I cannot wait! I’m saying it’s a birthday party too 🙂 Everyone gets all dressed up and dances the night away. So fun!


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It’s Really Starting…

Today is my first day of my real marathon training. I looked at a couple of training programs and then kind of made up my own. So it’s Catie’s Marathon Training Guide for Catie. Tonight I ran 3.5 miles in Central Park with some friends from work. I will post the entire schedule, I promise. I can tell you that I’ll be running Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Saturday will be my long run days.

It’s starting to get really hot here which makes running way more difficult. I miss the colder days – only when I run though… If I’m laying by the pool and its 85 degrees then that’s great! Running in that heat… not so great…

I hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day Weekend. My weekend was full of fun! And laying by the pool (Thanks for being the best host ever Jackie)!!! I even got to see my running buddy Kristen from Nashville!

Notice my shorter hair!!! What’d you think!??


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Good Morning and a Haircut

I find this the perfect start to Friday and Memorial Day Weekend! let me tell you, Dean and Deluca know’s what’s up. Everything they make is delicious.

Today we get out of work early!!! So I am going to get a haircut! I usually try to wait until I’m home in Oregon… I have my person and she is wonderful. The 5 or so year’s I’ve lived in New York/ New Jersey I’ve only gotten my haircut three times on the East Coast. All three times were disasters. I hated the haircut! That’s why I wait until I’m in Oregon. But my hair is just too long and damaged so off I go tonight….

Wish me luck! Hopefully I don’t end up with a page-boy haircut or huge Jersey Shore hair…

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!


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