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My Birthday!

Yesterday was such a great day! At work my co-workers bought donut holes, gave me flowers, we went out for lunch (sushi!!) and had Baked by Melissa Cupcakes! The day flew by and before I knew it, it was time to get my haircut!
I just got a trim  – nothing too crazy. I might get bangs next time…
image-4I met up with Ryan at Columbus Circle and we headed to Tommy Lasagna on the lower east side. The food was amazing and we left happy and full.
Ryan gave me my gift at dinner! A Pandora bracelet. I’ve been wanting one for a few years now, so I was really excited! I love it!
We got dessert to go since we were super full and headed home to open my presents from my parents! I got an awesome watch, jacket and some Eloise stuff from the Plaza Hotel. When I was little I loved the Eloise books. I have two Eloise Christmas Ornaments and I may have had a lunchbox too!
My 27th Birthday was just perfect. It ended with me and Ryan eating chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and watching Modern Family. 
Saturday we’ll be going to the New York Junior League’s Fall Fete and I cannot wait! I’m saying it’s a birthday party too 🙂 Everyone gets all dressed up and dances the night away. So fun!


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And then I took a vacation from the blogging world

Sometimes life gets in the way of things you want/need to do. Like write posts for your blog… I guess  after I had my little vacation from running I then took a vacation from the blogging world. While I wasn’t blogging I was having a lot of fun 🙂

Ryan’s Birthday was last week so we had a busy week! On his birthday we went to the Devils Game! Hockey is way better live. 

It also helps when your team wins!

And what makes the night even better is a chocolate peanut butter cupcake.

And then Friday night. Was the BIG Birthday blow out! There were four birthdays that were celebrated! 

Guy’s photo (notice all of them are wearing button downs)

Girls photo!

There was only one play a group of 20 could let loose and have some fun. KUMO Sushi!!! Ryan and I love this place. We go here all the time and I always bring my out of town friends here!

We all had tons of fun and I’m pretty sure all of the birthday boys enjoyed their party!

This weekend Ryan and I are going to New Jersey to celebrate Easter with his family. There will be tons of homemade Polish food! I cannot wait!

Let’s talk about running:

This week I’ve been kicking butt! The weather has been perfect so I’ve been out running in Central Park. Monday I ran 3.25 miles, Tuesday, 5.60, and last night 5 miles. My legs are a little sore today but I’m loving it. 

Oh, and Ryan and I saw The Hunger Games… I was kind of disappointed…


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Last week went really well. I ran a lot and felt great. I’ve been super busy at work and in life in general so I’ve been missing in the “blog world”…. Saturday was supposed to be a 10 mile day but because I volunteered in the morning my body only let me run 5 miles in Central Park… I also had to make it out to Jersey City for a friend’s birthday party that night so that last thing I wanted to do was overextend myself and be too tired to celebrate! 

The party was really fun – And I’m pretty sure Lisa had a great birthday! I had never been out at night in Hoboken  and it was really great! 

This week’s plan:

Run: Tuesday, Wednesday (morning) , Friday(morning) & Sunday!!!

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Birthday Weekend

My birthday weekend was awesome!

The Runners World Event was so cool! Bart Yasso, Amby Burfoot, Dean Karnazes, Mary Wittenberg and many more famous runners were there! I was in heaven! Oh, and the food was amazing. One word – SUSHI.

Then it was Saturday. Blogger meet-up at 16 Handles! It was so much fun and Janae was super cute and nice! I think I convinced her to run the Red Rock half with me 🙂

After spending hours talking about running, life and food it was time for my birthday dinner with Ryan. We went to Motorino for pizza. It’s my all time favorite! So good. We ordered the spicy pepperoni pizza and the special for the night, pizza with prosciutto. Both were amazing.

Even though we were super full, we (just me) had to get ice cream. We went to Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. They make the best, most unique cones ever. Vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche, dipped in chocolate with bits of pretzel. Yes please.

Oh, and then this happened. When we got back to Ryan’s apartment all my friends were there! Ryan had thrown me a surprise birthday party!!! It was so fun and I had no idea!

And the Best Boyfriend Award goes to…

And then it was Sunday, Marathon day and my birthday! We woke up and headed to First Avenue. Around mile 17. It was so much fun to be in the crowd cheering. There was even a TV set up to watch the finish line!

I tried looking for HungryRunnerGirl and SkinnyRunner but never saw them running…

I cannot wait to run New York next year!

But I did get to celebrate with them on their awesome accomplishment at Crumbs after the race!!! Both are so nice and funny!

And then. This morning. I came into work and saw this:

Meb signed a copy of our magazine for me!!!!!!! I never got to meet him but now I have a signed copy from him!!!! That was the best way to end my birthday weekend. Hands down.


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I have never seen so much spandex in my life

I have never seen so much spandex in my life. It’s Friday and it’s two days before the New York City Marathon. I work on Central Park South. Right by the finish line. Thousands of runners are in the area. In spandex. Some should not be… BUT. Because they are so excited about being in New York AND running 26.2 miles it makes me excited and  proud of my accomplishment a month ago.

I haven’t been running a lot lately… I have taken some spin classes but I think I just needed some time to relax and have a social life. I think the marathon on Sunday will give me a boost again and I’ll be back super excited for the Red Rock half marathon in March. I’ve also been battling a sore throat this week that I’ve decided is not allowed. My birthday is this Sunday, yes, they are honoring me by having the NY Marathon on my birthday. 🙂 Anyways, I’ve been going to bed at 8:30pm every night, drinking tons of water and pumping my body with vitamins. And you know what??? Today I’m feeling so much better! Birthday weekend here I come! 

Tonight Ryan and I are going to the Runner’s World VIP party for the marathon!!! A great way to start the weekend! I wonder if any elite runners will be there!?

One more thing – There’s a blogger meet up this Saturday at 16 Handles, my favorite frozen yogurt place!!! It’s at the 82nd and 2nd location at 1pm. I’m going. You should go. You’ll get to meet HungryRunnerGirl and some other bloggers/ NYMarathoners !


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Nope. 5:15am didn’t happen.

As you probably guessed. I did not wake up yesterday morning at 5:15am and run eight miles… My alarm went off. I thought about getting up – but then didn’t. I didn’t get into bed Tuesday night until around 10:30pm… not good planning on my part if I wanted to be up and running by 5:30am the next morning.

So now, today, I’m going to run eight miles after work. 5 miles on Friday and then 18 on Sunday. That’s the plan.  

Portland Marathon – I’m coming for you – And I will be ready.


Happy Birthday to my roommate Danielle!!!

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I ran 15 miles last night! On the treadmill!!! I felt good and I never got bored. I enjoyed some strawberry CHOMPS to give me energy and drank water during the run. It was a great way to end a nice and relaxing weekend.

Friday after work I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit… If you read the New York Times or any newspaper really, you’ve probably seen the pictures of the lines and lines of people waiting to see the exhibit in it’s last days. The wait on Friday night was three hours. THREE HOURS. I did go into the museum but just could not wait in line for three hours. If you know me at all, you know I don’t do lines. I did buy the book which is amazing. Put it on your birthday or Christmas list. It’s that good.

I let myself  be sad about not seeing the McQueen exhibit for about ten minutes and then quickly packed up my stuff and caught an earlier train to New Jersey Friday night. Our plan was to get to the beach early to avoid traffic… So I woke up at 6:20am on Saturday, got a quick four mile run in and we were all in the car driving to the beach by 8:10am

Saturday and Sunday were spent lounging, eating, getting sun and playing with the puppy. Once back in the City I decided I had to get my long run in so I headed to the gym around 6:40pm (too hot and humid outside) and just ran and ran and RAN… And 15 miles happened. So exciting! I’m going to try for 18 miles next weekend in Central Park 🙂

And Happy Birthday to my friend Sarah!!! She’s the best!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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Sunny Days and Lots of Running

What a fun weekend I had in New Jersey! So relaxing and nice.

We did get to the beach but it wasn’t nice enough to lay out for the day. We walked around the boardwalk and had lunch which was relaxing. We then headed back to Ryan’s parent’s house to celebrate Bailey’s first birthday!!! Ryan’s mom got all the dogs dog ice cream and they loved it.

Sunday Ryan and I went to a park near his house and ran. I got 6.25 miles in which was great and a little bit of a tan too.

This morning I woke up early and ran on the treadmill. 5 miles! I felt good and I was happy to start my day off in such a great way.

It’s super nice outside and I’m wondering what I should do tonight! I really want to take advantage of this beautiful weather! Random: Did you know that museums in the city close around 5:30pm!? Why??? I really wanted to go see the McQueen exhibit at the Met… Though I really should clean my apartment and do laundry…

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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday the weather was just perfect. No humidity and at the hottest maybe 85 degrees. I was in heaven.

Ryan came to visit me in Yonkers which was a great surprise. However, I was nervous I wouldn’t want to run the 5 miles I had planned for the night. I really wanted to run outside and he wanted to use the gym equipment so we split up.

All day I was excited to run outside. I felt good, was proud that I was doing so well with my first week of marathon training. But, when I started to run my legs felt like blocks of cement. It literally took me about 3 miles to feel “warmed” up. So strange! I really wanted to quit but I just kept at it. Whenever I feel like stopping mid-run I think, “You will feel way worse at mile 23… Keep going!!!” After my little inner pep-talk I just kept trucking along and finished the five miles!

After our separate workouts Ryan and I decided to order pizza. Ryan ordered BBQ Chicken pizza and to my surprise I really liked it!

Tonight I’m treating us to Sushi… Are you surprised?!? And then we’re off to New Jersey to celebrate Bailey the puppy’s FIRST BIRTHDAY and we’re going to go the beach. (8 mile run will happen) Yes, the Jersey Shore. No, we’re not like the show… I can’t wait to just relax and soak in the sun. Don’t worry Mom and Dad, I packed sunblock 🙂

Happy Friday!


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Two Things

Two things:

1) I wrote out my Marathon Training Plan and I’m super excited to put it on my calendar and start it up come June 1st!

2) I’ve noticed that since I started running my clothes fit differently. Not in a good or a bad way, just differently. Though I haven’t lost or gained much weight different parts of me have toned up. Some items of clothing that used to be a little loose in one area are now snug or vice-versa. It’s very strange.

PS – It’s humid today which makes a very grumpy. 

PPS – Me and some of my friends have begun looking for a four bedroom apartment in Manhattan… And I thought Physics was hard. (You’ll get more updates about this)

One more – sorry.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACY!!!! I hope you’re having a wonderful day and eating tons of cupcakes!!!


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