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Two things.


#1 You guys. The heat in new york is unbearable. I’m a miserable person. I honestly think my body can’t handle this kind of heat and humidity. Last week’s training went so well… This week I haven’t run once! Well, I ran Thursday morning with Bailey… We ran one mile.


#2 I bought this C Wonder bag to replace my longchamp bag and I’m in love with it. It has compartments!!!! If you own a longchamp bag you know what I’m talking about. You can never find anything in there because it’s just one big bag. The C Wonder bag is only $78 and for an extra $10 you can get in monogrammed. As you can tell I’m obsessed.

Happy Friday. Stay cool.

(i miss my parent’s pool…)

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I’m famous.

So… I’m totally famous.

My picture is in New York Runner magazine 🙂 This photo was taken at the New York Mini 10k, my very first race as a New York Flyer! (Thanks Elisha for letting me know!!)

Saturday was the Percy Sutton 5K race which was part of Harlem Week. It was a very humid morning and the course was hilly but I powered through and finished in 21:47 – a 7:02 pace! First woman Flyer, 23rd in my age group! 
After the race I ran some more miles with a new Flyer friend and totaled 11 miles for the day.

After running I didn’t really do anything…. I did try out this face mask thing… My Mom had sent it to me awhile go – so instead of spending $150 at a spa, I did it myself!

I watched a lot of TV and then it was time to get ready for my friend Lisa’s end of summer party. We all had a lot of fun and it was great to see friends from college. 

And now… I just need to get ready for vacation!!! One more day of work!!!


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Now that would be a miracle

Last week’s training went so well! I ran a total of 21.24 miles! My ten mile run on Saturday felt awesome and when I got home I couldn’t believe that ten miles could feel that good and kind of easy. Does that make sense? 

The weather has been wonderful here and I’ve been loving running in Central Park. let’s just hope the humidity doesn’t make an appearance this summer. NOW THAT would be a miracle! 

This coming weekend Ryan and I are going to Cold Spring so I probably won’t be able to get as many miles in as last week. I have signed up for spin class tomorrow morning (6am! yikes!) and I hope to get in at least three runs. (fingers crossed!)

Side Note: I still have A LOT Easter candy and I don’t know what to do with it besides eat it! I might turn into a chocolate Easter egg!

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Adding another to the list

Last night was really nice and relaxing. We played with the puppy at the dog park, enjoyed awesome sandwiches from one of our favorite delis, and watched some TV. I couldn’t have asked for a better Wednesday night. Did anyone else watch the drama in baseball unfold???

It’s was also fun to walk the couple blocks to the subway station with Ryan this morning. A lot more fun than walking to the subway alone! (I don’t know why our eyes are almost closed… I guess we were still sleepy??)

Tonight I’m planning on a little run in Central Park. I’m hoping the rain stays away and the humidity leaves town (forever)

Sometimes I get so nervous/excited about the marathon that I get all antsy and jittery. It might also be the coffee… Maybe I should hold off on the coffee until after the race. That might help. I even had a dream about my trip to Oregon last night! It wasn’t about the race, though. It was me and my whole family at dinner. I think I’m just as excited to see them as running the marathon 🙂 And seeing Kristen my running buddy and all my friends! There is so much to be excited about! Ahhh!

I have other news! I know I haven’t run Portland yet but I’ve picked out my next race! I’m going to run the Red Rock Canyon half marathon!!! It’s March 10th and I’m pretty darn excited. The photos are amazing. 

The race and hotel I will be staying at is 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas. The hotel looks awesome and really pretty.

The course is pretty hilly and I’m up for the challenge! SkinnyRunner ran the marathon course last year and you can read her review HERE. Reading her review made me want to sign-up 🙂

What races are you training for?

Anyone else running Red Rock with me?


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Waiting on fall

My legs were still pretty sore this morning so I hit the elliptical for 45 minutes. No over training here!

I’m hoping to run a solid 5-6 miles tomorrow and then eight on Sunday. This tapering thing is kinda strange. No double-digit runs? Until the marathon??? Whatttt??? Exciting but scary all at the same time!

What else is going on?? Well, I’m still waiting for fall to arrive here in New York. All I want to do is order a Pumpkin Spice latte and walk around in the crisp, cool fall air. Is that too much to ask!?

It’s still humid. And I still walked to work this morning! Surprising. And guess what? I’m a more relaxed person. I’ve already been to the gym and walked almost two miles. All before 9am! That is pretty awesome!

Tonight I’m having a date night with Ryan (and Bailey the puppy). That’s exciting! Dog park, dinner and a movie. I couldn’t ask for anything better! (frozen yogurt trip???) 

This week is speeding by and soon I’ll be waking up the morning of the marathon! Craziness!

Anyone else change something small in their lives and seeing great things happening??

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Last Long Run and Winner Announced!!!

Today I’m feeling back to normal. After a very busy weekend all I wanted and needed yesterday was sleep. So last night I went to bed at 9pm and now I’m feeling 100%. Ready to run some miles after work! I’m also loving this fall weather. Though it is raining today, I don’t mind and I’m just happy to be rid of the humidity!

This Sunday is the New York Road Runner’s 18 mile tune-up run. This will be my last long run before the Portland Marathon!!! Can you believe it’s so close! WOW.

After completing this race I will also be done with my 9 + 1 which means I’ll be running the New York City Marathon next year!!! Very exciting stuff you guys!!!

The Nuu-Muu winner is….

Kristen!!! picked you!! Please e-mail me your address 🙂

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Busy Weekend

This weekend flew by. 

We didn’t end up going to New Jersey and were able to enjoy the city and the nice weather. Saturday I joined the running group at The Running Company for a 5 1/2 mile run through Central Park and later hung out with Ryan and Bailey the puppy. The run was kind of difficult for me. It was the mix of the humid weather and my tired legs from the week before. I felt like I was running so slow.

Saturday night was really fun with pizza eating, Oregon football watching, going to the dog park, napping and hanging out with friends from college. We stayed up well past my bedtime and I spent Sunday lounging around reading The Help. I wanted to run but in the end reading won.

It was a great football weekend! The Ducks won and so did the Jets. Bailey was the best fan though, in her little jersey!

Tonight I’m going to go to my first speed session with The Running Company. I’ve heard it’s pretty hard so I’m kind of nervous! I’ll give you all a full report tomorrow.

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I ran 15 miles last night! On the treadmill!!! I felt good and I never got bored. I enjoyed some strawberry CHOMPS to give me energy and drank water during the run. It was a great way to end a nice and relaxing weekend.

Friday after work I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit… If you read the New York Times or any newspaper really, you’ve probably seen the pictures of the lines and lines of people waiting to see the exhibit in it’s last days. The wait on Friday night was three hours. THREE HOURS. I did go into the museum but just could not wait in line for three hours. If you know me at all, you know I don’t do lines. I did buy the book which is amazing. Put it on your birthday or Christmas list. It’s that good.

I let myself  be sad about not seeing the McQueen exhibit for about ten minutes and then quickly packed up my stuff and caught an earlier train to New Jersey Friday night. Our plan was to get to the beach early to avoid traffic… So I woke up at 6:20am on Saturday, got a quick four mile run in and we were all in the car driving to the beach by 8:10am

Saturday and Sunday were spent lounging, eating, getting sun and playing with the puppy. Once back in the City I decided I had to get my long run in so I headed to the gym around 6:40pm (too hot and humid outside) and just ran and ran and RAN… And 15 miles happened. So exciting! I’m going to try for 18 miles next weekend in Central Park 🙂

And Happy Birthday to my friend Sarah!!! She’s the best!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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Oregon Vacation – Biscuits, Wine Tasting and Pool Party II… and back to reality

FRIDAY: Pine State Biscuits. Probably the best thing I’ve ever had. My Mom called it “heart-attack on a plate.” It was that good.

SUNDAY: Wine tasting with my parents was so much fun! Every time I visit Oregon they take me out to the wine country and we taste and learn about many different wines. It’s so relaxing and fun.

MONDAY afternoon: I had another impromptu pool party. Everyone just hanging out and lounging by the pool. This is when I got super burnt… Yes, I did put sunscreen on, but I guess not enough…

Then is was back to the “real world” and my training! I only ran once while I was home… not good.


This week: Getting back in to training:

It’s been super humid here which makes my legs feel as though they weigh 1,000 pounds each. Wednesday I went to the gym to run. There was no air conditioning… I could only run two miles because of the horrible heat and humidity in the room. I did get some weight training in.

Last night, (Thursday) I was on puppy duty so after Bailey and I went to the dog park (notice the Oregon harness) I ran by the river and banged out a good five miles. The humidity was pretty terrible but I just kept at a slow and steady pace (9:24).

Goal for this weekend: Relax and make a really good dinner with Ryan tonight, run 12 miles Saturday morning!!! And go to a super fun barbecue 🙂

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It Finally Caught Up With Me.


This week has been incredibly busy and my lack of sleep has finally caught up with me.

I did get my 7 miler in last night. It was a relaxing run but it’s really difficult to get used to the humid weather. I know I talk about the humidity in almost every post, but I’m not used to it. For 18 years I lived on the West Coast (the best coast!!!) where we have dry heat – no humidity. My body just can’t handle it… So I ran the seven miles at a 9:30 pace and was just happy to finish and get in some mileage.

I ran along the East River, by where Ryan lives (he bought me dinner after my run! Score!) and had lots to look at. I didn’t need any music. People watching is entertainment enough.

It seemed as though it was going to rain the entire run but it never did which was nice since I had my phone and the last thing I need is my phone to get soaked and not work. My computer not working is enough, thank you very much.

I ran under a bunch of bridges including the Brooklyn Bridge! I’ll definitely be running this again.

I’m suppose to run tonight… I can’t remember how many miles. I think 4 or 5? And then ten on Sunday.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Good luck to those people running in the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon/Half-Marathon!


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