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Us New Yorkers are distracted…

Last weekend was fun. This week. This week has been stressful.

Last weekend Ryan and I went to the pumpkin patch with Bailey, carved pumpkins and cooked. It was wonderful and relaxing. Great weekend before “marathon week”.

Then the hurricane arrived. And Sandy… She totally beat up the East Coast. Oh, and the marathon is THIS Sunday. And I don’t feel ready. Yes, I know… I’ve run the miles and all that. But it just doesn’t feel like “marathon week” here in New York. I don’t know. I think us New Yorkers are distracted…

We’ll see what happens.

I hope everyone is safe!



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Marathon Tips for First-Timers

This morning our office received the magazine Northwest Runner. I always flip through it because it reminds me of home. In this month’s issue there is an article for first time marathoners! Perfect for me! With a little over a month left in training I need all the help and information I can get.

Below are some of the strategies they talked about in order to have a successful first marathon race:

1. HYDRATE – The article was adamant about this. Drink water all the time! Not just during and after your runs. Everyday! I’ve been really good at doing this. I goal myself four to six 16 ounce water bottles a day.

2. DEVELOP A FUELING PLAN – Check! I love me some GU Chomps! My last long run my energy did dip at the end and I think the cause of this was not eating enough of the Chomps throughout my run. 

3. PLAN A PRE-EVENT BREAKFAST – Honestly, I haven’t really thought about this very much… Not good. The past two long runs I’ve eaten oatmeal beforehand and I didn’t feel sick and it gave me enough energy. So I guess I’ll keep that up.

4. FOCUS OF INJURY PREVENTION – The article stressed that with higher mileage comes a higher chance of injury. This is the last thing I want to happen. The article said that if you need an extra rest day take it. One more day off is a lot better than missing the marathon you have been training for! Hurricane Irene helped me with many days off 🙂

5. FUEL FOR RECOVERY – Though I do eat through my days now that I’m running all the time, I know I can do better with my choices of what I eat. Pasta every night for dinner isn’t going to cut it. I need to add more fruits and vegetables!

6. RESEARCH RACE DAY – I guess I need to do this? I lived in Oregon and have driven on all the roads we’re running on so I’m not too worried about this. The article does say to find out what energy gels and drinks the race will have but I think I’m just going to bring my own to be safe.

I hope this helped you all! I know is really helped me and got me even more excited about the Portland Marathon!

PS – Went to spin class this morning! Love it! Love it! Love it! Four mile run tonight!


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Finish What You Start

After last week and dealing with Hurricane Irene I realized how much I enjoy running and working out. I ran two miles last week and went to one spin class on Friday night. Not good…


It felt like something was missing. And there was something missing. Running.

Running is my time. Just for me. Though it is really difficult sometimes, I really enjoy it. I feel so great afterwards and proud that I accomplished something. With life being so stressful at times, running/working out is my outlet. To just forget everything else that is going on in the world and see how far I can push myself.

Even though my legs can hardly move after an 18 miler I don’t care. I am so happy and proud of myself that if, for the rest of the day I take a nap, read a book and watch a movie I’m fine with that.

Japan Run

I signed up for the Portland Marathon almost a year ago and have kept my promise of training and I know I will finish. I’ve grown up being taught ‘finish what you start’ and I have always tried to follow this. Though at times I have given up, I won’t let myself with this. I have spent too much time and money to just give up now.

So, this week is a new week and I’m ready. Saturday will be my 20 mile run and I’m ready. If I have to take walk breaks I will but I will complete my 20 mile training run. 

What keeps you going? Do you finish what you start?

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