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Thursday will be the best day.

Guess what?! Tomorrow I’m going to have lunch with my long-lost blogger friend Janae!

We met last November before she ran the New York City Marathon. She might be the nicest person I’ve ever met and I cannot wait to see her again! Most of my friends in New York aren’t that into running and I get so excited when I get to meet up with other people who are total nerds about running. I love it! Eating delicious food and talking about running?!?! It can’t get any better!

In training news:

Last night was Speed Night with the Flyers. We did hill repeats. LOTS of hill repeats. 23. 23 hill repeats…

The first ten were an easy jog down hill and then fast run up hill.

The second ten were a steady/fast pace the entire time.

The last three were a fast sprint down hill, easy run up hill.

Please note: one lap was both up and down the hill.

This workout has hard. Really hard, but I did it! And I’m kinda proud that I kept up with “the pack”. I would have never done this workout on my own! My legs are a little tired, but a happy tired. I also think the celebratory mint chocolate chip ice cream last night with Ryan after the workout helped too 🙂

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That pint lasted two days

I made it to the gym last night! 3.36 miles, 2 miles with a 1.0% incline – 30 mins total.

The last thing I wanted to do last night was go to gym. My brain and stomach were yelling – STUFF YOUR FACE!!!   Sushi!!!    Ice Cream!!!

But I somehow ignored all of that and went. And it was awesome! When I first walked in I saw my friend and there was a treadmill open right next to her! Perfect. She was finishing up her workout, but for my first mile it was great to relax and talk.

After my workout (abs included!) I made a HUGE bowl of pasta with red peppers, onion, and diced up tomato. Oh, and tons of cheese (Dad you’d be proud!). It was just what I needed. Oh. And I needed this too… while watching The Closer…

That pint lasted two days… Man oh man I love that ice cream. Good thing I have one more waiting in the fridge for me! muhaha

Tonight’s plan – Hit the gym. AND then treat myself to sushi. I just have to. I’ve wanted all week. (get it??? all week??? It’s been two days.. Bad joke?)

Oh, and I caved in last night and signed up for the 2012 NYC Half lottery… If I get in I will be running two half-marathons in two weeks… Who do I think I am!?? This girl???  She’s having a giveaway by the way – so if you like pretty jewelry enter!

Who else signed up for the NYC Half lottery??? If I get in my legs are going to me sooo mad at me!

Anyone else watch The Closer??? I’m pretty much obsessed…


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We can’t put ornaments on the bottom…

I was too sick to run the race on Sunday… I know I could have run it but I would have been miserable and I probably would have gotten more sick. I also want to be fit and healthy not only for Christmas but the Manhattan half marathon that is a little more a month away! I need to get some ten-mile runs in!

So I just slept a lot this weekend. Cleaned. And put up this little tree… It’s our own Charlie Brown Christmas tree. We can’t put ornaments on the bottom because my cat attacks the tree. Fun times over here on the Upper East Side. haha

The weather was great this weekend and the few times I did go outside it was wonderful. 

Have any of you tried this ice cream!??? It might be my favorite… I bought it on one of my outings this weekend. Try it. You will thank me 🙂

Three mile run planned for tonight!


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Birthday Weekend

My birthday weekend was awesome!

The Runners World Event was so cool! Bart Yasso, Amby Burfoot, Dean Karnazes, Mary Wittenberg and many more famous runners were there! I was in heaven! Oh, and the food was amazing. One word – SUSHI.

Then it was Saturday. Blogger meet-up at 16 Handles! It was so much fun and Janae was super cute and nice! I think I convinced her to run the Red Rock half with me 🙂

After spending hours talking about running, life and food it was time for my birthday dinner with Ryan. We went to Motorino for pizza. It’s my all time favorite! So good. We ordered the spicy pepperoni pizza and the special for the night, pizza with prosciutto. Both were amazing.

Even though we were super full, we (just me) had to get ice cream. We went to Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. They make the best, most unique cones ever. Vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche, dipped in chocolate with bits of pretzel. Yes please.

Oh, and then this happened. When we got back to Ryan’s apartment all my friends were there! Ryan had thrown me a surprise birthday party!!! It was so fun and I had no idea!

And the Best Boyfriend Award goes to…

And then it was Sunday, Marathon day and my birthday! We woke up and headed to First Avenue. Around mile 17. It was so much fun to be in the crowd cheering. There was even a TV set up to watch the finish line!

I tried looking for HungryRunnerGirl and SkinnyRunner but never saw them running…

I cannot wait to run New York next year!

But I did get to celebrate with them on their awesome accomplishment at Crumbs after the race!!! Both are so nice and funny!

And then. This morning. I came into work and saw this:

Meb signed a copy of our magazine for me!!!!!!! I never got to meet him but now I have a signed copy from him!!!! That was the best way to end my birthday weekend. Hands down.


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No Sore Legs Here

Yesterday, after work I just wanted to eat. My legs were still a little sore and I just didn’t really feel up to working out. I knew I would be disappointed in myself if I didn’t go though. So, I had myself a little snack and went to the gym.

I ran three miles on the treadmill and then hopped on the elliptical for 30 minutes and watched Housewives of Beverly Hills. The time flew by. I love that show.

After my workout my legs felt a lot better. Not sore at all. Strange how running on sore legs helps combat the soreness…

No sore legs here!!!

Afterwards I had the best dinner. Corn chowder, fresh bread, brie and a little Jersey Shore action on TV. I know the show is horrible but I haven’t had TV in a month!

And for dessert!!! An ice cream sandwich! One thing about this ice cream sandwich… It’s made by the SkinnyCow brand.

When I went to store to pick up food for my lovely dinner I really wanted to buy ice cream bars, specifically the Dove ones. They’re really good. However, the store by my apartment only has healthy ice cream bars or “snack size” bars… If I’m going to have dessert I’m going to have dessert. I don’t want snack size. So I ended up with these ice cream sandwiches that are healthy-ish for you and don’t really have a taste to them…


I’m going to try to run tonight but Ryan and I may or may not be going to New Jersey… Saturday and Sunday I’ll definitely run. I have to get my miles in!

Happy Friday 🙂

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