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Christmas is Coming!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We ate lots and lots of food. Ryan and I had four relaxing days in New Jersey with his family. We got some Christmas shopping done, went to a New Jersey Devil’s hockey game and were couch potatoes. We’re really good at staying on the couch for hours ūüôā



Once we were back at our apartment holiday decorating was in full effect. This is the first year since moving from Oregon that I actually love my Christmas decorations. 




Ryan found this snow globe of a red fox – We met at Marist, which is the home of the Red Foxes! How cool, right?!


Here’s a fun fact – Ryan has never had a real Christmas tree before! I’m in love with our little tree. I don’t think I could ever have a fake tree, I love the pine scent too much!



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Living and Working in NYC


I found this article and found it completely true about New York City. Though I do enjoy living and working in NYC sometimes you just feel beaten down and really can’t believe you just spent $4 on a cookie or that you’re used to seeing rats in the subway stations…

Here are somethings I do like:
1) Now that Ryan and I live in Queens my subway ride is between 35 – 40 minutes. Which means I get to read. I love reading before and after work, it really relaxes me.
2) You can get Chinese food any time of the day. You don’t even have to call. You just go online and use GrubHub. Laziness at it’s finest!
3) You can get great coffee for $1.50 from a guy in a cart. They’re everywhere in the City. I go every morning before work. I love it.
4) The people watching is amazing.
5) I LOVE running in Central Park. It might be my favorite thing.

Happy Halloween! Any one doing anything fun tonight??? I’m hoping we get some Trick-or-Treaters tonight!


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Looking Back

I can’t believe I’m turning 27 next week! Eeeek! This year flew by! I was looking at my To Do List and though I did not check everything off my list, I’m proud of what I’ve done this year. I also think I was just a little bit over ambitious. Reading 26 books in one year is hard! I got to 20…¬†
Now I get to think of 27 things for my 27th year To Do List… hmmm… any ideas?

Here’s what I checked off this year:

3)¬†Travel to a state I’ve never been before¬†–¬†COMPLETED! I’m using Kingston, Ontario as my state!

4)¬†Travel outside of the United States¬†–¬†COMPLETED! Costa Rica Trip! 6/2013

5) Have a picnic in Central Park  COMPLETED!

9)¬†Take a cooking/baking¬†class¬†–¬†COMPLETED!

10)¬†Sing one karaoke song… (one of my worst fears!)¬†–¬†COMPLETED! 1/1/2013

13)¬†Go golfing¬†–¬†COMPLETED! 9/27/13

14) Volunteer and donate! –¬†On going through the Junior League

15)¬†Go to a concert¬†–¬†COMPLETED!!¬†Andrew Belle 7/25/13

17) Run the Eugene Marathon¬†–¬†COMPLETED! 4/28/2013

18) Run the New York City MarathonWill be COMPLETED on 11/3/13

20)¬†Host a party¬†–¬†COMPLETED! 12/31/2012

I came close to completing some other items on my list so I’ll probably add those to the my 27th Year To Do List. ūüôā
Happy Birthday to my MOM!!! I hope you’re having a great birthday!!!! See you at Christmas!!! XOXO


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This weekend Ryan and I had a staycation and got a lot of errands done. 
We hit up Costco – my favorite place, Ryan’s least favorite. I don’t know why I love Costco so much, but I do.

photo-1 One thing that is difficult is getting our groceries back to our apartment… We use a cart but one time we forgot it and it was the longest, arm killing walk Ryan and I have ever had. Living in New York City is so different from living in a suburban town.


I miss driving places and not worrying if I’ll be able to carry everything I buy back home. Ryan’s good at “driving” the cart though, so that’s a plus.


After grocery shopping Ryan wanted to workout and I convinced him to try one of my Pure Barre DVDS with me. He now realizes how hard Pure Barre is and why I’m so tired when I get back from the classes. I’m pretty sure he’s still sore today.


Dinner was another amazing meal made by Ryan. He is so good at cooking, it’s crazy. He made chicken parm with egg pasta and saut√©ed spinach. As we ate dinner we watched the Oregon Ducks game. (they won, of course!!!)


It was the perfect low key night before my Sunday long run.

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Best Tuesday Ever

Yesterday was the BEST TUESDAY EVER.

First off. I have an awesome boss. I told him a friend of mine was coming into town for only one day and the only time I could see her was from 12pm – 5pm. HE LET ME TAKE A HALF DAY. Amazing.
So from 12pm Р5pm I got to hung out with Janae and she brought along another cool blogger РAnne. I get to hangout with Anne and some other bloggers when their back in town for the marathon. 

The three of us had an amazing time doing fun touristy stuff. I took them to FAO Schwartz, Dylan’s Candy Bar and we then just walked from the Upper East Side into Central Park and rounded out the tour at their hotel. We had a blast just talking and hanging out.
I had to take Janae and Anne to Pick-A-Bagel. My “old stomping grounds” . They have the BEST bagels. Trust me and go there.
I’m telling you, the running blogging community is pretty cool. Everyone I’ve met is so nice! I’m pretty sure it’s because everyone is healthy and happy on endorphins from running.
Janae and I decided that I need to come and visit her in Utah. This is going to happen. I love Janae and everyone says Utah is beautiful. So I need to visit!

PS – Thanks for the photos Janae!!


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One Month To Go

When you’re busy and happy other things that used to be priorities take a back seat.

– Work has been crazy busy. When I used to have an extra thirty minutes after lunch to write my blog I don’t anymore. Sorry blog and readers for not paying attention to you!

– My life has completely changed since the Eugene Marathon. Before, I lived with a roommate on the Upper East Side. The only “person” that I had to worry about was my cat. I was able to easily get to Central Park for training runs and meet up with the Flyers for long runs. Now, I live in Queens with Ryan, Bailey (dog) and Lexi (cat). I have a lot more responsibility and a new park (Flushing Meadow) to get used to and feel comfortable in. The Flyers don’t have many runs in Queens. So my training has kind of fallen away.

This past month (September – now) has been crazy with a wedding, a trip to Canada and my parents visiting New York. All things that are awesome, but again – not great for training for a marathon.

Training for a marathon is like having a second job.

I’m just starting up again now. One month to go. We’ll see what happens. This race will definitely be different from Eugene.¬†

I’m just going to enjoy the day and get my 26.2 miles in. New York City is an amazing city and the marathon is a great way to see all five boroughs, right?!

Here are some photos of me not training ūüôā

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 11.45.06 AMFamily Trip to Canada!


Golfing before the wedding!

1376428_10100161546980532_2044526641_nReady to dance the night away at Ryan’s cousin’s wedding!

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Weekend Fun

This past weekend was SO MUCH FUN. Friday we went to dinner to try out a restaurant in our new “hood”. On Saturday we had a picnic in Central Park and took a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. ¬†AND I got a long run in on Sunday. I’m still pretty amazed.


Ryan even surprised me with a picnic basket! Love it!


The MET is one of my favorite places in New York. You can never see all of it and there’s so many cool rooms to explore. And they always have awesome new exhibits rotating through.



If you ever go to the MET go to the roof! The views are amazing and they have a bar ūüôā


Ryan and I aren’t the biggest fans of modern art… See below…

My long run on Sunday was a 16 mile long training run. The New York Flyers are the official pacers of the NYRR Long Training Run for the New York City Marathon. This is one of my favorite Flyers events.


You complete a long run and meet some pretty cool people. Running is always fun when you get to talk to people. The miles just fly by. I’m getting very excited for the marathon!



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