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I’m in love!!! … with a water bottle

I bought this Brita water bottle on Saturday (during my 5 million errands) and it has not left my side. I’m in love with it. It filters tap water into clean delicious water. I’m obsessed. (Family – you’ll probably be getting one for Christmas)

Sunday was an AWESOME day. I woke up nice and early (5:15am) to lead the second NYRR Long Training Run. I had a blast! The 15 miles went by so fast. I have to say my group was the best. 8:30 pace Group 2! THE BEST. Everyone was so nice and we all basically talked and hung out – while running of course… 🙂

I have been wanting to go see the Schiaparelli and Prada exhibit for a long time and yesterday was the last day of the exhibit! After pace leading I showered, ate quickly and headed over to the Met. I did not want to sit for too long or I knew I would not get up… And I couldn’t miss it!

Surprisingly the museum wasn’t too busy. I get cranky very quickly when places are crowed
(ie the subway). The exhibit was awesome and I was sad they didn’t have more clothing to showcase. I also went to the modern art wing and the european artists wing. 

This was such a great weekend and honestly I’m not that upset that it’s Monday. I got so much done and accomplished this weekend that I’m ready to take on this week. Oh, and it probably also helps that my vacation begins next Wednesday!!!!

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Happy New Year’s Eve – late…

I started writing this post two days ago and then life and having friends got in the way… So here it is… two days late 🙂 And with new additions from the weekend!

I thought I’d be a little more fancy for my New Year’s Eve 6 miler with my friend on Saturday morning. How awesome/fun are those leggings??? And thanks to my parents my ears will be warm too! I love my new ear warmer thing… (what are they called? Or is that it?) In the end I didn’t need the ear warmer thing because it was 50 degrees outside! Awesome!

Have you ever tried this little nutrition bar??? It’s called the Will Bar and I first heard about it at the Portland Marathon expo. The guy that invented/made them was there and Kristen (running buddy from Nashville) and I met him and he told us all about it. They are super tasty (if you like peanut butter) and good for you! I ate one before my morning run and felt great!

Friday night I got some errands checked off the list and painted my nails in preparation for New Year’s Eve festivities! My dress is blue and has some gold detail so I thought this nail polish would go perfectly!

After our run and bagels – Ashley and I met up with my friends from home and after a quick shower headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Just making a wish in a fountain…

Hanging out in an Egyptain temple – no big deal

I don’t have any photos from New Year’s Eve yet… But it was a really fun night! Photos to come.

I’m now off to Central Park with my Oregon friends – Sean and Ford.

Maybe I’ll get a run in later???

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I ran 15 miles last night! On the treadmill!!! I felt good and I never got bored. I enjoyed some strawberry CHOMPS to give me energy and drank water during the run. It was a great way to end a nice and relaxing weekend.

Friday after work I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit… If you read the New York Times or any newspaper really, you’ve probably seen the pictures of the lines and lines of people waiting to see the exhibit in it’s last days. The wait on Friday night was three hours. THREE HOURS. I did go into the museum but just could not wait in line for three hours. If you know me at all, you know I don’t do lines. I did buy the book which is amazing. Put it on your birthday or Christmas list. It’s that good.

I let myself  be sad about not seeing the McQueen exhibit for about ten minutes and then quickly packed up my stuff and caught an earlier train to New Jersey Friday night. Our plan was to get to the beach early to avoid traffic… So I woke up at 6:20am on Saturday, got a quick four mile run in and we were all in the car driving to the beach by 8:10am

Saturday and Sunday were spent lounging, eating, getting sun and playing with the puppy. Once back in the City I decided I had to get my long run in so I headed to the gym around 6:40pm (too hot and humid outside) and just ran and ran and RAN… And 15 miles happened. So exciting! I’m going to try for 18 miles next weekend in Central Park 🙂

And Happy Birthday to my friend Sarah!!! She’s the best!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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Great First Week in My New Place

I don’t know why but I’ve been loving running on the treadmill at the gym. I don’t know what it is with New York Sports Club but I love it so much! I’m a workout/running nerd I guess…

Last night I ran eight miles on the treadmill and never got bored or annoyed. Okay, once I got annoyed because I accidentally hit the STOP button and I had to punch in all the information stuff and start up the machine again. But I loved my run last night. All eight miles of it.

This morning was a perfect morning. Not too hot, no humidity. Walking to the subway and getting to work in 20 minutes makes me so happy. Tonight after work I’m going to the Metropolitan museum (thanks Dad!!!) to see Savage Beauty, the exhibit with Alexander McQueen’s amazing fashion. It’s the last night of the exhibit so hopefully it’s not too crazy and crowded!

Saturday I need to get in a four mile run and then we’re off to the beach to visit Ryan’s grandparents. I’m really excited! 

I’m so happy that I’m back to having fun and running the miles I need to run in order to prepare for the marathon. It makes me feel good 🙂

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