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NYC Marathon Race Re-Cap

Sunday was a long day. But first I want to say thank you to the New York Road Runners and the City of New York for putting on a great race! The crowds were amazing and I always felt safe. I also LOVED the bracelet I was given at the expo for coming back and running this year. I wore it proudly on race day.


So here’s my New York City Marathon Race Recap!!!
Saturday morning I woke up bright and early at 4:30am. Ryan had to drive to the Forest Hills subway stop because the stop by our apartment wasn’t running to Manhattan…Thanks NY Transit…

I was lucky enough to be able to ride on my work’s marathon bus this year. I met up with a really cool girl and blogger named Sarah – aka SkinnyRunner – we hung out had some coffee and breakfast. It was nice to just relax before the race.
imageIt was really reassuring to see lots of police out. We loaded up into the buses around 6:30am and hit the road to Staten Island. We had a police escort! It was really cool!

We arrived at the start around 8am with about 20 minutes to get into our corrals. I said goodbye to Sarah and wished her luck and headed to my green camp – she was in the blue.
It was cool to see the different media outlets all around my “camp”. They had a huge stage with music and announcements, a morning news show and other reporters running around.


I even spotted Bill Rancic. I LOVE him. He was running to raise money.

Once my corral opened I headed inside and tried to keep warm. The wind was not fun.


 What was fun was meeting nice people while waiting. I met two people from France and a German woman. The running community is so friendly and nice!


We waited about 20 minutes and then we were off! The green group ran on the bottom of the bridge while the other two “colors” ran on the top. Because we were underneath the bridge my watch lost its satellite and it never had the correct amount of miles. When we were at mile three it said I had run one mile. After that I changed my Garmin over to the clock and never looked at it. I decided to run on how I felt and not worry about my time.
At mile 14, 17, 18 and 25 I saw my friends. I was SOOO happy and surprised. I knew Ryan and some friends would be at 17 but to have that much support along the course meant the world to me. 


By mile 20 I had hit the wall. And I knew I was the only person to blame. Only running two 16 mile long runs is not enough for a marathon, let alone a hilly, windy one. The last six miles were like a death march for me. My right hip, which has never hurt before was killing me. I had to walk a bit and really find motivation to keep going. This race was the hardest race I have ever run.


Though it was a hard race, I have to say the crowds were amazing. They really lifted you up and made you want to keep on going. There was no way I was going to give up! I was so happy to finish. Even if it was my slowest marathon time yet. 


I’m so happy to add this medal to my collect. It was worth the wait!


I do have to mention one thing. If you do plan to run the NYC Marathon really try to choose early exit. Even though I used the early exit I still had to walk about two miles back to my work to meet up with Ryan. The runners who chose the baggage option had to walk even farther. It took me an hour and a half to get back to my work. (we exited at West 77th and I had to go to 58th and 7th) It was the most miserable experience and I am sad to say kind of ruined the NYC Marathon experience for me. The last thing you want to do after you run a marathon is deal with large crowds, no bathrooms and a two mile walk.
I’ll admit it. I cried a little bit…


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NYC Marathon Weekend

This past weekend was FULL of marathon festivities. I had so much fun Friday night with Ryan and a bunch of other running nerds. First I stopped by my work’s marathon pasta dinner in hopes of meeting Shalane Flanagan. And I did! I tried to act really cool and be like… Oh you live in Oregon, right? Oh that’s so cool, I’m from there… She was really nice and she too looooves the West Coast. 


Then Ryan and I headed to the Runner’s World magazine party. I went to the party two years ago and knew we had to go again this year.


There are so many awesome people who go to the party and the food is amazing. The sushi might be the best part of the whole party. They also introduced The November Project which looked pretty awesome. One of the founders spoke and he was really funny. More info here.


Saturday we hit up the expo. I always get really weird at expos. I’m not sure if it’s nerves or all of the people but I never stay long.


There were some really cool booths. I always love what Brooks comes up with. Their fitting room was hilarious.


I was also surprised to see some really high-tech running clothes at the expo. I have never seen a light up running jacket, have you??? I’m now kind of sad I didn’t buy it. I could have looked like an astronaut!


I’m going to do a race recap tomorrow!



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Marathon Celebrations


You guys it’s here… Two more days! Ahhhh! It’s finally here! I really hope running the NYC marathon is a wonderful experience. I’ve only heard good things, so I’m pretty it’s going to be a blast.

My weekend is filled with fun marathon celebrations.
Tonight my work is having a Marathon Pasta dinner and Shalane Flanagan is the guest speaker! I hope I get to meet her! I think she’s so awesome. And then I’m going to the Runners World magazine marathon party. I can’t wait! I’m such a running nerd.
Then, on Saturday Ryan and I are going to the expo to pick up my racing packet.
After that – relaxing and eating carbs. And lotsss of sleep.

Oh! And my bib number is 17720 if you want to follow me during the race!!!


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The Sunday Long Run that Wasn’t

My Sunday long run did not go so hot. I feel like I’m on the brink of getting a cold but I really wanted to get some miles in and I was all excited to test out my new Brooks running shoes and water bottle that I’ll be using for the marathon.


At first I didn’t like the color of the shoes but they’re starting to grow on me. The water bottle worked great and holds more than the other one I had. 


The weather was perfect – I’m hoping it’s like that on Sunday. fingers crossed. So I had a lot going for me but I made a dumb mistake. 


I didn’t wait long enough after I ate lunch…I had a stomach ache the whole 4.75 miles. It was NOT fun. Ryan’s leftover chicken parm isn’t the best lunch before a planned 10 mile run. What was I thinking?! haha

It’s good luck to have a bad last long run before a marathon, right??? That’s what I’m telling myself.


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What I’m Doing When I’m Suppose to be Training

Since this week has been so busy and I have not yet gotten a run in I thought I’d give you a look into what I do on Wednesday nights – when I’m suppose to be training 🙂
Every Wednesday night I volunteer with the New York Junior League and we teach kinds about art. It’s really fun and they get excited about each new artist and their different techniques.
This week we learned about stained glass.
I even joined in the fun and made this beauty.
My plan is to do a “long-ish” run on Saturday (10 miles??) and then hope for the best for marathon day. I was looking over my Eugene marathon training and I wasn’t that much better than my training for New York. So maybe I’ll surprise myself and be speedy. We’ll see.
I can’t wait to go to expo! Anyone else going Saturday, November 2nd???


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17 Days

17 days until the big day!
I’m finally feeling like I can do this. Last week I went to Pure Barre on Monday, ran 8 miles on Tuesday, and 16 miles in Central Park on Saturday. Though the last two miles of the 16 miler were a little hard, I knew that if I needed to run 10 more miles I could.

I’m also getting excited for Marathon Week here in New York. There’s so many fun things to do before the marathon and everyone is so happy and excited. The City gets over”run” by tourists (get it?!?). They just run around everywhere in spandex. It’s very amusing. It’s just a really fun time AND it’s right around my birthday! (I’m turning 27…)

I hit up the Running Company today and bought a new pair of shoes, gels and a new water bottle (my old one got mold in it somehow- how does that happen?) for the marathon. I love new running stuff! And shopping in general i guess…


This weekend we’re headed to New Jersey for some Fall fun and of course, some running will happen.


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One Month To Go

When you’re busy and happy other things that used to be priorities take a back seat.

– Work has been crazy busy. When I used to have an extra thirty minutes after lunch to write my blog I don’t anymore. Sorry blog and readers for not paying attention to you!

– My life has completely changed since the Eugene Marathon. Before, I lived with a roommate on the Upper East Side. The only “person” that I had to worry about was my cat. I was able to easily get to Central Park for training runs and meet up with the Flyers for long runs. Now, I live in Queens with Ryan, Bailey (dog) and Lexi (cat). I have a lot more responsibility and a new park (Flushing Meadow) to get used to and feel comfortable in. The Flyers don’t have many runs in Queens. So my training has kind of fallen away.

This past month (September – now) has been crazy with a wedding, a trip to Canada and my parents visiting New York. All things that are awesome, but again – not great for training for a marathon.

Training for a marathon is like having a second job.

I’m just starting up again now. One month to go. We’ll see what happens. This race will definitely be different from Eugene. 

I’m just going to enjoy the day and get my 26.2 miles in. New York City is an amazing city and the marathon is a great way to see all five boroughs, right?!

Here are some photos of me not training 🙂

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 11.45.06 AMFamily Trip to Canada!


Golfing before the wedding!

1376428_10100161546980532_2044526641_nReady to dance the night away at Ryan’s cousin’s wedding!

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Back at it

I’m back. Back to blogging and back to training!
My New York City Marathon training started last week and so far it’s going pretty well. The only problem. The weather. It is HOT here. Like crazy hot and humid. I’ve been running at the gym because my body just can’t handle this weather. Maybe I’m a wimp…
Oh, and I signed up for the Big Sur Marathon this week! AND I AM BEYOND EXCITED!!! This marathon has been on my list since I started running. 
Other than that life has been good. Just working, running, going to Pure Barre, trying to become a better cook… still trying to get my 26 List checked off! Very busy!
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Happy to be back! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long!


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2013 Running Goals

I have two major running goals for 2013.

1) Run a marathon in under four hours. I would love to be around 3:45… Or you, know… qualify for Boston… I’ll have to look up the time qualifications.

2) Run a half marathon under 1 hour and 40 mins. Last year my personal best was 1:41:31… So close!

I know I’m going to need to amp up my training to meet these time goals. I’m hoping for a great marathon time in New York. New York will be the big one for me.

Eugene is more of a fun – see my family (and friends! many are running the race!) run. But I do want to run it in under four hours.

I’ll be running four half marathons this year and I’m hoping that Staten Island, where I did my PB last year, will be the race where I get under 1:40. We’ll see. 
It’s really all on me. If I train I know I can reach these goals.
If I don’t and sit on the couch then we all know what the outcome will be.

What are your 2013 Running Goals???


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Ups and Downs

This weekend was full of ups and downs. I want to first say that I was never for or against having the marathon canceled. The hardest part for me was being bullied by the media and random people who were taking their frustrations about the storm out on the runners. I was actually relieved that the race was canceled because I was afraid to run the race. I did not want to be the focus of people’s anger towards Mayor Bloomberg. And I also feel as though I have to say (which I hate) – Yes. I did donate money and clothes to help the victims of the hurricane. I did not just cry about the marathon being canceled and run in the park.

So, in order to relieve all of the crap being said. I got out of my apartment and ran. With people who ‘get’ me. And who are all in the ‘same boat’…

Saturday night I headed to the park not knowing the all marathon stuff would be up. It was a really strange feeling there that night. Quiet, not a lot of people.

Here’s the finish line. I absolutely love that they fenced off the finish line. No one will cross it until 2013. For some reason that really resonated with me.

Fred Lebow statue. He was the “founder” of the first NYC Marathon.

Then Sunday morning came. Lish invited me to go for a run with her and her boyfriend. We met up and were blown away. It looked like the marathon was still going on! There were thousands of people running in the park.

It was an amazing, emotional feeling. All of us runners coming together. Not knowing what else to do. Needing to be with other runners.

Then then… At the finish line. I met Bill Cunningham. The amazing NYTimes photographer. I was a total dork when I met him.

It was just the morning I needed to get out of my funk. 

Thanks again to Lish for getting me out there! I will never forget that amazing impromptu”marathon” in the park.


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