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Weekend Fun

This past weekend was SO MUCH FUN. Friday we went to dinner to try out a restaurant in our new “hood”. On Saturday we had a picnic in Central Park and took a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  AND I got a long run in on Sunday. I’m still pretty amazed.


Ryan even surprised me with a picnic basket! Love it!


The MET is one of my favorite places in New York. You can never see all of it and there’s so many cool rooms to explore. And they always have awesome new exhibits rotating through.



If you ever go to the MET go to the roof! The views are amazing and they have a bar 🙂


Ryan and I aren’t the biggest fans of modern art… See below…

My long run on Sunday was a 16 mile long training run. The New York Flyers are the official pacers of the NYRR Long Training Run for the New York City Marathon. This is one of my favorite Flyers events.


You complete a long run and meet some pretty cool people. Running is always fun when you get to talk to people. The miles just fly by. I’m getting very excited for the marathon!



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My training consists of running races…

The past two weekends I’ve run races and haven’t done a true long run. Not good. I’m pacing a long run this coming weekend – 16 miles. The last time I ran 16 miles was during the Eugene Marathon. Oops.

On Saturday I raced in a 5k on Roosevelt Island. It was a beautiful morning and the course was flat. The only downside – the last mile you were the sun was beating down on you and there was no shade. I’m not good in the sun. It slowed me waaaay down.

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 10.33.44 AM

This race was the Laurie Harris 5k which was put on my my team – The New York Flyers. The race raised $12,000 towards cancer research. Pretty awesome, right?!


It was the perfect way to start the weekend. And I even got some sun! I’m actually a little tan.



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Team Championships 2013


Yesterday was the Team Championship 5 mile race. It’s one of my favorite races because all of the New York area teams come out and cheer. The men race at 8:30am and then the women at 9:30am.


 It’s a fun time and great for team bonding. The Flyers have a team bagel breakfast after the race too – which is always fun and much needed after a race.


I still need to amp up my training. I’m not doing so hot with the marathon training. I’m going to try to run tomorrow morning before work. I’m not having enough time after work.


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Saturday Full of Running

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to meet some friends of mine for a nice ten miler in Central Park. When we planned this I didn’t think it was going to be super cold. It was 20 degrees… I would have never gone by myself. I’ve come to realize that making running dates is the best way for me to get my long runs in this training cycle. When other people are counting on me there’s no way I won’t show up.

Of course after finishing it was coffee and bagel time. AND THEN NAP TIME. I had the best two hour nap. Naps after a long run are probably the best thing ever.

Once I woke up I had to start getting ready for the New York Flyers Awards Dinner. It was a formal dinner and I might have been a little under dressed… People went all out! I now know for next time.


Ryan and I weren’t planning on attending but a couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail saying I was up for an award… And guess what!?

I was one of the winners of the Rookie of the Year Award! 

It was a really fun dinner and it was good to see some of my running friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.


Ryan on the other hand… I think he got his fill of running talk for the year. At least the Super Bowl was the next day 🙂


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16 miles were completed last night!!!!

I ran the first 11 on my own and then met up with the Flyers Thursday night running group for the last five. Meeting up with them really helped and the last five miles went by fast. Talking with others while running really does distract you from what you’re doing 🙂

My pace for the first 11 miles was between an 8:40 – 9 minute pace and the last five miles were between a 9 – 9:05 minute pace. Nice and easy. And you know what, I’m really not that sore today!

Happy, happy Friday!!!

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Running Through the Weekend


I had an AWESOME running weekend. I feel so much more confident about the up coming New York City Marathon!

Saturday was the 4 mile Fitness, Mind, Body, Spirit Games. The race is hosted by Fitness Magazine. This might be my favorite race. Great course, awesome goodie bags and tons of stuff to do before and after the race!

The weather was perfect and I felt good throughout the entire race. My finish time was 28:10. First woman New York Flyer to cross the line!
After the race I hit the “fitness expo” and took a mini pure barre class. As you can tell on my face it has HARD. The ten minute mini class I took made me feel so out of shape! My abs were sore the next day! I loved the class and I’m thinking about signing up for some of the classes.

Sunday was the New York Flyer Palisades Long Run! I had never been to the Palisades so I was really excited to run somewhere new. It was again a perfect day and the view from the George Washington Bridge was amazing!

I ran in the 9 min group and we had a great time. I think this run was the hilliest (is that a word?) run I’ve ever done – up there is the Red Rock half marathon for sure!

I finished 18 miles in 2 hours and 40 minutes – an 8:53 average pace. I’m SUPER happy with that pace!

Sunday I’m running in the 18 mile tune up hosted by the New York Road Runners so we’ll see how I do. The course isn’t as hilly so I’m interested to see what my time will be.
Oh – and compression shorts work miracles. My legs aren’t that sore today. They are worth the money!




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Walking, Running, Starting line

I’ve been trying to walk to and from work this week since the weather has been so nice (and it saves $5 a day). I’m loving this weather and the time outside! This fall weather has been lovely. It’s a very relaxing 35 minute walk and I know I’ll miss it once it starts to snow and get super cold.

I received my start information for the New York City Marathon the other day – I’m in Green Wave #2, Corral 32 – I’ll start at 10:05am… Anyone else???

This weekend I’m running the Palisades Long Run with the Flyers and I’m excited to run in a new location and see where I am running wise. I signed up to run 15 miles, but if I’m feeling good I might do more. I really want to be ready for the marathon!


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I’m famous.

So… I’m totally famous.

My picture is in New York Runner magazine 🙂 This photo was taken at the New York Mini 10k, my very first race as a New York Flyer! (Thanks Elisha for letting me know!!)

Saturday was the Percy Sutton 5K race which was part of Harlem Week. It was a very humid morning and the course was hilly but I powered through and finished in 21:47 – a 7:02 pace! First woman Flyer, 23rd in my age group! 
After the race I ran some more miles with a new Flyer friend and totaled 11 miles for the day.

After running I didn’t really do anything…. I did try out this face mask thing… My Mom had sent it to me awhile go – so instead of spending $150 at a spa, I did it myself!

I watched a lot of TV and then it was time to get ready for my friend Lisa’s end of summer party. We all had a lot of fun and it was great to see friends from college. 

And now… I just need to get ready for vacation!!! One more day of work!!!


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New Friends

Making new running friends is one of the best parts of joining a running group/team. Everyone I have met through the Flyers has been super nice and welcoming. 

Last night I ran a total of eight miles – five with the Flyers and three on my own. I would have never done that on running by myself!
I cannot tell you how happy it makes me that my running has excelled this fast and I can’t wait to see how I do in the New York City Marathon!

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I’m in love!!! … with a water bottle

I bought this Brita water bottle on Saturday (during my 5 million errands) and it has not left my side. I’m in love with it. It filters tap water into clean delicious water. I’m obsessed. (Family – you’ll probably be getting one for Christmas)

Sunday was an AWESOME day. I woke up nice and early (5:15am) to lead the second NYRR Long Training Run. I had a blast! The 15 miles went by so fast. I have to say my group was the best. 8:30 pace Group 2! THE BEST. Everyone was so nice and we all basically talked and hung out – while running of course… 🙂

I have been wanting to go see the Schiaparelli and Prada exhibit for a long time and yesterday was the last day of the exhibit! After pace leading I showered, ate quickly and headed over to the Met. I did not want to sit for too long or I knew I would not get up… And I couldn’t miss it!

Surprisingly the museum wasn’t too busy. I get cranky very quickly when places are crowed
(ie the subway). The exhibit was awesome and I was sad they didn’t have more clothing to showcase. I also went to the modern art wing and the european artists wing. 

This was such a great weekend and honestly I’m not that upset that it’s Monday. I got so much done and accomplished this weekend that I’m ready to take on this week. Oh, and it probably also helps that my vacation begins next Wednesday!!!!

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