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Living and Working in NYC


I found this article and found it completely true about New York City. Though I do enjoy living and working in NYC sometimes you just feel beaten down and really can’t believe you just spent $4 on a cookie or that you’re used to seeing rats in the subway stations…

Here are somethings I do like:
1) Now that Ryan and I live in Queens my subway ride is between 35 – 40 minutes. Which means I get to read. I love reading before and after work, it really relaxes me.
2) You can get Chinese food any time of the day. You don’t even have to call. You just go online and use GrubHub. Laziness at it’s finest!
3) You can get great coffee for $1.50 from a guy in a cart. They’re everywhere in the City. I go every morning before work. I love it.
4) The people watching is amazing.
5) I LOVE running in Central Park. It might be my favorite thing.

Happy Halloween! Any one doing anything fun tonight??? I’m hoping we get some Trick-or-Treaters tonight!


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Let’s Get Excited

So yesterday’s blog was all sad. Sorry about that… Time to change things around and get excited for the marathon!
Here are some things that make me happy/grateful for:

Let’s get excited!!!

This guy keeps me sane and normal.

These two always support me, no matter what.

This one makes me crazy… but I love her

This one is the cutest ever. And her licks always brighten my day.

Pretty fall photo from last weekend.

I’m going to go to the Marathon Expo tomorrow after work!!! I’m getting more and more excited and nervous. I can’t wait to cross the finish line!!!


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I’m pretty sure I would be really scared

This week’s workouts:

Monday: Pure Barre
Tuesday: 3 mile run
Wednesday: Pure Barre
Thursday: 4 mile run

I’m feeling good and I’m excited to see how my body does at the Staten Island half marathon. I’m not running tonight, but I am hoping to get in a 3 mile run on Saturday and I would love to add-on some miles after the half marathon but if it’s raining (like they say it’s going to) I know that it won’t happen.

I’m going to try to put more New York sightings/observations/thoughts up here since the “It wasn’t awkward at all” post was such a hit…

The past couple of days walking to and from work I’ve noticed a lot of homeless people just passed out in the middle of busy areas. It’s very interesting. Usually there’s a wine bottle or liquor bottle (empty) next to them. One guy was passed out laying in the bushes of The Grand Army Plaza at 5:30pm… If I was a child in New York City I’m pretty sure I would be really scared…

Hope you all have a great weekend! And let’s hope there’s no rain!!!


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Things that make me happy

I don’t really have anything new to report. I went to Total Body Conditioning Class on Wednesday – LOVED IT. Tonight I’m going to run and get frozen yogurt and tomorrow I’ll be running 10 miles… and baking cookies. Other than that. nothing. Sooo here are some things that are making me smile.

1. I’ll be in OREGON in less than a week!!! Thank the lord. Sometimes I really can’t stand New York. This morning I saw a car accident and then some old man driving almost hit me.

2.  I’m making these cookies tomorrow for a cookie swap I’m going to on Sunday. Link here.

3. It’s not freezing cold here in New York. Yesterday it was about 40 degrees. Which means there will be no flight delays because of snow! Yipee!!!

4. The web site Pinterest. I love it. Such great ideas. Recipes, quotes/motivation (see below), style. everything. 

5. It’s Friday! YES! 


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Hoda and Cornbread

Guess who I saw running in Central Park Saturday morning????

Hoda Kotb! My first ever celebrity sighting in Central Park! She’s a runner too, which is pretty cool.

After my 5 1/2 miler I had to quickly get ready for a full day of fun!

Ryan’s family came into the city to visit so we did some fun touristy stuff. We visited The Highline which was awesome!

The weather was perfect and the views were fabulous.

We then made our way to the Beer Garden which is under The Standard Hotel. I think the giant pretzel was my favorite 🙂

Sunday was a lazy/errand day for me. I also baked cornbread! My first baking attempt in my new apartment… I knoww…. Why wait so long to bake!? Well, our oven is really weird and I kind of hate it… But the cornbread turned out great and so did the chili!

The perfect Sunday dinner.

Lexi the cat and I watched Avator on Sunday. I had heard mixed reviews about the movie, but I liked it.

Have you ever seen a celebrity while running??? Hoda was my first sighting!

Have you seen Avator?? I thought it was pretty good.


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The hardest part is getting out the door

Being sick and not being able to run, let alone workout, is pretty horrible. I go to bed with good intentions of waking up early and hitting the treadmill, but when the alarm goes off at 6am my body won’t let me get up. This morning I could hardly speak! 
However. Once I’m up and start moving (and drinking coffee) I feel better… This morning I made a mental note while waiting for my coffee to brew that I NEED TO REMEMBER THIS. 

The hardest part is getting out the door. And that is what’s happening to me. If don’t feel 100% I go back to sleep. Not good. Working out will get my blood pumping and I will feel better! And it’s not like I’m going to workout like crazy – I don’t want to get worse!

Anyway – On a fun note, I have my FIRST spinning class date tomorrow night! With my new friend Heather! I met her through Janae and the blogger meet-ups we went to! I love meeting new fun people who also love to run and workout!

Crumbs meet-up after the marathon!

Erin, Heather, and me after Crumbs

photo taken by the lovely Janae 

Want more about the blogger meet-ups and to see ME on ANOTHER super famous blog???? Click here!!!





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I have never seen so much spandex in my life

I have never seen so much spandex in my life. It’s Friday and it’s two days before the New York City Marathon. I work on Central Park South. Right by the finish line. Thousands of runners are in the area. In spandex. Some should not be… BUT. Because they are so excited about being in New York AND running 26.2 miles it makes me excited and  proud of my accomplishment a month ago.

I haven’t been running a lot lately… I have taken some spin classes but I think I just needed some time to relax and have a social life. I think the marathon on Sunday will give me a boost again and I’ll be back super excited for the Red Rock half marathon in March. I’ve also been battling a sore throat this week that I’ve decided is not allowed. My birthday is this Sunday, yes, they are honoring me by having the NY Marathon on my birthday. 🙂 Anyways, I’ve been going to bed at 8:30pm every night, drinking tons of water and pumping my body with vitamins. And you know what??? Today I’m feeling so much better! Birthday weekend here I come! 

Tonight Ryan and I are going to the Runner’s World VIP party for the marathon!!! A great way to start the weekend! I wonder if any elite runners will be there!?

One more thing – There’s a blogger meet up this Saturday at 16 Handles, my favorite frozen yogurt place!!! It’s at the 82nd and 2nd location at 1pm. I’m going. You should go. You’ll get to meet HungryRunnerGirl and some other bloggers/ NYMarathoners !


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3-Miler and my walk to work

It’s taper time!!! Woke up bright and early (5:30am came a little too early this morning) and hit the gym for a three-mile run. I felt pretty good but was craving some coffee… This marathon excitement is not helping me get the sleep I want and need!

This morning I decided to take you all along for my morning walk to work. I try to take different streets to mix it up and really get to know my neighborhood. Today I came to the conclusion that New York might have more dogs than children.

Ah Park Avenue… Where the cost to live on this beloved street is about 3 million dollars…(probably more)

Madison Avenue – Fashion boutiques galore. Great people watching. 

Two of my favorites in one shot. Bergdorf Goodman AND The Plaza Hotel. Love and love.

Can you see why walking to work is so much fun!? Great people watching, window shopping and I just love all the old architecture. Sometimes I really do love New York. (Oregon is still my favorite)


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