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I am beyond happy it’s Friday. Two reasons. Weekend!!!! AND just two more days of the Olympics! Don’t get me wrong. I love the Olympics. BUT having a job that revolves around the Olympics is not fun. It’s stressful and a lot of work. The five hour time difference doesn’t help either. 

This weekend I’ll be going to Ryan’s house in New Jersey. I can’t wait to relax! I’ll have to run and do some work but it’s going to be a great weekend and much-needed. (and I’ve missed the puppy!!!)

Lots of running will be happening until the end of August (pace leading, one race and long runs) and then we’ll (Ryan and I) be off on our Washington/Oregon Trip!!! We’re both super excited! Lots of planning has happened and we’re going to be fitting a lot into an eight-day trip. A Dave Matthews Band Concert, visiting Space Needle and downtown Seattle, hiking, my friend’s wedding, wine tasting with my parents, my annual pool party, and more! I can’t wait!!!! I really do love the West Coast a whole lot more than the East Coast 🙂

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Olympics Mania

This weekend has been busy, busy, busy. Where I work the Olympics are a HUGE deal. Right now I’m at work – The Olympics don’t stop on the weekends…
Anyway. Friday night we had an event to celebrate the Opening Ceremony. We had five past Olympians, a raffle, photo opportunities with the 1996 Olympic torch and a festive English pub menu. Everyone had a great time while me and my co-worker ran around like crazy people.

This was about a ten second break we had…

My legs are feeling pretty good today. I stretched and iced yesterday and I may try and run three miles later.

I hope you’re all having a nice weekend.


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