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Eugene Marathon

All I can say is that I love the Eugene Marathon. I had so much fun! The course was great, so pretty and for the most part – flat.


The expo wasn’t too big and we were able get through it pretty quick. I also put this awesome magnet for the fridge. I’m pretty sure Ryan is going to love it…


The morning of the race went really well. I had set my race outfit the night before so there was no stress.

imageI had my coffee, bagel, water and was ready to go at 6am.

photo-1I met up with my friend Chloe and we rode the shuttle bus together. 
My only complaint was the bathrooms at the start. It was pure chaos… Thankfully Chloe found a short line and we made it with 5 minutes before the start of the race! (great job Chloe!)

I finished the race in 3:40:59. I still can’t believe my average pace was 8:26 per mile. That is crazy to me! How’d I do that?! I had great support and was so happy to see family and friends along to course. The coolest thing to me is that I felt great after the race. I didn’t feel the need to take a nap – totally different from how I felt after the Portland Marathon.

After the race my parents and I went to the University of Oregon Museum and then an early dinner at the Excelsior Inn. 


And on Monday I received a surprise treat from Ryan!!! Edible Arrangements is really good.


Now on to – moving, the Brooklyn half-marathon, a wedding (yay Elena!) and then a trip to Costa Rica. So busy … all the time!


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Vacation! – thru my phone

I left my camera at my parent’s house in Oregon so… Here is my and Ryan’s vacation thru the camera on my phone!

Waiting for our flight to leave

View from Pike Place Market

Clam chowder lunch at Pike Place Market

Top Pot Doughnuts!! We went three times…

Old Fashioned with chocolate frosting

Spur of the moment football game – Go Seahawks!

Snoqualmie Falls

Driving to the Dave Matthews Band concert at the Gorge!

We made it!!!

Pretty view of Seattle

Awesome “spiked” peach lemonade drink

Mariners baseball game!

After the baseball game we made the 3 1/2 hour trip to Portland so I could make my friend Abby’s wedding reception! So pretty!

Those photos only go to Sunday – and we were in Oregon until Thursday! Can you tell we packed lots and lots into our  trip!? I can’t wait to go back – only three more months!


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Can You Tell I’m Excited???

I’ve been up since 6:30am… I wish I could say it was because I went for a run this morning. But no, I had to take Lexi to The Cat Practice, where I’m boarding her. I like to call it “Kitty Summer Camp”… I’m really nervous – I’ve never boarded her before and she hasn’t been around other cats since I adopted her at 8 weeks! I hope she does okay and doesn’t hate me when I get back from vacation!

Vacation time is almost here! Ryan and I just have to get through today and then we’re off to the West Coast at 7am! We’re going to be in Seattle for a couple of days and then my parents are going to come up and pick us up (from the Mariners game) and we’ll all head to Oregon. I cannot wait for this trip!!! We have been planning it forever! Ryan has never been to Seattle so there will be lots of sight seeing and we’re going to the Dave Matthews concert at the Gorge!

How awesome does this look!? AMAZING! We’ll be there Friday! I also can’t wait for my annual pool party at my parent’s house, wine tasting with my family! And my friend Abby’s wedding! (We have a lot planned… It’s going to be a VERY BUSY TRIP!)


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I am beyond happy it’s Friday. Two reasons. Weekend!!!! AND just two more days of the Olympics! Don’t get me wrong. I love the Olympics. BUT having a job that revolves around the Olympics is not fun. It’s stressful and a lot of work. The five hour time difference doesn’t help either. 

This weekend I’ll be going to Ryan’s house in New Jersey. I can’t wait to relax! I’ll have to run and do some work but it’s going to be a great weekend and much-needed. (and I’ve missed the puppy!!!)

Lots of running will be happening until the end of August (pace leading, one race and long runs) and then we’ll (Ryan and I) be off on our Washington/Oregon Trip!!! We’re both super excited! Lots of planning has happened and we’re going to be fitting a lot into an eight-day trip. A Dave Matthews Band Concert, visiting Space Needle and downtown Seattle, hiking, my friend’s wedding, wine tasting with my parents, my annual pool party, and more! I can’t wait!!!! I really do love the West Coast a whole lot more than the East Coast 🙂

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Rum Run Re-Cap

10K (and a little bit) Rum Run Re-Cap!

This was a fun race. Fun because my family and friends were there to cheer me on and two of my friends ran the race!

The actual running of on the race was hard. Really hard. At one point I stopped and walked… I think lack of sleep, traveling and going out Friday night to celebrate my friend Tracy’s birthday were all against me. I also didn’t look at the course map and there were some monster hills in this race!

Right after finishing the race.. not a happy camper

Surprisingly I got first in my age group!!!! I could not believe it! My time was 48 minutes flat with a pace of 7:29 for 6.4 miles. My friend Tom ran with me most of the way and I know he pushed me to run faster so – Thanks Tom!!! I’m still in disbelief! I got a medal and everything! 

I had a great time at home in Oregon and I can’t wait to be back there in three short months! I know the time will fly by with my marathon training starting up in July, speed sessions with the New York Flyers and a couple of races thrown in there too!

Tonight I’m going on the NYRR Mini fun run which coincides with the 10K Mini on June 9th. We’ll be running an easy three miles in the park. I think some famous women runners will be there too!

Next race: NYRR 10K Mini – June 9th! My first official race as a New York Flyer! 

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Oregon tomorrow!

This past weekend was so busy that by Monday morning when I had to go to work I was exhausted. My weekend was spent – running, puppy sitting, volunteering, cleaning and rearranging my bedroom. Waking up at 7am on a Saturday is not my idea of a relaxing weekend but sometimes in order to get everything done that needs to get done waking up at 7am is a must.

I did get two hours down time on Saturday afternoon which was spent lounging in the sun with Bailey. I had no idea she was going to be so good or enjoying laying out so much.

The past three days this week have been full and I cannot believe that I’m flying out to Oregon tomorrow morning! I finally packed last night and I’m ready to see my family and friends and just relax and enjoy beautiful Oregon (and the no humidity)!

I’m also pretty excited for my race on Sunday! I haven’t been training that much but it’ll be fun to get out there 🙂

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Guess what?! I signed up for another race! And it’s in Oregon!!! Yesterday I booked my flight to Oregon for Memorial Day Weekend! I’m SOOO excited! I’ve been watching the prices for over a month now and even signed up for Priceline’s price drop alerts and the price finally went down! And I just couldn’t resist!

It’s a short little weekend but it’s better than nothing and I’m going to get to see my family and friends! And run in a cool race

Training update: This week’s I’ve been doing really well! Tuesday night I ran 1.5 miles and then went to spin class, Wednesday I ran 4.6 miles and tonight my goal is five miles!

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Why wait until 2012?!

Look at all that healthy food. Even though we have a couple of days until the new year I decided to start off on the right foot. Why wait until 2012?!

Last night I did a three mile run and went to total body conditioning class. Between my run and the class I had a little over an hour to grocery shop and eat. When I went to the store I was on a mission – HEALTHY FOODS ONLY. And I did it! 

I felt great last night and this morning. What you eat really does effect how you feel! Saturday I’m running ten miles with my friend Ashley and then it’s New Years party time! Two of my friends from home (Oregon) will be in town and a bunch of us are going out! Very fun 🙂

Anyone already make some New Year’s resolutions??? I’ve only made one so far – healthy eating!

What are you doing for New Years?  We’re going to Katra!!!

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Christmas time in Oregon

Christmas time in Oregon

Cookie baking

Candy eyeballs from Target made these little guys so cute!

The Ugly Christmas Sweater party was a hit!

These girls have been my best friends since high school! Love them!

Cooking attempt fail… But it still tasted good!

Christmas Eve 🙂

Opening presents with family (Go Ducks!!!)

Cute apron for my cooking… See above photo…

Christmas morning!

Christmas ball

My Dad makes me one every year! – not store-bought~

What’s in the middle??? A beautiful little box with money in it for my travels to the half marathon in March!!!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!!! No running took place for me, but lots of fun and eating great food did!!!

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Final Countdown

I love going to bed early. Last night was one of those nights. 8:30pm – lights out. I slept so well and I was up and ready at 6am for spin class. Of course the class was awesome, and with the best music! It was a great way to start the day. My last full day here in the City before heading home to Oregon for Christmas! YES. Did I tell you I’m going to an Ugly Sweater Party on Friday??? I can’t wait!

Another thing that is making super happy today – Ryan and I are going out to dinner tonight. To Go Burger. We’ve never been there, but the menu looks amazing. I can’t wait!!! The waffle bites will be ordered.

I might be able to sneak a run in before dinner. If not, oh well. I just can’t wait to be home!!!


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