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I hate being sick.

I thought I was cold free. Friday I felt great! Went to Pure Barre class, met up with Ryan and we (he mostly) made the best pizza ever!

Then I woke up on Saturday and I felt WORSE then I had all week! What the heck!? Totally not fair. So… I waited and waited and by 9:30pm I knew I had to e-mail the Flyers and tell them I wouldn’t be able to pace the 20 miler today. I hate cancelling plans! ugh.
I hate it.

This week I just have to really work hard on getting better. The Staten Island half marathon is on Sunday. My goal is to be back to 100% and back to running. I hope my body hasn’t forgotten how to run. You know, since the marathon is a month a way! YIKES!


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Back to Training

Sunday I ran in the Race for the Cure. It was a nice and easy 5K that helped a great cause.

My friend Amanda created a fundraising team – The Pink Panthers. The race was way more laid back then I’m used to. There was no timing (we used my Garmin) and the bib numbers did not correspond with each individual. It was weird to me since I’m used to being timed and really racing hard.
I ran two miles to the race start which was a good warm up but I could tell my legs were a little tired from my ten mile run the day before. The weather was perfect running weather and there was a lot of downhill on the course so I knew our team would do well.

I paced my friends Marc and Andrew which was really fun. I had never paced anyone in a real race before! Marc had a goal time and we crushed it by a minute and a half! Awesome! Our time was 22:34 – a 7:16 pace.

Some of the team members!

I’ve looked at my calendar this morning and freaked out a little bit… Did you know the marathon is in 54 days?!?? And each weekend in September I have a race/and or running commitment. Yikes. My poor legs are going to be tired!

This Weekend’s Line Up:
Saturday – Fitness Spirit Games 4 miler
Sunday – 15 mile Palisades Long run with the New York Flyers.

So I guess this is when I say “I’ll see you all after November 4th…” That’s when I can be social again… Oh, and then I have to start thinking about the Eugene Marathon… (who needs a social life, right???)


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I’m in love!!! … with a water bottle

I bought this Brita water bottle on Saturday (during my 5 million errands) and it has not left my side. I’m in love with it. It filters tap water into clean delicious water. I’m obsessed. (Family – you’ll probably be getting one for Christmas)

Sunday was an AWESOME day. I woke up nice and early (5:15am) to lead the second NYRR Long Training Run. I had a blast! The 15 miles went by so fast. I have to say my group was the best. 8:30 pace Group 2! THE BEST. Everyone was so nice and we all basically talked and hung out – while running of course… 🙂

I have been wanting to go see the Schiaparelli and Prada exhibit for a long time and yesterday was the last day of the exhibit! After pace leading I showered, ate quickly and headed over to the Met. I did not want to sit for too long or I knew I would not get up… And I couldn’t miss it!

Surprisingly the museum wasn’t too busy. I get cranky very quickly when places are crowed
(ie the subway). The exhibit was awesome and I was sad they didn’t have more clothing to showcase. I also went to the modern art wing and the european artists wing. 

This was such a great weekend and honestly I’m not that upset that it’s Monday. I got so much done and accomplished this weekend that I’m ready to take on this week. Oh, and it probably also helps that my vacation begins next Wednesday!!!!

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Running Skirts, Pasta and Stretching

Random things this week –

Does running skirts make anyone else feel awkward or unsure of themselves??? SkinnyRunner – Rocks them all the time and she looks super cute. For some reason they make me nervous.

I bought this Lululemon running skirt awhile ago and just wore it to the gym for the first time on Tuesday. It’s really cute and comfortable but I don’t know – I’m running in a skirt… Anyone else feel like this? Or is it just me?

I made this pasta last night and it was sooo good and sooo easy. There’s four ingredients. Loved it. And will probably make it again tonight. yum.

Whenever I stretch Lexi has to be right next to me. She licks my face and tries to snuggle as close as possible. This only happens when I’m stretching though… I don’t get it.

And it makes stretching very difficult.

I’m at 11 miles (plus an hour of cross-training on the elliptical) so far this week. I have a big run on Sunday – 16 miles of pacing for the NYRR!

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A Nap Will Definitely Happen

Last night Ryan and I had a date night. I had planned ahead and got up early and ran in the morning. I usually need a lot of motivation to work out in the morning. And even if I set three alarms, I usually never make it to the gym. So yesterday morning was a BIG step. I actually got out of bed and went to the gym!

We decided to go to Stand 4 for dinner. It’s a burger and milkshake type of restaurant and I had heard great things. Mostly about the Marshmallow Milkshake… 

This bad boy was to die for. There are actual marshmallow pieces in there. Trust me and just go there. Even if you don’t eat dinner. Get a milkshake. They even have boozy ones.

(thank you Ryan for the use of your camera phone)

Tonight I’m running 6 miles outside! The weather is perfect here and I cannot wait to get outside.
I’m hoping this no humidity stays because on Saturday the New York Flyers
(myself included) are pacing the New York Road Runners Official Long Run for the New York City Marathon! I’ll be pacing one of the 8:30 min groups and we’ll be running 11 miles. I’m pretty excited about pacing a group. I’ve never done it before so I’ll be fun to learn something new and meet new people.
The only downside – I have to be at the meeting spot in Central Park at 6:30am. On Saturday… A nap will definitely happen.


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