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Because training is about to get in full gear I wanted to be ready just in case I get hit with that horrible pain in my tush again – scientifically called: Piriformis Syndrome. Or the – oh my god I can hardly walk syndrome… This video has a bunch of stretches just in case your tush starts to act up.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing these stretches after every run!

Thank you Runner’s World!

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Hi. I’m back.

Hi. I’m back.

I’m still waiting on the final results from the race…

The race was really difficult and I hadn’t taken into account the difference in elevation. Here in New York we’re at sea level. The race… not at sea level. We were running between 3,000 – 4,800 feet. Meaning the air was a lot thinner making it harder to breathe. The hills were pretty steep but the not being able to take a deep breath really affected my pace. 

This trip was so much fun and I’m so happy I was able to spend the time with my parents and friends. I already want to go back to Nevada. The desert is just so beautiful.

I did bring one thing back with me that I’m NOT happy about. Piriformis Syndrome. It’s caused by running hills and sitting for long periods of time. So that’d be running the Red Rock half-marathon and then taking a five hour flight back to New York the next day and not getting up once… I can hardly walk… I’m doing the stretches now as I type this and it’s pretty painful. It’s my fault though – I hardly stretched after the race. I’m hoping I’ll be better by this weekend.


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