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Can You Tell I’m Excited???

I’ve been up since 6:30am… I wish I could say it was because I went for a run this morning. But no, I had to take Lexi to The Cat Practice, where I’m boarding her. I like to call it “Kitty Summer Camp”… I’m really nervous – I’ve never boarded her before and she hasn’t been around other cats since I adopted her at 8 weeks! I hope she does okay and doesn’t hate me when I get back from vacation!

Vacation time is almost here! Ryan and I just have to get through today and then we’re off to the West Coast at 7am! We’re going to be in Seattle for a couple of days and then my parents are going to come up and pick us up (from the Mariners game) and we’ll all head to Oregon. I cannot wait for this trip!!! We have been planning it forever! Ryan has never been to Seattle so there will be lots of sight seeing and we’re going to the Dave Matthews concert at the Gorge!

How awesome does this look!? AMAZING! We’ll be there Friday! I also can’t wait for my annual pool party at my parent’s house, wine tasting with my family! And my friend Abby’s wedding! (We have a lot planned… It’s going to be a VERY BUSY TRIP!)



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Oregon Vacation – Biscuits, Wine Tasting and Pool Party II… and back to reality

FRIDAY: Pine State Biscuits. Probably the best thing I’ve ever had. My Mom called it “heart-attack on a plate.” It was that good.

SUNDAY: Wine tasting with my parents was so much fun! Every time I visit Oregon they take me out to the wine country and we taste and learn about many different wines. It’s so relaxing and fun.

MONDAY afternoon: I had another impromptu pool party. Everyone just hanging out and lounging by the pool. This is when I got super burnt… Yes, I did put sunscreen on, but I guess not enough…

Then is was back to the “real world” and my training! I only ran once while I was home… not good.


This week: Getting back in to training:

It’s been super humid here which makes my legs feel as though they weigh 1,000 pounds each. Wednesday I went to the gym to run. There was no air conditioning… I could only run two miles because of the horrible heat and humidity in the room. I did get some weight training in.

Last night, (Thursday) I was on puppy duty so after Bailey and I went to the dog park (notice the Oregon harness) I ran by the river and banged out a good five miles. The humidity was pretty terrible but I just kept at a slow and steady pace (9:24).

Goal for this weekend: Relax and make a really good dinner with Ryan tonight, run 12 miles Saturday morning!!! And go to a super fun barbecue 🙂

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Oregon Vacation – Pool Party

One of my favorite days while visiting Oregon was the pool party I had at my house! My friends and I had so much fun and I’m pretty sure my parents did too!

Pizza at a Fourth of July party… Why not?!

A little competitive Beer Pong action happened… My team came in second.

We also had a dancing segment in the competition… No big deal. Has anyone else heard of Double Dream Hands??? If not go to YouTube right now. You’re welcome.

This trip to Oregon really made me realize what wonderful parents and friends I have!!! I miss then terribly!!! October can’t come soon enough!

(Chloe and Sarah – You better keep training!!! I want to see you finish the Portland Half-Marathon!!)

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