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Yup, that’s right I planned all the way to 2013…

I’m a planner. I like to plan and make lists. If you know me you know I plan far, far in advance. Like crazy in advance – sometimes too far in advance that plane tickets aren’t even available for purchase. In this case races haven’t even started registration yet. But that doesn’t stop me. Below is the list of races I’m running/I’d like to run in the future. Wanna run with me???

– New York City Marathon – November 4th, 2012 (signed up and in!)

– Red Rock Half-Marathon – March 2013 (Last time was so much fun and I love how difficult the race was.)

– Eugene Marathon – April or May 2013 (I’ve heard great reviews and I love Eugene! Go Ducks!)

– Portland Marathon – October 6th, 2013 (I have to beat my time from 2011!!!)

Yup, that’s right I planned all the way to 2013… Before some of the 2012 races have been run… 🙂


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I have never seen so much spandex in my life

I have never seen so much spandex in my life. It’s Friday and it’s two days before the New York City Marathon. I work on Central Park South. Right by the finish line. Thousands of runners are in the area. In spandex. Some should not be… BUT. Because they are so excited about being in New York AND running 26.2 miles it makes me excited and  proud of my accomplishment a month ago.

I haven’t been running a lot lately… I have taken some spin classes but I think I just needed some time to relax and have a social life. I think the marathon on Sunday will give me a boost again and I’ll be back super excited for the Red Rock half marathon in March. I’ve also been battling a sore throat this week that I’ve decided is not allowed. My birthday is this Sunday, yes, they are honoring me by having the NY Marathon on my birthday. 🙂 Anyways, I’ve been going to bed at 8:30pm every night, drinking tons of water and pumping my body with vitamins. And you know what??? Today I’m feeling so much better! Birthday weekend here I come! 

Tonight Ryan and I are going to the Runner’s World VIP party for the marathon!!! A great way to start the weekend! I wonder if any elite runners will be there!?

One more thing – There’s a blogger meet up this Saturday at 16 Handles, my favorite frozen yogurt place!!! It’s at the 82nd and 2nd location at 1pm. I’m going. You should go. You’ll get to meet HungryRunnerGirl and some other bloggers/ NYMarathoners !


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Good Morning! Happy Monday! Can you believe this is the last week in October??? I feel like just a week ago I was nervously waiting to run the Portland Marathon! Now it’s been almost a month! Time flies..

This morning I hit the gym for a 3 mile run. I rocked one of my Portland Marathon shirts and felt pretty cool. The sleeves are a little long so I just tucked them into my sports bar and made a tank top. Though I was feeling pretty cool wearing (total nerd) my marathon shirt I totally forgot my i-pod so I couldn’t watch tv or listen to music… Total FAIL. But you know what? It wasn’t that bad… I just ran and thought about my busy schedule for this week.

What’s everyone being for Halloween??? I bought my costume last week. I’m going to be a lady bug. It was the least slutty costume at the store… My wings even light up!

Tomorrow we’re taking Bailey to her first day of doggie day care… For some reason I’m nervous!!! It’s like her first day of school or something. They have a video camera so Ryan and I can see her playing with the other dogs while we’re at work. So cool! 

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Since the Marathon

I ran for the first time on Tuesday night since the marathon. A good, strong three miler on the treadmill. I think my body was happy to be working out again. I did have over a week off for recovery. I wore my new Brooks Pure Cadence running shoes which are pretty awesome. 

They’re a more minimalist-ish shoe, which are great for running shorter distances/races. They’re way lighter than my other running shoes and I also love the color scheme. I also might think they make me look like a hard-core runner…

In other news: Tonight I’m going to take my first spin class since who knows when! Hooray! I bet my little legs will hate me tomorrow but I’m totally fine with that. I can’t wait!! I hope the teacher and music are good.

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So Now What?

Now what? I ran the Portland Marathon. I finished! So now what?
Well, I want to continue running and racing. My next “big” race will be the Red Rock Half-Marathon in March. After that I’m not sure. The only other race right now on the horizon is the New York City Marathon in 2012. I also like the idea of running the Portland Marathon every other year… Not sure if that will happen but I like the idea and I get to go home and see my family. It’s a win-win.

I’ve also created a list of some other races I would like to run:

– Big Sur Marathon
– St. George Marathon
– Las Vegas Marathon/Half-Marathon

I’ll also probably sign up for some New York Road Runner races that are held in Central Park. Those races are shorter distances and super fun.

Right now I’m just going to continue running, try to have more of a social life now that marathon training is done and get back to spin class!

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Portland Marathon Re-Cap

The Portland Marathon finally arrived on Sunday, October 9th. I felt confident and ready and was really excited to be in Oregon and see my family and friends! The whole experience was great and now, after the soreness has worn off I’m left with happy memories and a want to run Portland again… 🙂

Kristen, my running buddy from Nashville arrived on Friday and we hit the expo that same day. It was both our first race expo and we loved it. It was very well organized with any type of running accessory you could think of. My Aunt Cathy and Ryan came along for the ride and were fabulous photographers!

Of course, we had to get souvenirs.

The expo was really big and at times I did feel a little overwhelmed by all the stuff. That could have also just have been my excitement/nervousness for the race!

We were also able to meet up with two of my best friends from home who were running in the half marathon.

Race morning came fast and we were up by 4:30am making bagels. If you haven’t been to Noah’s Bagels in Oregon you need to go. 

My Dad and Ryan drove us to the Start and we arrived with plenty of time and relax, people watch and I even made Kristen do a little warm up run with me. She’s a good sport! There were lots of porta-potties and the start was very well organized too.

The course was not as flat as they say. Up to about mile 15 it’s super flat and then there are hills. I don’t mind hills but late in a race can kill your legs. The aid stations were well managed but I would have liked bigger water cups. I know I got dehydrated during the race so I guess I need to bring my own water bottle as well.

I loved running through the neighborhoods. The spectators were wonderful! I even got a surprise around mile 20 from my family!! Besides finishing, seeing them was my favorite part of the race.

I still can’t believe I ran 26.2 miles. I still get butterflies when I think of my accomplishment. I’m so proud! Totally dorky I know, BUT I DID IT!!!

After the race is kind of a blur to me. I walked through all the different food and drinks offered and all I wanted was a bagel. I wanted something bland – wouldn’t make me feel sick. They had a lot to choose from. Even mini pizzas and candy!

My friend Chloe who ran the half marathon found me and basically ushered me through the t-shirt pickup, photo area and to the reunion area. I’m so glad she found me because I might still be ambling around trying to get another bagel.

Portland Marathon: time – 4:05:57; pace  – 9:23

I am so happy I signed up for this race almost a year ago. I kept my word, trained and entered into the world of running knowing nothing at all about it. Though at times it was miserable I truly love running and I can’t see what happens next!

Thank you all for your love and support! I wouldn’t have been able to keep training or be as dedicated without my family, friends, boyfriend and blog-world friends! You all are the best!!!


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I am a Marathon Runner

I’m back! I went ‘missing’ for awhile but I had a good reason. Running my first marathon and having fun with family and friends in Oregon.

Though my vacation was short, we fit so much fun into those days that I now need another vacation. But just where I sleep for many days.

Last Thursday I headed out to Oregon with a layover in Seattle. Of course the weather was a little cloudy but that is perfect running weather. Perfect MARATHON weather 🙂

Once I landed in Portland the fun began with a great lunch with my parents and Aunt from Louisiana and then off to meet up with my Grandma who flew in from Ohio and my other Aunt who lives in Portland. (A lot of people came to see me run!)

On Friday Ryan arrived from New York and Kristen from Nashville to complete the group. It was then off to the Marathon Expo to see all the great running gear and to get our numbers! We also got to meet up with my two friends, Sarah and Chloe who were running the half-marathon.

Here we are, super nervous for the big day!

Saturday was our day of errands and rest as the BIG DAY approached. I still can’t believe I ran a marathon… We all enjoyed a big pasta dinner at home and went to bed early. With a 4:30am wake up time we had to get as much sleep as possible.

5am on race day!

There will be many more photos and a full marathon re-cap once my Dad e-mails me all the photos 🙂 Get excited!!!


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I’m ready

It’s so strange to me that October 9th, 2011 has finally arrived. I signed up for the Portland Marathon almost a year ago. This training has been like a second job. It has been tough and I definitely learned a lot about myself. 

I’ve run 11 races in preparation and with those races (and volunteering at 1 race) I also earned my spot in the 2012 New York City Marathon. I’ve run in 25 degree weather, rain, humidity, and 90 degree weather. Logged in almost 600 miles… 

I know I’m ready for Portland.

If someone said to me two years ago, Catie, did you know you’ll run a marathon before your 25th birthday?? I would have laughed.

I used to hate running. Three miles was the max. Sometimes I wonder who this runner person is… Is this me??? 

I can’t wait to cross the finish line!! And to see my friends and family. It’s going to be so awesome!


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Cleaning Sunday

I didn’t leave my apartment all day. It was so beautiful outside and I wanted to go outside and enjoy the fall weather but I just kept cleaning and being productive. And then it started raining and then it got dark outside… So today I stayed inside. All day…

When I get the “cleaning bug” I get to work because it doesn’t hit that often.

My suitcase is all packed and I picked out what I’m going to wear on the plane to Oregon 🙂 

Of course it’s my Portland Marathon Training shirt! What else would I wear?!

After a long day of cleaning and packing I treated myself to a pedicure. I picked a glittery gold color for the marathon. Can you call gold a power color???

No running today. Three miles tomorrow morning!

I can’t believe the marathon is a week away!!! I’ve been training almost a year for this. Totally crazy.  And totally exciting! Ahhhhh!!!


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Today I finally got my latte

Today has been great! I slept until 9am, read, enjoyed a NAKED Juice called Green Machine which is unbelievably good! Go try it! It has spinach in it! Super healthy. Did you know October is National Spinach Lover Month???

Another food item that I’m now addicted to. POP CHIPS. They are soooooo good. Go out and buy those too. You are welcome.

What made today wonderful, besides the green juice and pop chips at lunch… Getting my first PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE of the season! Woot! Woot! One bad thing – $4.30 for a TALL?! Really Starbucks????

After lunch, while enjoying my latte I was reading and this little one kept laying on my book. She does this all the time and when I’m using my laptop. I guess she wants to be right in the action??

Later on I hit the gym. I was all caffeined-up so I was excited to get running. I ran a solid 4.5 miles increasing my speed. I kept imagining the finish line at the marathon 🙂

After the gym guess what was waiting for me in our mailbox???? The  NOVEMBER issue of Runner’s World!

I probably won’t be able to save it for the plane ride…


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