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Including a Pig

This past weekend was a no running weekend. It was a nice break and also much needed. 
I could feel my body saying – Okayyy… Can we have a little break now?? 
Spending the weekend in New Jersey was just what I needed. Great food, Ryan, Bailey and lots of relaxing.
image-1On Sunday we took Bailey to a park by Ryan’s parents house and went for a little hike. I’m pretty sure she’s the most photogenic dog around…

There’s also an area with rescued animals. Bailey made lots ofnew friends, including a pig.

No running happened last night.
I was still in the relaxing mood so I watched a movie, knitted and called my parents to say hi. Our conversations always last about an hour so I didn’t turn off the light until 10:15pm… Not the best when your alarm clock goes off at 5:50am and you’re running 5 1/2 miles before 7:15am… That’s what’s coffee is for, right?
I love when you’re able to fit everything in, even if you’re a little tired.


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We’re those people…

A couple of weeks (Halloween weekend) ago Ryan, Bailey and I went to a pumpkin patch for a day Fall festivities.

We are those people who act as though our dog is our child…

We then carved our pumpkins (Mine took almost three hours!)

Ryan did the skeleton and I did the owl

And then the next morning I baked pumpkin bread! Well, tried to… It took almost an hour more than the directions had said.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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This weekend felt like I was on vacation. It was great! We were very active but also relaxed and got some sun!!

Friday night Ryan and I went to the gym, ran and then picked up these amazing wraps at The Muscle Maker Grill. It’s next to the gym and the food they serve there is all healthy. I may or may not be addicted to that place now. I’m pretty jealous Ryan lives 5 minutes away…

On Saturday we laid out and got some sun, went to the gym again and did weight training stuff – I really need it and then went out for Chinese food. Super good. I love Chinese food.  

Sunday we took Bailey for a walk in the park.

We had to cut it short because it was sooo hot and she was looking a little too hot.

Poor Bailey rested by my feet and drank lots of water after our walk.

Basically our whole weekend was – working out, eating awesome food, and laying around. The best kind of weekend, I think 🙂
A long run didn’t happen… Oops.

Oh, and we painted Bailey’s nails. She is a styling puppy.


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I am beyond happy it’s Friday. Two reasons. Weekend!!!! AND just two more days of the Olympics! Don’t get me wrong. I love the Olympics. BUT having a job that revolves around the Olympics is not fun. It’s stressful and a lot of work. The five hour time difference doesn’t help either. 

This weekend I’ll be going to Ryan’s house in New Jersey. I can’t wait to relax! I’ll have to run and do some work but it’s going to be a great weekend and much-needed. (and I’ve missed the puppy!!!)

Lots of running will be happening until the end of August (pace leading, one race and long runs) and then we’ll (Ryan and I) be off on our Washington/Oregon Trip!!! We’re both super excited! Lots of planning has happened and we’re going to be fitting a lot into an eight-day trip. A Dave Matthews Band Concert, visiting Space Needle and downtown Seattle, hiking, my friend’s wedding, wine tasting with my parents, my annual pool party, and more! I can’t wait!!!! I really do love the West Coast a whole lot more than the East Coast 🙂

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Busy weekend

This weekend I cooked. I cooked things that I’ve never made before. Which is kind of a big deal… I’m pretty bad at cooking, baking… it’s the whole measuring out the correct amounts that gets me every time… But this weekend I had two successes!

This sandwich:

Recipe found on Pinterest. It’s provolone, goat cheese, spinach and avocado. It is amazing.

Bailey and I made breakfast for Ryan for Father’s Day.

I made blueberry pancakes with blueberry sauce on top and scrambled eggs. Ryan said he was surprised at how good the food was. That’s his surprised face…

Saturday night I watched Spirit of the Marathon. It was so good!! At times I even teared up a little bit… (total dork, I know)

Then on Sunday I headed to Central Park to work on getting rid of my paleness… and my back got burnt. Like tomato red…

I also got in a three mile run in which I’m proud of. It was very difficult to go out there and run when all I wanted to do was sit around and watch tv.

It was a busy weekend – fun, relaxing, errands – all rolled into two days. If only we had one more day…

This week is packed too. This summer is going to fly by! 

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Life Lately

Tomorrow is the 10K Mini!

I’m pretty excited/a little nervous. It’s the 40th Anniversary of the race so lots of famous runner ladies will be there! I would love to beat my 10k Rum Run time… However, Central Park is pretty darn hilly… Training has been going pretty well and I do feel ready for this race. So we’ll see. Oh! AND I’ll be wearing my New York Flyers racing shirt! I know, I know… total running nerd. haha

Other than that life has been pretty low key… Just working and running… And having some fun too, of course.

Last weekend we celebrated Bailey’s 2nd Birthday. We took her to Petco and bought her some new toys and treats. She was a happy girl!

Yesterday I went to a work event in Times Square which was pretty awesome. A couple of our wrestlers were in competition and one was vying for the LAST spot on the US Olympic Team! Cool, Right?!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Oregon tomorrow!

This past weekend was so busy that by Monday morning when I had to go to work I was exhausted. My weekend was spent – running, puppy sitting, volunteering, cleaning and rearranging my bedroom. Waking up at 7am on a Saturday is not my idea of a relaxing weekend but sometimes in order to get everything done that needs to get done waking up at 7am is a must.

I did get two hours down time on Saturday afternoon which was spent lounging in the sun with Bailey. I had no idea she was going to be so good or enjoying laying out so much.

The past three days this week have been full and I cannot believe that I’m flying out to Oregon tomorrow morning! I finally packed last night and I’m ready to see my family and friends and just relax and enjoy beautiful Oregon (and the no humidity)!

I’m also pretty excited for my race on Sunday! I haven’t been training that much but it’ll be fun to get out there 🙂

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Back in Action

So yesterday was the last day of my vacation from running/working out. It’s been a great (almost) two week vacation and it’s now time to get back to business.

Last night I was on puppy duty.

This little one loves Ryan so much that all she did was mope around and wait for him by the door!

After my babysitting duties were over I headed home and made some dinner… No gym… And then I wanted ice cream. I decided that since it was the last night of my “vacation” I should celebrate.

This ice cream is delicious!!!! It’s part of Haagen-Dazs limited edition ice cream and let me tell you – they should make this all the time. I almost ate the entire thing! I bet it would be really good with hot fudge on it…

Anyway – Tonight my plan is to run a nice easy three miles and then go to spin class. I’m kind of excited to get back into the swing of things!

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I wish we had those every week

Our trip back to New Jersey to get Bailey the puppy was so fun and relaxing. Ryan and I were able to get a lot of things done and I even snuck in a 6 mile run. Oh, and lots of great food was eaten!

Bailey had a friend staying with her at Ryan’s parent’s house… His name is Freddie and together, they are a handful! Lots of fun was happening.

 Our guard dogs: Bailey and Freddie on the look out.

So happy I have today off. I’m cleaning, doing errands and going to hit the gym soon! Three day weekends are the best! I wish we had those every week! 🙂


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You deserve it.

From my new favorite girls –  Katrina Hodgson & Karena Dawn from the Tone it Up Plan

You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted.”

Life is full of choices. You can choose..

~ who to hang out with
~ what to eat
~ when to exercise
~ where to live
~ and most importantly, how to feel..

Choose to be happy. You deserve it. ♥

Do what makes YOU happy. You only live once, right? So go out there AND LIVE!

This is what makes ME happy :

Bestest friends everrrr

1st Marathon!

Rock climbing with Ryan

New friends!

Best parents!

Girl Trips!

Races in Central Park

Baby puppy

Looks to me like 2011 was pretty darn good to me 🙂 


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