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I never go outside?

Staten Island Race photos…

Race photos always remind me that I need a tan. BAD. It looks like I never go outside…

Since my weekend is hectic I’m going to try to run as many miles as possible tonight after work… Am I setting myself up for failure??? I don’t know. Lets hope I run at least 15…

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I’m a little nervous

I haven’t tried to run yet… I’m a little nervous. I’ve been doing hour long elliptical sessions at the gym and nothing hurts but when I stretch I can really feel the muscles. They’re still sore… I’m going to try and run tomorrow and see how I feel. 

My Dad sent me some photos from the race. I love this top one. I’m working so hard to get to the finish line!


The food at the race was really good.

My official time was 1:50:06 (8:24 pace). 5th in my age group!

Oh, and I signed up for another half marathon… The Verrazano Half-Marathon at Shore Park on April 28th! I just have to take the subway and it starts at 9am!


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I have never seen so much spandex in my life

I have never seen so much spandex in my life. It’s Friday and it’s two days before the New York City Marathon. I work on Central Park South. Right by the finish line. Thousands of runners are in the area. In spandex. Some should not be… BUT. Because they are so excited about being in New York AND running 26.2 miles it makes me excited and  proud of my accomplishment a month ago.

I haven’t been running a lot lately… I have taken some spin classes but I think I just needed some time to relax and have a social life. I think the marathon on Sunday will give me a boost again and I’ll be back super excited for the Red Rock half marathon in March. I’ve also been battling a sore throat this week that I’ve decided is not allowed. My birthday is this Sunday, yes, they are honoring me by having the NY Marathon on my birthday. 🙂 Anyways, I’ve been going to bed at 8:30pm every night, drinking tons of water and pumping my body with vitamins. And you know what??? Today I’m feeling so much better! Birthday weekend here I come! 

Tonight Ryan and I are going to the Runner’s World VIP party for the marathon!!! A great way to start the weekend! I wonder if any elite runners will be there!?

One more thing – There’s a blogger meet up this Saturday at 16 Handles, my favorite frozen yogurt place!!! It’s at the 82nd and 2nd location at 1pm. I’m going. You should go. You’ll get to meet HungryRunnerGirl and some other bloggers/ NYMarathoners !


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18 Mile Tune-up photos

My 18 Mile Tune photos are in!!!

It doesn’t even look like I’m running in the first photo… Just out for a nice walk

I forgot to tell you guys two awesome things that happened at this race!

1) This race completed my 9+1!!! Meaning I’ll be running the New York City Marathon in 2012!!!

2) I got 9th in my age group!! So cool!

Also – Today is the start of Spinach Lovers Month. I already had my green juice  this morning 🙂

What are some of your favorite spinach recipes???

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Run for Central Park – Race Photos

Here are some of the race photos from this past weekend. I met up with my friend Ashley for the race and we had a great time! I still can’t believe I did so well that morning… 14 miles the night before wasn’t the best planning on my part!

We look a little tired here… going up the first of many hills.

Half way mark! I’m smiling but inside I want it to be over! Oh… and I look bald…

I love this picture so much! I think I look hilarious! I do not look happy.

Friend pictures after the race!! I’ve always wanted to get my picture taken but I’ve never really had nice weather and a friend to do it! Love these!!!

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They Say a Picture is Worth 1,000 Words…

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. These two photos basically tell you how I felt running the Father’s Day/Portugal Day Race…  


I love how photogenic I’ve become. Oh, and I still have crazy pale legs… cool



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I’m Already Breaking My Schedule

My 5 mile run was completed last night. I know, that’s not what my training plan says. But this upcoming week is going to be busy/crazy so I’m mixing it up a little bit so I can get all my runs in.

I felt great running on the treadmill and I didn’t get bored. Since the weather has cooled off here the gym wasn’t horrible either so I was a happy camper. I even had time to watch Part 1: Reunion of The Real Housewives of Orange County… I know.. But it’s just too ridiculous!!!

Oh, and I have another race this weekend! When I signed up it was called the NYRR 5-Mile Father’s Day Run, now, for some reason it’s called the Portugal Run??? I have no idea why… But I’ll be running the race for my Dad. He’s in Oregon so we won’t be able to celebrate Father’s Day together.

Race photos from the NYRR 10K Mini below!!!

I’m still pale as ever…

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Wall Street Run – Photos!

Here are some pictures from the race. I ran the race with a few friends from work. I’m pretty sure everyone had a great time. I mean, it didn’t rain!

At the starting line ready to go!

Tired after the race but happy to have done so well!

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My Dreams Have Come True!

I was photographed again at the Japan Run for Hope Race! Yesss!!! 

Please Notice: NO sunglasses. For those of you don’t seem to care for their size… (RYAN SMITH) I left them in my bag. Please also take note that yes, those are my legs, I am not wearing white tights.

The finish line… hmmm… What to say… This is where I really felt those three beers I drank the night before. Not good, not good… At least I PR’d!!!

On tonight’s agenda: Run in Central Park 🙂

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Guess Who Got Race Photos!!!

You guys! I’m so happy!!! I finally got my picture taken at a race! Yesss. This really makes Long Branch my favorite race so far 🙂

After reviewing the photos I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not a pretty runner… And, yes. The sunglasses are TOO big for running… Oh… and I’m really pale…

This is early on in the race.

So close to the finish…

Sprinting to the finish!!!

I LOVE this last one… It’s been my goal to leap across the finish line… totally dorky, I know… I guess it’s from all my years as a dancer… wow my legs are white…


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