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NYC Marathon Race Re-Cap

Sunday was a long day. But first I want to say thank you to the New York Road Runners and the City of New York for putting on a great race! The crowds were amazing and I always felt safe. I also LOVED the bracelet I was given at the expo for coming back and running this year. I wore it proudly on race day.


So here’s my New York City Marathon Race Recap!!!
Saturday morning I woke up bright and early at 4:30am. Ryan had to drive to the Forest Hills subway stop because the stop by our apartment wasn’t running to Manhattan…Thanks NY Transit…

I was lucky enough to be able to ride on my work’s marathon bus this year. I met up with a really cool girl and blogger named Sarah – aka SkinnyRunner – we hung out had some coffee and breakfast. It was nice to just relax before the race.
imageIt was really reassuring to see lots of police out. We loaded up into the buses around 6:30am and hit the road to Staten Island. We had a police escort! It was really cool!

We arrived at the start around 8am with about 20 minutes to get into our corrals. I said goodbye to Sarah and wished her luck and headed to my green camp – she was in the blue.
It was cool to see the different media outlets all around my “camp”. They had a huge stage with music and announcements, a morning news show and other reporters running around.


I even spotted Bill Rancic. I LOVE him. He was running to raise money.

Once my corral opened I headed inside and tried to keep warm. The wind was not fun.


 What was fun was meeting nice people while waiting. I met two people from France and a German woman. The running community is so friendly and nice!


We waited about 20 minutes and then we were off! The green group ran on the bottom of the bridge while the other two “colors” ran on the top. Because we were underneath the bridge my watch lost its satellite and it never had the correct amount of miles. When we were at mile three it said I had run one mile. After that I changed my Garmin over to the clock and never looked at it. I decided to run on how I felt and not worry about my time.
At mile 14, 17, 18 and 25 I saw my friends. I was SOOO happy and surprised. I knew Ryan and some friends would be at 17 but to have that much support along the course meant the world to me. 


By mile 20 I had hit the wall. And I knew I was the only person to blame. Only running two 16 mile long runs is not enough for a marathon, let alone a hilly, windy one. The last six miles were like a death march for me. My right hip, which has never hurt before was killing me. I had to walk a bit and really find motivation to keep going. This race was the hardest race I have ever run.


Though it was a hard race, I have to say the crowds were amazing. They really lifted you up and made you want to keep on going. There was no way I was going to give up! I was so happy to finish. Even if it was my slowest marathon time yet. 


I’m so happy to add this medal to my collect. It was worth the wait!


I do have to mention one thing. If you do plan to run the NYC Marathon really try to choose early exit. Even though I used the early exit I still had to walk about two miles back to my work to meet up with Ryan. The runners who chose the baggage option had to walk even farther. It took me an hour and a half to get back to my work. (we exited at West 77th and I had to go to 58th and 7th) It was the most miserable experience and I am sad to say kind of ruined the NYC Marathon experience for me. The last thing you want to do after you run a marathon is deal with large crowds, no bathrooms and a two mile walk.
I’ll admit it. I cried a little bit…


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First Race of 2013

This weekend was my first race of 2013.
My first half marathon of the four I plan to run this year.

I didn’t know what to expect and went into the race being calm and excited to see how I would do. Going in to a race with no pressure is a lot more fun than when you have a specific goal time.
The weather was a little cold (37 degrees) but after a couple of miles I warmed up and felt great.
The race was pretty hilly – we ran Harlem Hill once, Cat Hill twice and the “three sisters” on the west side twice. If you can race in Central Park you can do any race.
I felt great through the entire race and just tried to keep pushing through until the end. The last mile and a half was pretty difficult but that’s because I really wanted to beat my Staten Island half marathon time. And I did!!! By 1 minute and 54 seconds! I couldn’t believe. I was and still am so happy about that!


They gave all of us medals and hats and had tons of food at the finish line. Bagels with cream cheese, strawberries, apples, even hot chocolate. All I wanted was Gatorade and a bagel though. NYC RUNS puts on a great race.

I tried out my arm warmers for the first time during the race and I loved them. They kept me warm but I never felt overheated. Best $3 I’ve ever
I never knew I had such pointy elbows…


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He is just saving his for later

My weekend was full of fun! Friday night Ryan and I went to a theme party! The theme was The Great Gatsby. We didn’t know how dressed up people got so we played it safe. Well… we were with the small group of people who didn’t dress up like crazy!

The photo below – from when I was a flapper for Halloween is what most of the attendees were looked like. Minus the leggings… It was a great time and I can’t wait to go to more of these types of events!

Saturday was a lazy day with an early bedtime. I had to get ready for the Staten Island half! I had no idea so many people were going to be running it! The weather was perfect – 50 degrees at the start and the rain held off!

I ran this race as a training run since I was sick and hadn’t gotten a long run in for two weeks. I hardly looked at my Garmin while running and just ran on how I felt. The last three miles I kicked it into gear and actually beat my half marathon pr time! I ran this half in 1:41:31. A 23 second PR! And I didn’t really push it until mile 10 – I still can’t believe it!

One thing I loved about the race was the transportation to the start. To get there we had to take the Staten Island Ferry. The views were so pretty of the City!

I couldn’t help myself – I had to take a picture of this guy… We all got a bagel after the race. He is just saving his for later I guess.

Hope you all had a great weekend! 


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Team Championships

What a fun/miserable morning!
The camaraderie of the different teams competing was great! The weather. Was NOT. It was really hot and humid. The men ran at 8am and then the women’s race began at 9am. Meaning it was hotter for us. About 86 degrees…

I watched the men’s race and was at the finish line cheering. Because of the weather conditions many of the guys did not look good at the finish line and it scared me a little. I did not want to end up in the medical tent. I decided then and there that I would run a smart race – not necessarily the fastest race.

The race began right on time and I stayed around a 7:30 pace. The whole race I stayed around that pace and felt pretty comfortable. I hardly looked at my Gamin watch – I just went with what was comfortable and how I felt. If I felt like I could push it – I did. If not I held back. I definitely used the downhill sections to my advantage, though. That’s for sure. The last mile was tough since we were completely in the sun. My official time was 37:10 – a 7:26 pace.

I’m REALLY happy with my time. I was the fourth of the women flyers across the finish line and 45th in my age group.

After the races the Flyers had a fun bagel picnic. Everyone was super nice and the bagels weren’t bad either 😉


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10K Mini Race Re-Cap

This was my the second year running the 10K Mini and I love this race. I love the course and I love what the race stands for.

Fun Fact: The 10K Mini was the first ever women only race in the US.

It was also my first race as a New York Flyer!

I felt pretty proud wearing my uniform and I definitely gave 100% while running this race! (super pale… I know.. I know…) The course is pretty hilly, but I felt like I had an upper hand because I’ve run this course many times before and knew what to expect. I paced myself so I could power through the hills and really run hard at the end.

I finished the race in 45:03 – a 7:16 pace. I’m still in awe about how fast I ran! My time last year for this race was 48:46. Crazy! I love seeing the progression in just one year!

Sunday was a lazy day – laying out in the sun, playing with the puppy, doing some errands and going to sleep early. I love starting the week fully rested. 

Next race: Boomer’s Run to Breathe, July 21st – 10k!


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Rum Run Re-Cap

10K (and a little bit) Rum Run Re-Cap!

This was a fun race. Fun because my family and friends were there to cheer me on and two of my friends ran the race!

The actual running of on the race was hard. Really hard. At one point I stopped and walked… I think lack of sleep, traveling and going out Friday night to celebrate my friend Tracy’s birthday were all against me. I also didn’t look at the course map and there were some monster hills in this race!

Right after finishing the race.. not a happy camper

Surprisingly I got first in my age group!!!! I could not believe it! My time was 48 minutes flat with a pace of 7:29 for 6.4 miles. My friend Tom ran with me most of the way and I know he pushed me to run faster so – Thanks Tom!!! I’m still in disbelief! I got a medal and everything! 

I had a great time at home in Oregon and I can’t wait to be back there in three short months! I know the time will fly by with my marathon training starting up in July, speed sessions with the New York Flyers and a couple of races thrown in there too!

Tonight I’m going on the NYRR Mini fun run which coincides with the 10K Mini on June 9th. We’ll be running an easy three miles in the park. I think some famous women runners will be there too!

Next race: NYRR 10K Mini – June 9th! My first official race as a New York Flyer! 

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Verrazano Half-Marathon Race Re-Cap

The Verrazano Half-Marathon!

The views from the pier in Brooklyn were pretty amazing. On one side the Statue of Liberty far off in the distance.

On the other the Verrazano Bridge! The race started at 9am and it was FREEZING. Though the sun was out the wind coming off the water made waiting for the start of the race miserable.

Once we started running and as the time passed the temperature got warmer and it was the perfect day for a race! It took me about 3 miles to get in race mode. It was weird, I felt like my body was moving super slow but I would look down at my watch and see I was running at a 7:45 pace.

Ryan was there to cheer me on and took this awesome photo of me right before I finished!

Like the web site said, this was a flat course. Which means fast times.

Going into the race I was a little worried. I had gotten a cold on Thursday, had only ran once that week and just didn’t feel that prepared. My goal was to stay under an 8:20 per mile pace, which would then beat my previous half-marathon best time. And I did just that!

Around mile 6 I noticed that two guys were running between a 7:40 – 8 minute pace. Exactly the pace I wanted! So for a while I just focused on keeping up with them. At around mile 8 I decided to ask one of the guys if it was okay that I run with them – since I thought it might be kind of creepy if I continued to run along side of him for the rest of the race… He said sure and he talked a little bit and really just paced each other. I think it helped both of us get a fasted time. I never got his name but I definitely owe him thanks because I know I would not have run as fast if it wasn’t for him. So thank you – guy that I ran with! 

My time was 1:41:54. A 7:47 pace. I still can’t believe it! And I have a cold! WOW. I’m really proud and I can’t wait to see what I can do when I feel 100%. 10K Rum Run I’m coming for YOU!

Saturday was the perfect day. A great race, followed by a HUGE breakfast, a nap and then dinner and a movie with Ryan. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Now I just need to beat this cold for good!


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