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I’m ready

It’s so strange to me that October 9th, 2011 has finally arrived. I signed up for the Portland Marathon almost a year ago. This training has been like a second job. It has been tough and I definitely learned a lot about myself. 

I’ve run 11 races in preparation and with those races (and volunteering at 1 race) I also earned my spot in the 2012 New York City Marathon. I’ve run in 25 degree weather, rain, humidity, and 90 degree weather. Logged in almost 600 miles… 

I know I’m ready for Portland.

If someone said to me two years ago, Catie, did you know you’ll run a marathon before your 25th birthday?? I would have laughed.

I used to hate running. Three miles was the max. Sometimes I wonder who this runner person is… Is this me??? 

I can’t wait to cross the finish line!! And to see my friends and family. It’s going to be so awesome!


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Bowling, Race, Relaxation

It was a busy, busy weekend!

Friday night we headed to Lucky Strike for some bowling.

We had so much fun and I really want to go back there again! How cool is that lamp?!

Everything about the place was cool. Atmosphere, music… I ordered an appetizer and it was really good, so I assume the dinner menu is good too.

We went with our friends from college, Amanda and Marc. I’m pretty sure they had a great time too. 

Saturday Ryan and I just relaxed and played with Bailey. We went out to dinner at an Italian place by his apartment which was excellent. I really wanted good pasta before my 18 mile race and this place did just that. I was too busy eating to take any pictures…

Sunday morning came very fast and I was up at 5am. Eating toast and ready to go. For this race I tried out my Portland Marathon outfit – with rain gear if needed.

I look pretty dorky in this picture… I also used gels/GU in this race and I must say. They worked a lot better! The race went really well. I tried to keep my pace around 9:30 in the beginning and gradually sped up. I stopped at almost all the water stations and had three gels. The race was three of the 6 mile loops. That means I ran the Harlem Hill, or what I call DEATH MOUNTAIN three times!!! Three times!!!

My overall time was 2:44:02 – pace of 9:07!! I’m very happy with that!

This morning I hit the gym for my recovery session – 35 minutes on the elliptical and lots of stretching. My legs are feeling pretty good compared to the other long runs I’ve done in the past.




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Last Long Run and Winner Announced!!!

Today I’m feeling back to normal. After a very busy weekend all I wanted and needed yesterday was sleep. So last night I went to bed at 9pm and now I’m feeling 100%. Ready to run some miles after work! I’m also loving this fall weather. Though it is raining today, I don’t mind and I’m just happy to be rid of the humidity!

This Sunday is the New York Road Runner’s 18 mile tune-up run. This will be my last long run before the Portland Marathon!!! Can you believe it’s so close! WOW.

After completing this race I will also be done with my 9 + 1 which means I’ll be running the New York City Marathon next year!!! Very exciting stuff you guys!!!

The Nuu-Muu winner is….

Kristen!!! picked you!! Please e-mail me your address 🙂

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Combating Sore Legs

Last nights run with The Running Company was hard. We ran the usual five miles but my legs were still tired from Saturday. And they’re pretty sore today. I slept in my Recovery Socks and I’m now wearing them at work. These little legs of mine need to shape up and feel better!

In order to get my muscles feeling great again I picked up some blueberries and peaches at the store. Antioxidants from the blueberries will for sure help and the peaches… Well, I just really love them. I ate a bunch of the blueberries last night as my dessert and watched the Wonder Years and Doogie Howser. It was awesome. I felt like I was ten years old again.

This morning, with my legs still aching I decided to make some toast with peanut butter (protein and carbs) and chocolate milk (calcium). I’m full and feeling good.

Now, if only my legs would get the memo. It’s time to stop being sore! Maybe I’ll hop on the elliptical tonight and stretch a ton… Maybe that’ll help 🙂

Anyone else watch The Wonder Years and Doogie Howser when they were younger??

What’s your workout tonight??

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One week from today I will be home in OREGON!!!! YES! I can’t wait!!!

Today it’s really gross and humid out. I’m suppose to run 7 miles…. Do I suffer from boredom on the treadmill??? Or, suffer in the humidity outside? Decisions, decisions…

In electronics news: My lap top decided to stop working yesterday. That was fun. So that’ll be something to add to the list of things to do when I’m home. Hopefully it can be fixed and I don’t have to buy a new one (Mom and Dad…). For some reason I have really bad luck with electronics. This is my third lap top, I’ve had tons of cells phones, three i-pods… the list goes on and on.

I hope you enjoy the delights I have for you below… Can you tell I need a  vacation???

 I hope I got a laugh or two out of you… I was laughing pretty hard! Have a wonderful Thursday 🙂


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Work has been so busy today! So this is going to be short –

Tonight I’ll be running in the AHA Wall Street 3 Mile Run with some friends! It’s not raining right now and I really hope it doesn’t start up! Because I know if one raindrop hits the ground they’ll cancel on me!!

Here’s the race route 🙂

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Girls Weekend

It’s the WEEKEND!!! 

I’m very excited because this weekend I’ll be having lots of fun with some of my closest friends. We’ve decided to have a girls weekend and are going to Atlantic City. Much fun will be had and millions of photos will be taken. I can’t wait!

I’ve planned to run with one of my friends, Jackie, but it looks like it’s suppose to rain… Maybe we’ll just have to use the gym at the hotel. I’m hoping to get some miles in, but if not, oh well. Having fun with friends will take precedent over running this weekend 🙂

I hope you all have a lovely weekend too!!!

Oh and Happy Birthday Weekend to Kristen, my Running Buddy in Nashville! Her birthday was yesterday and I know she’s doing something super fun this weekend!!!


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What Made My Wednesday Great.

Here are three things that made my Wednesday great!

Receiving flowers from one of the members at work for helping her with an event.

Running 5 miles in Central Park was easy today. (No rain!!!) And I rocked my 13.1 New York Half tee!

Sushi for dinner while watching Bethenny Ever After.

I hope you had a great Wednesday too!!!


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JM + Strength Training = Happy Glute Muscle

Last night I worked out with Jillian Michael’s. It was a good time. She kicked my butt again. But I was able to do some of the exercises better than a couple of weeks ago. Which is really exciting! It’s always good to see progress. Even though the DVD is super difficult, I’m always left feeling great and motivated. Another plus – Since incorporating this DVD into my training and doing more strength training at the gym my left glute muscle hasn’t hurt at all!!!

Tonight, if the rain stays away, I’m going to run outside. I’m really not in the mood for the treadmill… The gym in my apartment building is small and the people watching isn’t that great… Running outside is so much better! Lets all cross our fingers that it’s not raining between the hours of 5pm – 6pm Eastern Time… Thanks!

Sunday I have a four mile race in Central Park. Its to raise money for Japan Relief. Want more information? Click here!

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Easter Weekend

Oh Hello…. This is me and my friend Ashley before the NYRR 4 Mile race. Don’t we look lovely? Did you know it was pouring rain Saturday morning? That meant two things : I couldn’t wear my cool earth day shirt and I couldn’t bring my phone to take pictures… Sad…

Though the rain made it miserable and a little cold, once the race started I was good to go. My i-pod decided it didn’t want to work so this was my first race without music. Even though the elements were against me I made my goal!!! I ran the four mile race in 30:52. Which means….. I ran at a 7:43 pace!!!! Woah. That is fast for me!

After the race I headed to New Jersey to relax and celebrate Easter.

We had an egg decorating contest…

Ryan made the decision that he won…

Pretty Easter flowers

The weather was absolutely beautiful on Sunday. I even laid out in the sun for a little bit!

While I relaxed Ryan and his brother played catch and Bailey tried to steal both the baseball and the glove.

After all that running around she was one tired puppy!

I totally forgot to take a picture of the CAKE that I love… I’m sorry. I promise next time it’s served I will snap a photo! I think I was just so excited to eat it! I also didn’t get a long run in 😦 I was too full of cake…

This week it’s suppose to rain a bunch so running in Central Park might not happen as much as I would like… Sunday is the Long Branch Half-Marathon! I’m already getting nervous!


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