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NYC Marathon Weekend

This past weekend was FULL of marathon festivities. I had so much fun Friday night with Ryan and a bunch of other running nerds. First I stopped by my work’s marathon pasta dinner in hopes of meeting Shalane Flanagan. And I did! I tried to act really cool and be like… Oh you live in Oregon, right? Oh that’s so cool, I’m from there… She was really nice and she too looooves the West Coast. 


Then Ryan and I headed to the Runner’s World magazine party. I went to the party two years ago and knew we had to go again this year.


There are so many awesome people who go to the party and the food is amazing. The sushi might be the best part of the whole party. They also introduced The November Project which looked pretty awesome. One of the founders spoke and he was really funny. More info here.


Saturday we hit up the expo. I always get really weird at expos. I’m not sure if it’s nerves or all of the people but I never stay long.


There were some really cool booths. I always love what Brooks comes up with. Their fitting room was hilarious.


I was also surprised to see some really high-tech running clothes at the expo. I have never seen a light up running jacket, have you??? I’m now kind of sad I didn’t buy it. I could have looked like an astronaut!


I’m going to do a race recap tomorrow!



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Less is more?

Sometimes it is! According to Runner’s World magazine. And after reading the article – Less Does More – I’m a fan.

Summertime is when a lot of runners are training for marathons. It’s also one of the most social times of the year. So it gets very difficult to find a balance.  You have a training plan, but your friends want to go to the beach… But you need to run 15 miles… What do you do??

You first need to relax a little bit. (I know, it’s hard for me too…) The RW article says “Give up the perfectionism runners often cling to,… you’re more likely to gain the physical and mental benefits of the sport that will keep you hooked and running for good.” You can rearrange your schedule a little bit to get everything done. Maybe move your long run, or get up extra early, get your run in and head to the beach.

Another great suggestion is to try to establish one day per week that is your running day – each and every week – no question about it. This might be my favorite. I’ve written in Speedwork Training with the Flyers on every Tuesday in my calendar. That is my “date” with running.

Oh, one more thing. Just remember to be consistent. Don’t go out there and run 18 miles and then do nothing for a week. You need to be consistent. Your body needs to know that this is going to be happening 3, 4, maybe 6 days a week. Running sporadically won’t help you at all. Especially if you’re just doing a long run once a week.

I also like to celebrate mini achievements throughout my training. Like – Hey! I ran 20 miles today! Let’s go out for dinner! Or –  I just beat my personal best in the race this morning, new running shorts for me! 🙂

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Birthday Weekend

My birthday weekend was awesome!

The Runners World Event was so cool! Bart Yasso, Amby Burfoot, Dean Karnazes, Mary Wittenberg and many more famous runners were there! I was in heaven! Oh, and the food was amazing. One word – SUSHI.

Then it was Saturday. Blogger meet-up at 16 Handles! It was so much fun and Janae was super cute and nice! I think I convinced her to run the Red Rock half with me 🙂

After spending hours talking about running, life and food it was time for my birthday dinner with Ryan. We went to Motorino for pizza. It’s my all time favorite! So good. We ordered the spicy pepperoni pizza and the special for the night, pizza with prosciutto. Both were amazing.

Even though we were super full, we (just me) had to get ice cream. We went to Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. They make the best, most unique cones ever. Vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche, dipped in chocolate with bits of pretzel. Yes please.

Oh, and then this happened. When we got back to Ryan’s apartment all my friends were there! Ryan had thrown me a surprise birthday party!!! It was so fun and I had no idea!

And the Best Boyfriend Award goes to…

And then it was Sunday, Marathon day and my birthday! We woke up and headed to First Avenue. Around mile 17. It was so much fun to be in the crowd cheering. There was even a TV set up to watch the finish line!

I tried looking for HungryRunnerGirl and SkinnyRunner but never saw them running…

I cannot wait to run New York next year!

But I did get to celebrate with them on their awesome accomplishment at Crumbs after the race!!! Both are so nice and funny!

And then. This morning. I came into work and saw this:

Meb signed a copy of our magazine for me!!!!!!! I never got to meet him but now I have a signed copy from him!!!! That was the best way to end my birthday weekend. Hands down.


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I have never seen so much spandex in my life

I have never seen so much spandex in my life. It’s Friday and it’s two days before the New York City Marathon. I work on Central Park South. Right by the finish line. Thousands of runners are in the area. In spandex. Some should not be… BUT. Because they are so excited about being in New York AND running 26.2 miles it makes me excited and  proud of my accomplishment a month ago.

I haven’t been running a lot lately… I have taken some spin classes but I think I just needed some time to relax and have a social life. I think the marathon on Sunday will give me a boost again and I’ll be back super excited for the Red Rock half marathon in March. I’ve also been battling a sore throat this week that I’ve decided is not allowed. My birthday is this Sunday, yes, they are honoring me by having the NY Marathon on my birthday. 🙂 Anyways, I’ve been going to bed at 8:30pm every night, drinking tons of water and pumping my body with vitamins. And you know what??? Today I’m feeling so much better! Birthday weekend here I come! 

Tonight Ryan and I are going to the Runner’s World VIP party for the marathon!!! A great way to start the weekend! I wonder if any elite runners will be there!?

One more thing – There’s a blogger meet up this Saturday at 16 Handles, my favorite frozen yogurt place!!! It’s at the 82nd and 2nd location at 1pm. I’m going. You should go. You’ll get to meet HungryRunnerGirl and some other bloggers/ NYMarathoners !


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Today I finally got my latte

Today has been great! I slept until 9am, read, enjoyed a NAKED Juice called Green Machine which is unbelievably good! Go try it! It has spinach in it! Super healthy. Did you know October is National Spinach Lover Month???

Another food item that I’m now addicted to. POP CHIPS. They are soooooo good. Go out and buy those too. You are welcome.

What made today wonderful, besides the green juice and pop chips at lunch… Getting my first PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE of the season! Woot! Woot! One bad thing – $4.30 for a TALL?! Really Starbucks????

After lunch, while enjoying my latte I was reading and this little one kept laying on my book. She does this all the time and when I’m using my laptop. I guess she wants to be right in the action??

Later on I hit the gym. I was all caffeined-up so I was excited to get running. I ran a solid 4.5 miles increasing my speed. I kept imagining the finish line at the marathon 🙂

After the gym guess what was waiting for me in our mailbox???? The  NOVEMBER issue of Runner’s World!

I probably won’t be able to save it for the plane ride…


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Runner’s World Experience + Giveaway!!!!

The Runner’s World Experience was awesome!!! I had so much fun, learned a lot about nutrition,  proper footwear, they even had one of those zero gravity treadmills! I met Bart Yasso, Amby Burfoot and tons of editors from the magazine! I was in heaven.

I also got a bunch of free stuff! Protein bars, tops, a pair of running shoes, headphones, socks, a hat… It was like Christmas!

How awesome is this Puma running top?! I wore it to running club last night. I was styling 🙂

I also received a coupon for a FREE NUU-MUU and I have an extra one!!! Soooo let’s have another GIVEAWAY!!!!!  


1) Must follow my blog! Just post below!

Winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday, September 20th! Good luck!


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Exciting News!

You guys. I am so excited!!!

Next week I’m going to the Runner’s World Experience!!! For work!!! Me and my boss are going and I can’t wait.

All the editors from the magazine are going to be there giving tips from nutrition to training. I’m going to be in heaven. I hope I don’t act like a starstruck dork when I meet the editors…

PS – One month from today I will be crossing the finish line at the Portland Marathon!!!!!!

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