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Cold Weather Running – fashion

I love when it gets cold here in New York. I would much rather run in 25 degree weather then hot, humid weather. I’m always excited to see what new cold weather gear comes out each year, so when the Nordstrom catalogue arrived last night full of awesome cold weather running clothes I knew I had to investigate further on their web site.

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 11.27.05 AM

I’m obsessed with both of these outfits. Under Armour Cozy tights are where it’s at.

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 11.25.12 AM

And this Zella running jacket and tights… I love all of the textures!!! My Christmas list this year might just be all running clothes…


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It’s 27 degrees here! In Oregon!???

I’m here! In Oregon!

Here I am at 3:30am… YES. AM. Besides getting up super early, everything went smoothly yesterday! Since my flight was SO early no one was at the airport. Starbucks wasn’t even open yet!

Deserted Newark Airport…

Once I landed (at 10am!! Gotta love the time difference) we hit the ground running. Lunch, shopping, dentist, happy hour… I had so much fun with my parents! The place we went for happy hour was awesome! It was Polynesian themed.  Can you tell my Dad did not want to be in the photo?? haha

I loved the fun decor.

The happy hour menu was good too! We had crispy prawns and some kind to crab things. 

Oh… And my Mom also surprised me with this beauty… 

This shortbread cookie might be the best shortbread I’ve ever had. Grand Central Bakery. I love you.


This morning – since it was 27 degrees out! My Dad and I walked 2.5 miles in the mall. It opens at 6am for the “mall walkers”. Since the pool he swims at is closed to renovations we decided that walking would be good cross training 🙂 And it was fun to window shop!

More Christmas shopping to be done today! I’m off!!! Crossing my fingers I get a run in!


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It’s almost here!!!

Another whirlwind weekend… 

Friday night frozen yogurt

Saturday morning 10 miler

Saturday night baking and dinner with Ryan – Oh, and I went Christmas shopping… It was pretty crowded everywhere I went. I do not recommend Bloomingdales at this time of year.

Sunday afternoon cookie swap

I’m mostly packed for my trip home to Oregon – I leave Wednesday morning. Now all I have to do is get through two days of work, get a run or two in and be on my merry way.

I hope you all had a great weekend – full of holiday fun!

I made peanut butter reindeer cookies for the cookie swap. What’s your favorite type of cookie???

Anyone else traveling for the holidays???


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Did you know that Christmas is super close???

Last night: Ran 5 miles, 8:34 pace – 43 mins

This past weekend was a blur. I had no time to run but I did get a lot of friend time in. Which was awesome!

Sarah and her boyfriend Gabe (who live in Oregon) had a 12 hour layover in NYC after vacationing in the Dominican Republic… So  Ryan and I had to show them a good time! Our first stop: SUSHI. Of course!

We then went to a bar nearby and met up with some of our other friends from college. It was so much fun! I’m pretty sure everyone had a great time and I was sad to see them leave.

Saturday night we celebrated Jenna and Jackie’s birthdays!

I loved seeing everyone and catching up 🙂 We were only missing one of our roommates from senior year – Kristen! You were missed!

Happy Birthday Jackie and Jenna!

Did you know that Christmas is super close??? I’ve hardly done any Christmas shopping! I’m planning to go once I’m home in Oregon since there’s no sales tax and I won’t have to lug a huge suitcase… It still stresses me out though. I’ll be running around the mall with only a few days before the big day! 

How awesome is this Christmas tree??? Sarah sent this to me and I think my family should do this next year! We have TONS and TONS of books! 

Does everyone have their Christmas shopping done??? – not at all!!

Do you have a real or fake Christmas tree??? – Fake in New York, real in Oregon.


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Thanksgiving! yum.


One of the best long weekends I’ve had in a long time. Super relaxing and fun. Perfect weather in the mid-60s!

Because of the great weather we took a walk to the beach after eating dinner. Played some football and tried to skip rocks on the water. Some were more successful than others. Bailey loved the beach and all the sand!

The walk helped clear space for dessert. Since there was about eight different types to choose from we needed all the stomach space we could get…

After all that eating, relaxing and a little bit of Christmas shopping I needed to get a good run in. (Ryan and I did get a mile run in with some sprints at the end on Friday which made me happy. He wasn’t so thrilled…) Sunday I hit Central Park and did the 6 mile loop. Including Death Mountain. The weather was perfect and there were tons of people out so the time flew by. I didn’t bring my iPod. I think it’s best used at the gym when running on the treadmill can get super boring.

How was your Thanksgiving??? Awesome!!! Such great food and fun!!!

Anyone run any races??? I didn’t race this past weekend but I have a 5 miler this coming Sunday!

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Gifts and Tips

Ryan got me this necklace and I am beyond obsessed with it.

I’ve been wearing it everyday since he gave it to my on my birthday. It’s by Kris Nations and I’m pretty sure they make every state. You can go HERE to check them out! Great Christmas/Birthday/Holiday present, about $50 🙂

And since cold weather is here or just around the corner, I wanted to share with you some immunity boosting tips! I know I need them! Won’t this cold just go away!!!

How to Recover Post-Run:

EAT HOT FOOD! Pretty easy, right!?? After reading THIS Runner’s World article I’m now better equipped to face the winter months. Oh, and drink lots of water!!!

The article said that eating a hot meal after your winter run will speed up recovery, and many of the options they listed will give you the nutrients you need to boost your ability to fight illness.

Here are the recommended dishes: Oatmeal and Coffee – the oats will help refuel your muscles and the coffee boosts glycogen stores; chicken noodle soup – the broth will help to reduce airway inflammation; stew or a chowder – which key ingredient, potatoes or corn protect weakened cells.

I’m also a big believer in Emergen-C. I’ve been taking two – three packets a day and I know that if I wasn’t this cold/whatever I have would have been way worse.

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My Legs are Sore – Like Woah

Since I don’t have internet in my apartment yet I can’t blog on the weekends. So today’s blog is all about Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. I know. Woah three days. This is going to be a long post, right?! Not really… I didn’t do that much.

Friday – Friday I had a lovely little evening after work. I got my haircut. I love it. Got sushi, went to The Running Company for more GU Chomps and two pairs of shorts that I can use for both running and spin class and I went to Borders. Borders was really sad… The store in the Time Warner building is closing and it just looks so depressing. I did get really great deals on some books though. But still, super sad.

I got a bunch of layers and had the ends trimmed.

I love it… What do you think???

Saturday – LONG RUN DAY. I did not start until about 11am. Bad idea. It was hot outside. I got a little sunburn on my back… I ran 17 miles. Warm up and warm down was my last mile making a total of 18 miles. After that my legs were shot. Oh, and people were looking at me all weird again when I was walking home. YES. I know my face is super red. Thanks. You know, in Central Park I look pretty normal with all the other runners… But once I step outside of the park I look like a crazy person wearing spandex. I’m surprised a tourist didn’t snap a photo of me. Labeled – Crazy spandex lady. I did a lot of workouts last week, including my first spin class and I think my legs were mad at me. Saturday night I watched The Social Network. That’s about it. After running 17+ miles what more do you want from me? 

Sunday – Went to the gym for a little recovery session. (Wearing my compression socks all night really helped my legs feel better on Sunday!) 30 minutes on the elliptical. I can’t remember the last time I used that machine. It was nice and my legs felt good. I then got coffee with a friend and we walked around my new neighborhood 🙂 And I painted one of the walls in our living room. It’s pretty.

I slept a lot this weekend and it was great.

Today – This morning I went to 6am spin class. I’m addicted yes. It’s so fun and the music is awesome! I’m really feeling it in my legs though. Like woah. Sore. Tonight I’m hanging out with Ryan (boyfriend). He was on a guys trip for five days going to various baseball games. (I’m glad I wasn’t invited) I’m excited to see him! (I wonder if he got me a present…)

Have you ever taken a spin class??? Did you love it? hate it? Get addicted like me???


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Stuff I LOVE and a Great Run

Nordstrom Anniversary outfit!!!! I wore this to work today. This might turn into one of my favorite skirts! I love it so much. It’s flouncy and fun 🙂

My parents sent me some of my favorite products. Kerstin Florian is the best. If you’re looking for some awesome face wash, lotion and sunscreen this is the brand for you! I’m obsessed. 🙂


Soooo today I think the high was 96 degrees?? So I did not run in Central Park after work. I ran on the treadmill at the gym. 6 strong miles. I watched some bad TV and listened to my ipod. The time flew by. Loved it!

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Last night I didn’t run I did Music Flow Yoga at Exhale Mind Body Spa. It’s this wonderful place where they teach all different types of yoga and core fusion classes. Oh and it’s right by my office! Exhale is super expensive but I bought two coupon type things on a website ( so I only paid $9 per class (limit 2 per person, darn!). However, I now want to join!! It’s so nice there and they have so many classes! AND this is perfect for cross training!

The Music Flow Yoga class was really hard. REALLY hard. But I loved it. The teacher was great and the class size wasn’t huge. My arms are really sore today, but I see that as a good thing. 🙂 Usually it’s my legs!

I’m hoping to run today after work but it’s suppose to be 100 degrees… So we’ll see what happens. I’d like to run between 6 and 8 miles. October is only three months away!

PS – Yesterday I received some lovely things from my parents… from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!! Oh my gosh I’m in love! The clothes are just perfect! Anyone else just love this year’s stuff???


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I’m here! In Oregon!

Oh my gosh. I’ve already done so much fun stuff and I haven’t even been here for 24 hours!

The night before I left Ryan and I went out for Mexican food. So delicious. The guacamole at Vamos is soooo good!

Then I was up a 4am on my way to Newark International Airport.

Once I landed in Portland it was off to lunch and then of course… one of my favorite places, NORDSTROM!!! I had bought my Dad Sperry TopSiders for Father’s Day and the size was wrong so we had to go exchange them and my Mom and I had to do some browsing and pre-Anniversary Sale shopping…

In the end my Dad choose a pair similar to mine so we just had to take a twins photo!

We ended the night with delicious Chinese food and watching the movie Hitch. A classic. My parents had never seen it before and thought it was pretty funny.

This morning I started my day going to lap-swim with my Dad. He goes everyday, Monday – Friday, so I thought I’d join him and get some cross training in.

After our great 45 minute swim he made some tasty oatmeal loaded with raisins and blueberries. I then decided it was now or never and threw on some running clothes and ran a quick 3.5 miles.  I felt good and I’m happy I’m able to work running into my vacation. Hooray it’s Friday! More fun stuff planned for the rest of the day and tonight!! I can’t wait 🙂

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