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Thursday will be the best day.

Guess what?! Tomorrow I’m going to have lunch with my long-lost blogger friend Janae!

We met last November before she ran the New York City Marathon. She might be the nicest person I’ve ever met and I cannot wait to see her again! Most of my friends in New York aren’t that into running and I get so excited when I get to meet up with other people who are total nerds about running. I love it! Eating delicious food and talking about running?!?! It can’t get any better!

In training news:

Last night was Speed Night with the Flyers. We did hill repeats. LOTS of hill repeats. 23. 23 hill repeats…

The first ten were an easy jog down hill and then fast run up hill.

The second ten were a steady/fast pace the entire time.

The last three were a fast sprint down hill, easy run up hill.

Please note: one lap was both up and down the hill.

This workout has hard. Really hard, but I did it! And I’m kinda proud that I kept up with “the pack”. I would have never done this workout on my own! My legs are a little tired, but a happy tired. I also think the celebratory mint chocolate chip ice cream last night with Ryan after the workout helped too 🙂

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This morning I woke up and went to the gym. Lately I haven’t been good about getting to the gym before work and I’m so happy I pulled myself out of bed and went today!

Before the gym….

Then I drank some of this (coffee protein drink – love it) and felt awake and ready to go!

I got a great workout on the elliptical and felt awesome!!! (Still pretty excited about the Ducks big win)

I hadn’t been on an elliptical in a long time and it was great to mix up my workout. My legs are still pretty sore from the past workouts this week so I thought this would give them a good break.

After the gym and I had my Meta-D drink from the Tone It Up Plan… It doesn’t look pretty but it tastes pretty good and it boosts your metabolism. So why not?! Healthy and toned in 2012 here I come!

This weekend  Ryan and I are going to New Jersey. My goal is to get a semi-long run in either Saturday or Sunday. Crossing my fingers I do it!!!

Anyone else use protein drinks??? I love Click. It really tastes like coffee!

How do you get to the gym in the morning?? What motivates you? Before the Portland Marathon I was so good about it! Now… not so much…


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Quinoa Date Night

Last night I had to sneak in a quick workout before my dinner date with Ryan. I did this workout and it was awesome! It’s from the Tone it Up Plan. You jog for 5 minutes (warm up) sprint for 30 seconds, run for 2 minutes and continue the sprint for 30 seconds and run for 2 minutes until you reach 30 minutes. I changed it up a little bit and increased my sprinting time up to 1 minute since I didn’t even have 30 minutes to get my run in. I got 2.15 miles in before I had to meet Ryan at my apartment. 🙂 There’s always time for a workout! This workout kicked my butt and I highly recommend it if you want to work on your speed and endurance. Great for training for a race!

For dinner I made us a lovely quinoa dinner! I was a little nervous Ryan wouldn’t like it but he did! We had quinoa, black beans, garbanzo beans, spinach, onions, mushrooms and chicken. I made it kind of like a stir fry. We also had Wasa bread with humus. Yum. Oh, and some red wine… Thanks Mom and Dad!

I’m not sure what my workout is for tonight… My legs are pretty sore from the TBC Class the other night and my run last night…

What’s your workout tonight???

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