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Chocolate “milk”

My new obsession:

ZICO – Chocolate coconut water. I’m in love with it.

And it’s good for you. Total win – win. Try it. Trust me.

Speed work last night was super hard but AWESOME. The workouts they make us do I would never do by myself. I push myself when I workout with other people. I think everyone does, right??? In total I ran 6 miles. I can’t wait for next Tuesday!


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3 things

1) So today I applied to be a part of the Mizuno Mezamashii Run Project. I received an e-mail from them yesterday and read all about it and it sounds pretty cool.

The goal of the Mezamashii Run Project is to, ” help create a more euphoric running experience – a more “brilliant” run – for more runners everywhere.” Who doesn’t want a better running experience?? Click here to learn about it. And keep your fingers crossed I get chosen! 

2) I’m also thinking about signing up for the Yonkers half marathon… It’s on September 16th and works perfectly with my training program. Anyone else want to run with me???

3) Last night I had a great speed work session with the flyers. We did loops in Central Park on the bridle path and ran about 5.5 miles. Last night’s session was an “open house” for new members so afterwards we all headed to a bar on the upper east side. I enjoyed one beer, and got to meet a lot of cool people. Most of whom are running the New York City Marathon this year! It was fun talking about the race and what to expect. Last night made me so happy I joined a running group – new friends and better training.


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Thursday will be the best day.

Guess what?! Tomorrow I’m going to have lunch with my long-lost blogger friend Janae!

We met last November before she ran the New York City Marathon. She might be the nicest person I’ve ever met and I cannot wait to see her again! Most of my friends in New York aren’t that into running and I get so excited when I get to meet up with other people who are total nerds about running. I love it! Eating delicious food and talking about running?!?! It can’t get any better!

In training news:

Last night was Speed Night with the Flyers. We did hill repeats. LOTS of hill repeats. 23. 23 hill repeats…

The first ten were an easy jog down hill and then fast run up hill.

The second ten were a steady/fast pace the entire time.

The last three were a fast sprint down hill, easy run up hill.

Please note: one lap was both up and down the hill.

This workout has hard. Really hard, but I did it! And I’m kinda proud that I kept up with “the pack”. I would have never done this workout on my own! My legs are a little tired, but a happy tired. I also think the celebratory mint chocolate chip ice cream last night with Ryan after the workout helped too 🙂

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Spirit of the Marathon

I’m pretty excited about what will be in my mailbox tomorrow. This movie has been in my Netflix queue forever and it’s finally made it to the top! And just in time to get me all excited to start training for the New York City Marathon!

Tonight is speed work with the NY Flyers… I was all excited – but now it’s raining… I’m still going to go, but running hill repeats in the rain doesn’t sound to fun to me.

Has anyone else seen Spirit of the Marathon??? I’ve heard it’s really good!

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My First Speed Session

Last night’s speed session was super difficult. I was the slowest person. But I loved it.

I have never sprinted in my life. Sure, at the end of a race I speed up to finish, but I’ve never been like tonight I’m doing sprints.

Last night our running group did 4 X 600s in Central Park. This means we ran 600 meters fast four times. We did get a two-minute break between each was the best thing ever. In total we ran about 5 1/2 miles. Two mile warm up, 4 X 600s and a two-mile cool down.

I’m going to go back next Monday. Everyone said it gets easier and is a great way to mix up my training. 

If you’ve ever thought about joining a running group and haven’t done so yet I highly advise going or signing up! I was nervous the first time I went but everyone was so nice and welcoming. Running with a group will push you to go faster and run farther. And learn new things! —>  4 X 600s for me! So far I’ve met some really nice people and we get snacks at the end of every run. 🙂 Which makes me a happy girl.

PS – I miss spin class

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Busy Weekend

This weekend flew by. 

We didn’t end up going to New Jersey and were able to enjoy the city and the nice weather. Saturday I joined the running group at The Running Company for a 5 1/2 mile run through Central Park and later hung out with Ryan and Bailey the puppy. The run was kind of difficult for me. It was the mix of the humid weather and my tired legs from the week before. I felt like I was running so slow.

Saturday night was really fun with pizza eating, Oregon football watching, going to the dog park, napping and hanging out with friends from college. We stayed up well past my bedtime and I spent Sunday lounging around reading The Help. I wanted to run but in the end reading won.

It was a great football weekend! The Ducks won and so did the Jets. Bailey was the best fan though, in her little jersey!

Tonight I’m going to go to my first speed session with The Running Company. I’ve heard it’s pretty hard so I’m kind of nervous! I’ll give you all a full report tomorrow.

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