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Spring is here!

Lots has happened since my last post.

First off. I’m not sick anymore! Woohoo!
Second. We found an apartment! AND we’re not paying a brokers fee! Yesss. Not paying a brokers fee saves us about $5,000. Yes, New York is insane. Yes, that $5,000 is to RENT an apartment, not buy… We move the beginning of May!
Third. I’m still planning on running the Eugene Marathon. I’m not going to bump down to the half. Even though it would make my life a lot easier. Who want’s easy, though right?! I cannot wait to go to Oregon!

Lastly, it’s finally spring in New York! This week has had perfect running weather. I knocked out 12 miles on Sunday and then eight on Monday. Pure Barre tonight and an early morning run tomorrow morning.





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