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2013 Running Goals

I have two major running goals for 2013.

1) Run a marathon in under four hours. I would love to be around 3:45… Or you, know… qualify for Boston… I’ll have to look up the time qualifications.

2) Run a half marathon under 1 hour and 40 mins. Last year my personal best was 1:41:31… So close!

I know I’m going to need to amp up my training to meet these time goals. I’m hoping for a great marathon time in New York. New York will be the big one for me.

Eugene is more of a fun – see my family (and friends! many are running the race!) run. But I do want to run it in under four hours.

I’ll be running four half marathons this year and I’m hoping that Staten Island, where I did my PB last year, will be the race where I get under 1:40. We’ll see. 
It’s really all on me. If I train I know I can reach these goals.
If I don’t and sit on the couch then we all know what the outcome will be.

What are your 2013 Running Goals???


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He is just saving his for later

My weekend was full of fun! Friday night Ryan and I went to a theme party! The theme was The Great Gatsby. We didn’t know how dressed up people got so we played it safe. Well… we were with the small group of people who didn’t dress up like crazy!

The photo below – from when I was a flapper for Halloween is what most of the attendees were looked like. Minus the leggings… It was a great time and I can’t wait to go to more of these types of events!

Saturday was a lazy day with an early bedtime. I had to get ready for the Staten Island half! I had no idea so many people were going to be running it! The weather was perfect – 50 degrees at the start and the rain held off!

I ran this race as a training run since I was sick and hadn’t gotten a long run in for two weeks. I hardly looked at my Garmin while running and just ran on how I felt. The last three miles I kicked it into gear and actually beat my half marathon pr time! I ran this half in 1:41:31. A 23 second PR! And I didn’t really push it until mile 10 – I still can’t believe it!

One thing I loved about the race was the transportation to the start. To get there we had to take the Staten Island Ferry. The views were so pretty of the City!

I couldn’t help myself – I had to take a picture of this guy… We all got a bagel after the race. He is just saving his for later I guess.

Hope you all had a great weekend! 


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I’m pretty sure I would be really scared

This week’s workouts:

Monday: Pure Barre
Tuesday: 3 mile run
Wednesday: Pure Barre
Thursday: 4 mile run

I’m feeling good and I’m excited to see how my body does at the Staten Island half marathon. I’m not running tonight, but I am hoping to get in a 3 mile run on Saturday and I would love to add-on some miles after the half marathon but if it’s raining (like they say it’s going to) I know that it won’t happen.

I’m going to try to put more New York sightings/observations/thoughts up here since the “It wasn’t awkward at all” post was such a hit…

The past couple of days walking to and from work I’ve noticed a lot of homeless people just passed out in the middle of busy areas. It’s very interesting. Usually there’s a wine bottle or liquor bottle (empty) next to them. One guy was passed out laying in the bushes of The Grand Army Plaza at 5:30pm… If I was a child in New York City I’m pretty sure I would be really scared…

Hope you all have a great weekend! And let’s hope there’s no rain!!!


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