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I had to!

Sometimes you just need to get new running stuff… There are many reasons why someone would need new running clothes… Worn out, lost a sock, etc.

Monday I decided I needed this top and running skirt because – to put simply – they’re super cute and they’re part of the Marathon line at lululemon. I run marathons so I had to buy them. I had to!

I’m hoping to test them out when I run the 10K Rum Run in late May when I’m home in Oregon.

Yesterday my legs were like jello after my run Monday night and spin class Tuesday morning. Totally worth it though. If you haven’t taken a spin class yet – take one. It’s like going to a club and getting a great workout. The music is always awesome!


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26.2 & Getting this weeks goals

How cute is this workout top!? My friend Sarah sent it to me for my Birthday!

I wore it to spin class last night and loved it. I have a pair of shorts and a tank top from 26.2 Apparel but this tee might have them beat. It’s SOOO soft and comfy.

Spin class: Last night was the hardest spin class I’ve ever been to. EVER. I went with my friend Jackie and we both agreed that it was super hard. Super difficult for us = AWESOME! My legs are still feeling it today! 

Tonight I’m crossing my fingers that I can get a run in! Training and being social is hard. I really want to make my goal of running twice and going to spin class twice! One spin class down… three more workouts to cross off the list!


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Spinning Back to Health? i hope

Spin class was awesome last night. 

But really hard. Why??? Because of two things: 1) Couldn’t really breath because of my cold (I’m feeling pretty good today, though); 2) My legs haven’t been “really” exercising for about two weeks. I haven’t run at all this week! yikes! My legs really felt it last night.

Though it was super difficult I felt great afterwards. It was also nice to have a new friend to workout with! It makes exercising that much better 🙂

My Brooks Pure Cadence shoes work well with the spin bike because they are light weight and not as bulky as my other running shoes. If you don’t want/ don’t have the funds to buy bike shoes, minimalist shoes like the Brooks Pure Cadence work great for spin class and running shorter distances/races.

My dinner last night was oatmeal with bananas and granola, and my favorite green juice by NAKED JUICE. After reading that article yesterday I thought, why not practice what you preach!? So I did. And it hit the spot after my class and walking in the cold back to my apartment. I need to start eating breakfast for dinner more often!

Do you eat breakfast for dinner??? Pancakes for dinner might have to happen this weekend!

Anyone else try out the new line of Brooks minimalist shoes?? I love mine!


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Gifts and Tips

Ryan got me this necklace and I am beyond obsessed with it.

I’ve been wearing it everyday since he gave it to my on my birthday. It’s by Kris Nations and I’m pretty sure they make every state. You can go HERE to check them out! Great Christmas/Birthday/Holiday present, about $50 🙂

And since cold weather is here or just around the corner, I wanted to share with you some immunity boosting tips! I know I need them! Won’t this cold just go away!!!

How to Recover Post-Run:

EAT HOT FOOD! Pretty easy, right!?? After reading THIS Runner’s World article I’m now better equipped to face the winter months. Oh, and drink lots of water!!!

The article said that eating a hot meal after your winter run will speed up recovery, and many of the options they listed will give you the nutrients you need to boost your ability to fight illness.

Here are the recommended dishes: Oatmeal and Coffee – the oats will help refuel your muscles and the coffee boosts glycogen stores; chicken noodle soup – the broth will help to reduce airway inflammation; stew or a chowder – which key ingredient, potatoes or corn protect weakened cells.

I’m also a big believer in Emergen-C. I’ve been taking two – three packets a day and I know that if I wasn’t this cold/whatever I have would have been way worse.

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Since the Marathon

I ran for the first time on Tuesday night since the marathon. A good, strong three miler on the treadmill. I think my body was happy to be working out again. I did have over a week off for recovery. I wore my new Brooks Pure Cadence running shoes which are pretty awesome. 

They’re a more minimalist-ish shoe, which are great for running shorter distances/races. They’re way lighter than my other running shoes and I also love the color scheme. I also might think they make me look like a hard-core runner…

In other news: Tonight I’m going to take my first spin class since who knows when! Hooray! I bet my little legs will hate me tomorrow but I’m totally fine with that. I can’t wait!! I hope the teacher and music are good.

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Core Fusion Cardio-1; Catie-0

Last night I wore my new Nike running shorts. Do you think the white shorts make my legs look tan???

So I was ready to run my six miles, had my new snazzy Nike shorts on… Got on the treadmill and started running. And… my legs started YELLING at me! I only got two miles in. Core Fusion Cardio really kicked my butt. My muscles were really sore. After my tough two miler I stretched like crazy with the hopes of being ready for today’s run.

Lexi the cat decided she was going to stretch with me too!

I’m still pretty sore this morning. They say day two is the worst. 😦 I’m really hoping to run tonight but I won’t be getting home until late so we’ll see what happens. Life just gets in the way of training sometimes, doesn’t it!?

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Stuff I LOVE and a Great Run

Nordstrom Anniversary outfit!!!! I wore this to work today. This might turn into one of my favorite skirts! I love it so much. It’s flouncy and fun 🙂

My parents sent me some of my favorite products. Kerstin Florian is the best. If you’re looking for some awesome face wash, lotion and sunscreen this is the brand for you! I’m obsessed. 🙂


Soooo today I think the high was 96 degrees?? So I did not run in Central Park after work. I ran on the treadmill at the gym. 6 strong miles. I watched some bad TV and listened to my ipod. The time flew by. Loved it!

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Last night I didn’t run I did Music Flow Yoga at Exhale Mind Body Spa. It’s this wonderful place where they teach all different types of yoga and core fusion classes. Oh and it’s right by my office! Exhale is super expensive but I bought two coupon type things on a website ( so I only paid $9 per class (limit 2 per person, darn!). However, I now want to join!! It’s so nice there and they have so many classes! AND this is perfect for cross training!

The Music Flow Yoga class was really hard. REALLY hard. But I loved it. The teacher was great and the class size wasn’t huge. My arms are really sore today, but I see that as a good thing. 🙂 Usually it’s my legs!

I’m hoping to run today after work but it’s suppose to be 100 degrees… So we’ll see what happens. I’d like to run between 6 and 8 miles. October is only three months away!

PS – Yesterday I received some lovely things from my parents… from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!! Oh my gosh I’m in love! The clothes are just perfect! Anyone else just love this year’s stuff???


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I’m here! In Oregon!

Oh my gosh. I’ve already done so much fun stuff and I haven’t even been here for 24 hours!

The night before I left Ryan and I went out for Mexican food. So delicious. The guacamole at Vamos is soooo good!

Then I was up a 4am on my way to Newark International Airport.

Once I landed in Portland it was off to lunch and then of course… one of my favorite places, NORDSTROM!!! I had bought my Dad Sperry TopSiders for Father’s Day and the size was wrong so we had to go exchange them and my Mom and I had to do some browsing and pre-Anniversary Sale shopping…

In the end my Dad choose a pair similar to mine so we just had to take a twins photo!

We ended the night with delicious Chinese food and watching the movie Hitch. A classic. My parents had never seen it before and thought it was pretty funny.

This morning I started my day going to lap-swim with my Dad. He goes everyday, Monday – Friday, so I thought I’d join him and get some cross training in.

After our great 45 minute swim he made some tasty oatmeal loaded with raisins and blueberries. I then decided it was now or never and threw on some running clothes and ran a quick 3.5 miles.  I felt good and I’m happy I’m able to work running into my vacation. Hooray it’s Friday! More fun stuff planned for the rest of the day and tonight!! I can’t wait 🙂

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Gaga and Central Park

Did you know that Lady Gaga is having a free concert tomorrow in Central Park? I didn’t until I went running in Central Park and saw them setting up and all the crazies waiting in line…

It was pretty hot out and a lot more difficult to run. Those four miles were tough. I did wear my new shoes 🙂

Also. I bought a pair of 26.2 shorts. A lot of other blogs I read highly recommend and love them. BUT. The shorts don’t have a pocket! WHAATTTT. You make running shorts and don’t have a pocket for a key?? Ummm…. Not a fan. Notice in the above picture I had to tie my key to my left shoe… Plus side: They were comfy and lightweight. Great for the hot humid weather.


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