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Lunch Break

Today my lunch break was way more exciting and interesting than my usual, sit, eat, return to desk and read blogs.

I went to The Running Company in search of another pair of running shoes and a running skirt! It’s super nice outside so the walk was just perfect.

I have read many “rules” for running/training for a marathon and in every book, magazine, and web site they all say you need at least two pairs of running shoes that you rotate. My question to them is do you know how much running shoes cost???

Well, I finally saved up enough/got my tax return money to buy another pair! I didn’t want the same Brooks shoes that I already have (I love them, but I like variety) so I went for a similar shoe by Saucony.

Now you’re probably thinking, Catie, why on earth would you want to buy a running skirt… Well, there are two reasons. 1) I’ve seen other women wearing them and they look kinda cute. 2) I’m running in the Modern Mini 10K. After reading about the race I learned that the first race director named it the Mini because of the mini-skirt craze going on at the time. So I thought I’d pay tribute! I think those are two good reasons for buying a running skirt. Don’t you?

I bought the Nike Pacer Running Skirt. It was $45.

The skirt that first got my attention (pictured below) and even made me go to the store last night was the running skirt by lululemon. It’s more expensive at $56… They didn’t have my size last night, which I guess is good because I ended up saving some money!

Anyone out there wear a running skirt??? Would you? Be honest. It this dorky???


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This Morning I Had a Royal Run

So I wasn’t into all the hype about the Royal Wedding. All the weeks before everyone was talking about it and I could care less about who was designing Kate Middleton’s dress.

However. This all changed this morning when I went to the gym to run and there on the television was the Royal Wedding. I LOVED IT. The three miles I ran passed by so fast! The ceremony was beautiful. And all the hats. LOVE. This made me miss London so much! (I studied abroad in London)

Though I now love Kate (her dress was perfect, great lace overlay). I might love her sister Philippa more… That dress she wore!? Ummmm I’m obsessed. I would wear that as my wedding dress!!! Anyone know who designed it????

Tonight Ryan and I are going to the Yankee game and the weather is so nice! No humidity 🙂 I can’t wait!

Saturday will be a nice relaxing day in New Jersey and then Sunday will be my second half-marathon! Cool!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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Fun Run


Ryan and I had a great run tonight! It was fun! I didn’t care about my time, pace, or distance. We just ran and talked. Nice and relaxing 🙂

We ran for about 2 miles (I’m guessing) and did some sprints. Ryan is way faster than me when we sprint… WAY FASTER. Our 5K is coming up, (March 6th!!) so we need to train and be ready.

Once I was in my running gear Ryan thought I looked a little funny… I was just trying to keep warm! He took this picture with his phone… Bailey the puppy had to be in it! Happy Wednesday everyone!

Now, time to make turkey tacos!!!!!

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Some items that help get me through my training

My friend Chloe got me this headband and water bottle for Christmas. The colors are a little different from mine but I highly recommend both of these essentials!

The headband is cute and doesn’t move a bit when I’m running my butt off. The water bottle keeps my water cold and the bright colors keep me happy and optimistic about my run.



Both items are from lululemon. You can find them at

And I can’t forget about my i-pod…

That is a definite essential when running on the treadmill!!!



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Running can be fashionable…











There’s no reason to look like a mess while you’re training for a marathon… I love these outfits. I have the Nike running top and the Under Armor stripped running tights. Both keep me super warm while I’m running outside. The other two photos are by Stella McCartney for Adidas.

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New Shoes

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11

Saturday I went to the Running Company and had a gait analysis. This is where you tell salesperson what you’re training for, about your feet and how you run, and finally they watch how you walk normally.

They then pull some shoes they think suit your needs best and then you jump on the treadmill and they video tape you running. Very cool! My strides were then broken down and the people at The Running Company could tell right away that I need shoes with high stability. My left foot kinda turns in and this leads to knee and ankle pain. Not good. But I was told with the right shoes, my knees and ankles will be just fine!

I ended up with some comfy shoes by the brand Brooks… Though the style and color of the shoes wouldn’t have been my first choice, I also learned Saturday that you absolutely cannot choose your shoes by what they look like… Silly me!

I did make a recommendation to the staff that perhaps blindfolding their customers would help with choosing the right shoe for them and not the right shoe for their running outfit…

My boyfriend Ryan reminded me that that might not be such a good idea since people would be running blindfolded on a treadmill…


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Does the runner make the shoe or the shoe the runner?

In researching marathon training and what to wear the topic of shoes and finding the right pair keeps popping up. I’ve started to look around at a few web sites and now feel completely overwhelmed.

How am I suppose to choose?

It looks like Asics is the top contender. However, I’ve always worn Nike running shoes and if I buy Asics I feel like I’d be cheating on Nike. (Remember, I’m an Oregonian, from Beaverton).

And what color and style of shoe? A shoe can say a lot about a runner. I want to look and feel empowered. Ready to take on the miles that lie ahead of me. I think I’ll have to stray away from pink…

Anyone have any suggestions? Either on the shoe its self or color schemes?

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