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the next three days

I haven’t run in two days. There’s this little heat wave here in New York and I don’t know if my body is ready to run in 95 degree weather… I just couldn’t get out there. Today is a lot cooler and this weekend is supposed to be nice so my goal is to run the next three days. 

Can you guys hold me accountable?

Please? Okay, thanks.

happy friday*


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Busy weekend

This weekend I cooked. I cooked things that I’ve never made before. Which is kind of a big deal… I’m pretty bad at cooking, baking… it’s the whole measuring out the correct amounts that gets me every time… But this weekend I had two successes!

This sandwich:

Recipe found on Pinterest. It’s provolone, goat cheese, spinach and avocado. It is amazing.

Bailey and I made breakfast for Ryan for Father’s Day.

I made blueberry pancakes with blueberry sauce on top and scrambled eggs. Ryan said he was surprised at how good the food was. That’s his surprised face…

Saturday night I watched Spirit of the Marathon. It was so good!! At times I even teared up a little bit… (total dork, I know)

Then on Sunday I headed to Central Park to work on getting rid of my paleness… and my back got burnt. Like tomato red…

I also got in a three mile run in which I’m proud of. It was very difficult to go out there and run when all I wanted to do was sit around and watch tv.

It was a busy weekend – fun, relaxing, errands – all rolled into two days. If only we had one more day…

This week is packed too. This summer is going to fly by! 

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10K Mini Race Re-Cap

This was my the second year running the 10K Mini and I love this race. I love the course and I love what the race stands for.

Fun Fact: The 10K Mini was the first ever women only race in the US.

It was also my first race as a New York Flyer!

I felt pretty proud wearing my uniform and I definitely gave 100% while running this race! (super pale… I know.. I know…) The course is pretty hilly, but I felt like I had an upper hand because I’ve run this course many times before and knew what to expect. I paced myself so I could power through the hills and really run hard at the end.

I finished the race in 45:03 – a 7:16 pace. I’m still in awe about how fast I ran! My time last year for this race was 48:46. Crazy! I love seeing the progression in just one year!

Sunday was a lazy day – laying out in the sun, playing with the puppy, doing some errands and going to sleep early. I love starting the week fully rested. 

Next race: Boomer’s Run to Breathe, July 21st – 10k!


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My Legs are Sore – Like Woah

Since I don’t have internet in my apartment yet I can’t blog on the weekends. So today’s blog is all about Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. I know. Woah three days. This is going to be a long post, right?! Not really… I didn’t do that much.

Friday – Friday I had a lovely little evening after work. I got my haircut. I love it. Got sushi, went to The Running Company for more GU Chomps and two pairs of shorts that I can use for both running and spin class and I went to Borders. Borders was really sad… The store in the Time Warner building is closing and it just looks so depressing. I did get really great deals on some books though. But still, super sad.

I got a bunch of layers and had the ends trimmed.

I love it… What do you think???

Saturday – LONG RUN DAY. I did not start until about 11am. Bad idea. It was hot outside. I got a little sunburn on my back… I ran 17 miles. Warm up and warm down was my last mile making a total of 18 miles. After that my legs were shot. Oh, and people were looking at me all weird again when I was walking home. YES. I know my face is super red. Thanks. You know, in Central Park I look pretty normal with all the other runners… But once I step outside of the park I look like a crazy person wearing spandex. I’m surprised a tourist didn’t snap a photo of me. Labeled – Crazy spandex lady. I did a lot of workouts last week, including my first spin class and I think my legs were mad at me. Saturday night I watched The Social Network. That’s about it. After running 17+ miles what more do you want from me? 

Sunday – Went to the gym for a little recovery session. (Wearing my compression socks all night really helped my legs feel better on Sunday!) 30 minutes on the elliptical. I can’t remember the last time I used that machine. It was nice and my legs felt good. I then got coffee with a friend and we walked around my new neighborhood 🙂 And I painted one of the walls in our living room. It’s pretty.

I slept a lot this weekend and it was great.

Today – This morning I went to 6am spin class. I’m addicted yes. It’s so fun and the music is awesome! I’m really feeling it in my legs though. Like woah. Sore. Tonight I’m hanging out with Ryan (boyfriend). He was on a guys trip for five days going to various baseball games. (I’m glad I wasn’t invited) I’m excited to see him! (I wonder if he got me a present…)

Have you ever taken a spin class??? Did you love it? hate it? Get addicted like me???


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18 in Central Park

Saturday I ran 18 miles. It was really hard. I would say the last four miles were the most difficult. I just wanted to be done and I was getting pretty hungry. The GU Chomps really gave me the energy boosts I needed all throughout my run.

It took me 2 hours and 57 minutes to run 18 miles. With that training run under my belt I’m thinking I’ll finish the marathon in 4 hours and 30 minutes. Give or take. I’ll be really happy with that. 

I ran the miles in Central Park. I started a little late, 9:30am, and by the time I was done it was pretty hot outside. I did get some much-needed sun so I don’t look as see-through anymore.

After finishing I walked/hobbled back to my apartment. People on the street were looking at me like I had two heads… Yes, I’m sweaty. I just ran 18 miles okay!? For next time I might make a tee-shirt that says, “I just ran __ Miles so stop looking at me.” I can put velcro in the blank spot and just stick the amount of miles I ran on the shirt… What do you think of that idea?? Maybe that’ll make people stop looking at me like I’m crazy. Or am I crazy for running 18 miles???

Once I got home I took a cold water bath – I don’t have enough ice for an ice bath, but really cold water works for me.

After freezing my legs in the cold, cold water and taking a much-needed shower and nap. 

I decided I had to celebrate this 18 mile achievement so I took myself out for a walk (a very slow walk) and bought a beautiful, much deserved cupcake.

And then I slept for about ten hours and woke up to lots and lots of rain Sunday morning. I did go to yoga Sunday morning – great cross training. It felt great to stretch and do some other type of exercise besides run. I’m definitely going to go back.

I did other errand stuff on Sunday, but that’ll just bore you. 


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I ran 15 miles last night! On the treadmill!!! I felt good and I never got bored. I enjoyed some strawberry CHOMPS to give me energy and drank water during the run. It was a great way to end a nice and relaxing weekend.

Friday after work I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit… If you read the New York Times or any newspaper really, you’ve probably seen the pictures of the lines and lines of people waiting to see the exhibit in it’s last days. The wait on Friday night was three hours. THREE HOURS. I did go into the museum but just could not wait in line for three hours. If you know me at all, you know I don’t do lines. I did buy the book which is amazing. Put it on your birthday or Christmas list. It’s that good.

I let myself  be sad about not seeing the McQueen exhibit for about ten minutes and then quickly packed up my stuff and caught an earlier train to New Jersey Friday night. Our plan was to get to the beach early to avoid traffic… So I woke up at 6:20am on Saturday, got a quick four mile run in and we were all in the car driving to the beach by 8:10am

Saturday and Sunday were spent lounging, eating, getting sun and playing with the puppy. Once back in the City I decided I had to get my long run in so I headed to the gym around 6:40pm (too hot and humid outside) and just ran and ran and RAN… And 15 miles happened. So exciting! I’m going to try for 18 miles next weekend in Central Park 🙂

And Happy Birthday to my friend Sarah!!! She’s the best!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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Great First Week in My New Place

I don’t know why but I’ve been loving running on the treadmill at the gym. I don’t know what it is with New York Sports Club but I love it so much! I’m a workout/running nerd I guess…

Last night I ran eight miles on the treadmill and never got bored or annoyed. Okay, once I got annoyed because I accidentally hit the STOP button and I had to punch in all the information stuff and start up the machine again. But I loved my run last night. All eight miles of it.

This morning was a perfect morning. Not too hot, no humidity. Walking to the subway and getting to work in 20 minutes makes me so happy. Tonight after work I’m going to the Metropolitan museum (thanks Dad!!!) to see Savage Beauty, the exhibit with Alexander McQueen’s amazing fashion. It’s the last night of the exhibit so hopefully it’s not too crazy and crowded!

Saturday I need to get in a four mile run and then we’re off to the beach to visit Ryan’s grandparents. I’m really excited! 

I’m so happy that I’m back to having fun and running the miles I need to run in order to prepare for the marathon. It makes me feel good 🙂

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