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Let’s do this!

So far I’ve drunk EIGHT bottles of water today (those are the caps)… I am fighting this cold/whatever it is to the death! I’m going to win! 

By the way – Drinking eight bottles of water means lots of trips to the restroom. Like every 30 minutes… It’s crazy!

PS – 100% chance of snow tonight and tomorrow. This may be the hardest half marathon I’ve ever run. Let’s do this! I can’t wait for the bagel afterwards… and the sushi dinner that night! yessss


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I think it could catch on.

It’s getting to look a lot like Christmas …

On my feet, in all the stores, on TV… BUT the weather here in New York is being a bit strange. It’s warm here. And I think everyone is confused by this. It’s December and it’s almost Christmas and it’s 60 degrees? I’m trying to get in the Christmas spirit but after living here (NY) for so long my body is confused. Shouldn’t I be wearing my huge jacket and UGG boots?? 

Anyway – I had a great run last night! 5 strong miles, just under a 9 minute pace. What made the run a little difficult: I think NYSC didn’t get the memo that it was warm out last night and might have had the heat on??? I was sweating like it was August again with 100% humidity! not fun. 

And yes. I did get sushi. I know a lot of people are refueling with Chocolate Milk after their runs… But I would like to end my runs refueling with sushi. I think it could catch on.

Tonight Ryan and I are making dinner. We’re not sure what we’re going to make yet – but we’ve decided it has to be something we’ve never cooked before… So things might get a little interesting. Good thing I’m such an awesome cook 😉


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Weekend in NYC

This weekend was so much fun. And no… I didn’t run once… oops.

Sushi date night on Friday night was pretty darn amazing. We ate so much we couldn’t even eat dessert! That’s a first for me.

Saturday, Ryan went hiking so I got to hangout with this cutie:

And then Saturday night we celebrated my friend Elena’s (on the right) 25th birthday! 

We all had a blast and it was great to get together with friends from college.

Sunday was a lazy, relaxing day. Brunch, window shopping and walking around Central Park with my friend Jackie (far left in photo above). 

And now its Monday. My goal for this week is to run at least twice and to go to two spinning classes. I think that’s a good goal.




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Oregon Friends Visit!


This weekend was crazy busy and I’m tired! My two friends from Oregon, Tracy and Tom came to New York to visit and we all had a blast!

Friday night a bunch of us went out to sushi – my fav – and then went out afterwards. The food is amazing. If you’re ever in NYC go to KUMO on the lower east side.

We ate and drank and were very merry. It was great to merge my Oregon life with my New York life. It rarely happens.

It was tough to get up and out of bed on Saturday but we did and went to the Dave Matthews Concert on Randall’s Island.

It was really fun, but standing on concrete for three hours is not so fun… I’m glad I went but prefer indoor concerts with seats 🙂

Sunday night Tracy, Tom and I went out to dinner and then went to 16 Handles for dessert. – Of course they loved it!

I ran Friday morning… I was planning on running 20 miles on Sunday but my body was dead from all the fun times. It also could be the change in the weather. It’s definitely feeling like fall! Last day to enter my giveaway!!!


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My Legs are Sore – Like Woah

Since I don’t have internet in my apartment yet I can’t blog on the weekends. So today’s blog is all about Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. I know. Woah three days. This is going to be a long post, right?! Not really… I didn’t do that much.

Friday – Friday I had a lovely little evening after work. I got my haircut. I love it. Got sushi, went to The Running Company for more GU Chomps and two pairs of shorts that I can use for both running and spin class and I went to Borders. Borders was really sad… The store in the Time Warner building is closing and it just looks so depressing. I did get really great deals on some books though. But still, super sad.

I got a bunch of layers and had the ends trimmed.

I love it… What do you think???

Saturday – LONG RUN DAY. I did not start until about 11am. Bad idea. It was hot outside. I got a little sunburn on my back… I ran 17 miles. Warm up and warm down was my last mile making a total of 18 miles. After that my legs were shot. Oh, and people were looking at me all weird again when I was walking home. YES. I know my face is super red. Thanks. You know, in Central Park I look pretty normal with all the other runners… But once I step outside of the park I look like a crazy person wearing spandex. I’m surprised a tourist didn’t snap a photo of me. Labeled – Crazy spandex lady. I did a lot of workouts last week, including my first spin class and I think my legs were mad at me. Saturday night I watched The Social Network. That’s about it. After running 17+ miles what more do you want from me? 

Sunday – Went to the gym for a little recovery session. (Wearing my compression socks all night really helped my legs feel better on Sunday!) 30 minutes on the elliptical. I can’t remember the last time I used that machine. It was nice and my legs felt good. I then got coffee with a friend and we walked around my new neighborhood 🙂 And I painted one of the walls in our living room. It’s pretty.

I slept a lot this weekend and it was great.

Today – This morning I went to 6am spin class. I’m addicted yes. It’s so fun and the music is awesome! I’m really feeling it in my legs though. Like woah. Sore. Tonight I’m hanging out with Ryan (boyfriend). He was on a guys trip for five days going to various baseball games. (I’m glad I wasn’t invited) I’m excited to see him! (I wonder if he got me a present…)

Have you ever taken a spin class??? Did you love it? hate it? Get addicted like me???


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Two Workouts – One Day

Yesterday I went for a run in Central Park after work. My plan was to run ten miles. I only got six in. My legs were pretty tired after spin class that morning. and it started to thunder and lightening… Cool but a little scary. I’m actually a little surprised that I ran at all. I was exhausted yesterday. 

After my run I ate, showered and headed straight to bed. I was sleep in about 5 minutes. I love going to bed at 9pm. 

Today is supposed to be my rest day but I feel weird not working out at all. BUT I need my legs feeling great tomorrow for my long run. I’m hoping there is no rain this weekend. I really don’t want to run in the rain or on a treadmill for 3 hours… 

Other than a long run this weekend I have no plans. And I love that. Monday through Friday is so busy and scheduled, I love having no plans on the weekends. Relaxing and sleeping are two of my favorite things.

oh and this too…

Sushi for my Friday night treat??? I think so.

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It’s here!!! Friday has finally arrived!!! As you can tell  I’m pretty excited. 

Tonight I have date night with Ryan. Guess what we’re going to have??? SUSHI. Surprised??? I’m not, and I can’t wait. I love it so much!

Sometime between 5pm and massive amounts of sushi intake I have to run my four miles… Oh, and I also have puppy duty after work while Ryan goes apartment hunting with some of his friends. Can the puppy run four miles? Will it take way too long with her? If I move my run until tomorrow will my legs be tired on Sunday for the race/long run? I don’t know. I guess I’ll have to be flexible and just see what happens. Too bad I’m like Super Planner Woman (minus the cape).

On another note: The Oregon countdown has begun!!!!! 14 Days!!!!



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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday the weather was just perfect. No humidity and at the hottest maybe 85 degrees. I was in heaven.

Ryan came to visit me in Yonkers which was a great surprise. However, I was nervous I wouldn’t want to run the 5 miles I had planned for the night. I really wanted to run outside and he wanted to use the gym equipment so we split up.

All day I was excited to run outside. I felt good, was proud that I was doing so well with my first week of marathon training. But, when I started to run my legs felt like blocks of cement. It literally took me about 3 miles to feel “warmed” up. So strange! I really wanted to quit but I just kept at it. Whenever I feel like stopping mid-run I think, “You will feel way worse at mile 23… Keep going!!!” After my little inner pep-talk I just kept trucking along and finished the five miles!

After our separate workouts Ryan and I decided to order pizza. Ryan ordered BBQ Chicken pizza and to my surprise I really liked it!

Tonight I’m treating us to Sushi… Are you surprised?!? And then we’re off to New Jersey to celebrate Bailey the puppy’s FIRST BIRTHDAY and we’re going to go the beach. (8 mile run will happen) Yes, the Jersey Shore. No, we’re not like the show… I can’t wait to just relax and soak in the sun. Don’t worry Mom and Dad, I packed sunblock 🙂

Happy Friday!


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My Weekend in Pictures

This past weekend was crazy busy. Ryan and I went to New Jersey and did tons of fun stuff. Golfing on Saturday, all you can eat sushi for dinner, and on Sunday we went rock climbing.

Ryan and I were both on our high school golf teams.

This was Ryan’s first time rock climbing. I had been in a gym before, but this was way more difficult! It’s a great workout. I’m feeling it today! My back and arms are super sore.

And, I know… I didn’t mention running… I know… I know… I’ll start it up again. My body is just tired. Tonight I’m going to review my marathon training schedule and plan everything out 🙂

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6 + 2 = 8

Last night’s run in Central Park went great!

Surprisingly there weren’t too many people in the park and it wasn’t too hot. I did the 6 mile loop that includes Death Mountain. And guess what!? Death Mountain wasn’t so killer this time! I mean, it was still hard, but not as horrible as the last time. I love seeing improvement in my running. It makes me feel good and that all this training and hard work is actually paying off. Hooray!

Tonight is date night with Ryan and Bailey so I woke up early and ran an easy 2 mile run on the treadmill. Since I’ve started to run outside consistently I’ve really come to dread running inside. It’s a total bore.

Oh, and guess what we’re having for dinner tonight??? Yup, you guessed it!!! Sushi! Do you think I can convince Ryan to take me to frozen yogurt for dessert???

What’s your favorite flavor of frozen yogurt??? I love them all but right now I would have to say red velvet cake…


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