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Christmas is Coming!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We ate lots and lots of food. Ryan and I had four relaxing days in New Jersey with his family. We got some Christmas shopping done, went to a New Jersey Devil’s hockey game and were couch potatoes. We’re really good at staying on the couch for hours ­čÖé



Once we were back at our apartment holiday decorating was in full effect. This is the first year since moving from Oregon that I actually love my Christmas decorations. 




Ryan found this snow globe of a red fox – We met at Marist, which is the home of the Red Foxes! How cool, right?!


Here’s a fun fact – Ryan has never had a real Christmas tree before! I’m in love with our little tree. I don’t think I could ever have a fake tree, I love the pine scent too much!



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Today is my Friday! So do we say TGIW? Instead of TGIF?

The past two weeks have been so busy that I haven’t had time to get on here and write.

I’ve begun running again and kept up my Pure Barre addiction. Work has been crazy busy – December issue of the magazine is now complete! yes! And Thanksgiving is TOMORROW.

One of my goals on my 26 List To Do is to try 26 new recipes. Tonight Ryan and I will be making this bad boy.

I’m pretty these bars will be a hit at Thanksgiving…

In other news – If you’re like me and like to do something extra during the holiday season and help people who are less fortunate, New York Cares has a program called Winter Wishes.┬á
Here’s some info about the program:

Click here for more information and to sign up! I think the deadline is tomorrow…

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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Thanksgiving! yum.


One of the best long weekends I’ve had in a long time. Super relaxing and fun. Perfect weather in the mid-60s!

Because of the great weather we took a walk to the beach after eating dinner. Played some football and tried to skip rocks on the water. Some were more successful than others. Bailey loved the beach and all the sand!

The walk helped clear space for dessert. Since there was about eight different types to choose from we needed all the stomach space we could get…

After all that eating, relaxing and a little bit of Christmas shopping I needed to get a good run in. (Ryan and I did get a mile run in with some sprints at the end on Friday which made me happy. He wasn’t so thrilled…)┬áSunday I hit Central Park and did the 6 mile loop. Including Death Mountain. The weather was perfect and there were tons of people out so the time flew by. I didn’t bring my iPod. I think it’s best used at the gym when running on the treadmill can get super boring.

How was your Thanksgiving??? Awesome!!! Such great food and fun!!!

Anyone run any races??? I didn’t race this past weekend but I have a 5 miler this coming Sunday!

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And I didn’t burn anything!

Yesterday at work I received this cute little package from my parents for Thanksgiving. A Starbucks gift card and… in that wrapped box…

An INFLATABLE TURKEY!!! I just have to blow it up like a balloon and I’ll have my own turkey dinner ready to go… Only problem… It’s plastic. How funny is that?!

To prove that I am a good cook, and I can do more than blow up an inflatable turkey, Ryan and I made one of the most delicious meals I have ever made. (Thanks for finding the recipe and helping Ryan!)

Chicken breaded with stuffing, gravy and a side of cornbread. It was so good!!! And I didn’t burn anything! Oh, man… I wish we had left overs! Yesterday was such a great start to the Thanksgiving week… Just 1 1/2 more days of work!

Gym tonight!!! 4 mile run is a must. I gotta get ready for my 5 mile race in December!! I’m just┬ácrossing my fingers my knee/IT band doesn’t act up…


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