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And then I took a vacation from the blogging world

Sometimes life gets in the way of things you want/need to do. Like write posts for your blog… I guess  after I had my little vacation from running I then took a vacation from the blogging world. While I wasn’t blogging I was having a lot of fun 🙂

Ryan’s Birthday was last week so we had a busy week! On his birthday we went to the Devils Game! Hockey is way better live. 

It also helps when your team wins!

And what makes the night even better is a chocolate peanut butter cupcake.

And then Friday night. Was the BIG Birthday blow out! There were four birthdays that were celebrated! 

Guy’s photo (notice all of them are wearing button downs)

Girls photo!

There was only one play a group of 20 could let loose and have some fun. KUMO Sushi!!! Ryan and I love this place. We go here all the time and I always bring my out of town friends here!

We all had tons of fun and I’m pretty sure all of the birthday boys enjoyed their party!

This weekend Ryan and I are going to New Jersey to celebrate Easter with his family. There will be tons of homemade Polish food! I cannot wait!

Let’s talk about running:

This week I’ve been kicking butt! The weather has been perfect so I’ve been out running in Central Park. Monday I ran 3.25 miles, Tuesday, 5.60, and last night 5 miles. My legs are a little sore today but I’m loving it. 

Oh, and Ryan and I saw The Hunger Games… I was kind of disappointed…


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Who Knew!

I have now almost reached two weeks of not running. I don’t know how this happened! Okay… I kinda do… The Red Rock Half Marathon kicked my butt (literally) and then I was introduced to The Hunger Games. For the past two weeks I’ve been reading them like crazy and I am now on book three. They’re really good! Not intellectual – good – but get out of the world you’re living in – totally get lost in a book good. I love when books take you away like that.

However – I do need to keep up my fitness level! (Half marathon on April 28th!!!)

So. In order to get myself back in the gym I signed myself up for a spinning class tomorrow night. I’m on puppy duty tonight so I’m unsure if I’ll get a run in or not. My little two week vacation from running was kind of nice. When you’re not working out everyday you have a lot of free time! Who knew!?

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