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This morning I woke up and went to the gym. Lately I haven’t been good about getting to the gym before work and I’m so happy I pulled myself out of bed and went today!

Before the gym….

Then I drank some of this (coffee protein drink – love it) and felt awake and ready to go!

I got a great workout on the elliptical and felt awesome!!! (Still pretty excited about the Ducks big win)

I hadn’t been on an elliptical in a long time and it was great to mix up my workout. My legs are still pretty sore from the past workouts this week so I thought this would give them a good break.

After the gym and I had my Meta-D drink from the Tone It Up Plan… It doesn’t look pretty but it tastes pretty good and it boosts your metabolism. So why not?! Healthy and toned in 2012 here I come!

This weekend  Ryan and I are going to New Jersey. My goal is to get a semi-long run in either Saturday or Sunday. Crossing my fingers I do it!!!

Anyone else use protein drinks??? I love Click. It really tastes like coffee!

How do you get to the gym in the morning?? What motivates you? Before the Portland Marathon I was so good about it! Now… not so much…


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Jell-O legs

My legs feel like jell-o after this mornings spin class. (I love that hard work sore muscles feeling!) I also find it interesting that I get way more sweaty during spin class than when I run on the treadmill. What is that line of sweat on my stomach!? Kinda gross… The teacher was great, music was medium.

I’m wearing boots today because my legs are feeling like they need a break. I guess they’re still getting used to all this exercise since the marathon. Running five miles and then taking spin class two mornings in a row would tire anyone out!

After class I was super hungry so I quickly made and ate toast with peanut butter and downed it with coffee. Quick, easy and tasty.

Tonight is a rest night in preparation for tomorrow’s festivities. No real plans except hanging out with these cuties tonight:

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Run, Cook, Spin

I have no idea how people take pictures of themselves while running. This was my third try…. and the best one. How do they do it!? 

Last night I ran 5 miles in Central Park and it was great! Perfect fall weather and no music. Just me, the park and my fellow runners. It was super relaxing and it felt great to be back running outside.

My legs felt a little tired going up some of the hills but I think they just got used to walking around and running on the treadmill after the marathon. I kinda missed being sore. Totally weird. I know.

After my run and was craving those paninis Ryan and I had made the other night. So made them again! With spinach! 

You may be wondering what those wormy looking things are… Well. PopChips were SOLD OUT at the grocery store by me so I bought these, they’re called Smart Fries. 

They are delicious!! Add this to my list of addicting chip-like foods. YUM. I bought the classic sea salt flavor but they have all different flavors. So good!

This morning I went to spin class and the teacher had called out sick. Whhhattttt!!! We were all there ready to spin our lives away. Most of the people left, but six of us stayed, turned on some great music and made up our own class. Totally fun! And I got a great workout in 🙂 Since I didn’t get to have an instructor yelling at me to pedal faster and harder this morning, I signed up for tomorrow morning’s class. I’ve never been to a Friday morning class so I’m crossing my fingers that the instructor is awesome.

This week flew by! I can’t believe it’s already Halloween weekend! Yikes!


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Nothing Coffee Can’t Fix

Man I was tired this morning. But I had decided last night that I would go to the gym in the morning so I did. Nothing coffee can’t fix! After my alarm went off I did lay in bed for about 20 minutes going back and forth – should I go to the gym… or should I just go back to sleep…

Last night I went to my first spin class since September! My legs were hurting the whole time but I loved it! The teacher was really upbeat and pushed the class and then music was just perfect. I’m definitely going to take her class again. 

Because I did spinning last night, this morning’s workout was all about stretching, abs, and push ups. I rotated a ton of different exercises for about 35 minutes which helped to loosen up my sore muscles. It also was kind of nice to do something other than just cardio. I really do need to do more strength training.

PS – Come run with me!


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Bowling, Race, Relaxation

It was a busy, busy weekend!

Friday night we headed to Lucky Strike for some bowling.

We had so much fun and I really want to go back there again! How cool is that lamp?!

Everything about the place was cool. Atmosphere, music… I ordered an appetizer and it was really good, so I assume the dinner menu is good too.

We went with our friends from college, Amanda and Marc. I’m pretty sure they had a great time too. 

Saturday Ryan and I just relaxed and played with Bailey. We went out to dinner at an Italian place by his apartment which was excellent. I really wanted good pasta before my 18 mile race and this place did just that. I was too busy eating to take any pictures…

Sunday morning came very fast and I was up at 5am. Eating toast and ready to go. For this race I tried out my Portland Marathon outfit – with rain gear if needed.

I look pretty dorky in this picture… I also used gels/GU in this race and I must say. They worked a lot better! The race went really well. I tried to keep my pace around 9:30 in the beginning and gradually sped up. I stopped at almost all the water stations and had three gels. The race was three of the 6 mile loops. That means I ran the Harlem Hill, or what I call DEATH MOUNTAIN three times!!! Three times!!!

My overall time was 2:44:02 – pace of 9:07!! I’m very happy with that!

This morning I hit the gym for my recovery session – 35 minutes on the elliptical and lots of stretching. My legs are feeling pretty good compared to the other long runs I’ve done in the past.




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My First Speed Session

Last night’s speed session was super difficult. I was the slowest person. But I loved it.

I have never sprinted in my life. Sure, at the end of a race I speed up to finish, but I’ve never been like tonight I’m doing sprints.

Last night our running group did 4 X 600s in Central Park. This means we ran 600 meters fast four times. We did get a two-minute break between each was the best thing ever. In total we ran about 5 1/2 miles. Two mile warm up, 4 X 600s and a two-mile cool down.

I’m going to go back next Monday. Everyone said it gets easier and is a great way to mix up my training. 

If you’ve ever thought about joining a running group and haven’t done so yet I highly advise going or signing up! I was nervous the first time I went but everyone was so nice and welcoming. Running with a group will push you to go faster and run farther. And learn new things! —>  4 X 600s for me! So far I’ve met some really nice people and we get snacks at the end of every run. 🙂 Which makes me a happy girl.

PS – I miss spin class

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Busy Weekend

This weekend flew by. 

We didn’t end up going to New Jersey and were able to enjoy the city and the nice weather. Saturday I joined the running group at The Running Company for a 5 1/2 mile run through Central Park and later hung out with Ryan and Bailey the puppy. The run was kind of difficult for me. It was the mix of the humid weather and my tired legs from the week before. I felt like I was running so slow.

Saturday night was really fun with pizza eating, Oregon football watching, going to the dog park, napping and hanging out with friends from college. We stayed up well past my bedtime and I spent Sunday lounging around reading The Help. I wanted to run but in the end reading won.

It was a great football weekend! The Ducks won and so did the Jets. Bailey was the best fan though, in her little jersey!

Tonight I’m going to go to my first speed session with The Running Company. I’ve heard it’s pretty hard so I’m kind of nervous! I’ll give you all a full report tomorrow.

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Combating Sore Legs

Last nights run with The Running Company was hard. We ran the usual five miles but my legs were still tired from Saturday. And they’re pretty sore today. I slept in my Recovery Socks and I’m now wearing them at work. These little legs of mine need to shape up and feel better!

In order to get my muscles feeling great again I picked up some blueberries and peaches at the store. Antioxidants from the blueberries will for sure help and the peaches… Well, I just really love them. I ate a bunch of the blueberries last night as my dessert and watched the Wonder Years and Doogie Howser. It was awesome. I felt like I was ten years old again.

This morning, with my legs still aching I decided to make some toast with peanut butter (protein and carbs) and chocolate milk (calcium). I’m full and feeling good.

Now, if only my legs would get the memo. It’s time to stop being sore! Maybe I’ll hop on the elliptical tonight and stretch a ton… Maybe that’ll help 🙂

Anyone else watch The Wonder Years and Doogie Howser when they were younger??

What’s your workout tonight??

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After my 20 Miles

After my 20 miler, eating lunch, and waiting for the cable/internet guy to come to our apartment and  install stuff I wasn’t feeling too tired so I decided to treat myself to a leisurely walk to Dean and Deluca for a little snack. I had just gotten the new Runner’s World magazine so I brought that along to read. 

While I was there I picked up some great stuff for Saturday night dinner. Ryan and Bailey the puppy were coming over to watch the Oregon game so I thought a nice spread was needed.

Before dinner and the game, we took a trip to Central Park. It was Bailey’s first time! We’re going to have to go a lot more often. She has so much more exploring to do!

She was a happy camper! She was also sporting her Oregon gear!

After our walk and adventures in Central Park it was game time and dinner time!

And Bailey nap time…

Sunday was spent lounging around and that night Ryan and his roommates had a little party and some other people from our college came over. It was really fun!

Monday we went to the Yankee game.

It was really fun and kept me entertained. Since it was a high scoring game there was action on the field so I didn’t get bored.

So, that was my weekend in a nut shell. And yes, I am tired today. And my legs are still sore from Saturday. Thanks for asking 🙂

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway! It’s the last day to enter!!!

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Central Park is my Track

This morning I ran 20 miles. I could have run to New Jersey. I wouldn’t be able to make it back but I could have run there… This morning I stuck to what I know. Central Park. I ran the 5 mile loop 4 times. I told myself it’s like the track my high school had. Four laps equals a mile (or 5, but whatever, mind over matter!).  All I had to do was run the loop four times and I was done. Piece of cake. (Cake sounds really good right now) 

It took about three miles for my legs to warm up and then I was good to go. I started off pretty slow. I think I was almost at a ten minute pace and gradually got up to 8:25 per mile and then slowed it down again at the end. The last two miles of this run were the hardest. 

My legs right now are pretty dead but I feel way more better than I did two weeks ago when I ran 17 miles. Seeing improvement is a big confidence booster!

Now, it’s time to stretch, hydrate, eat and maybe take a nap!

Happy Labor Day weekend!!! And GO DUCKS!!!!


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