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It’ll be like home

This week has been pretty uneventful. I don’t really have anything to report. I’ve just been working and working out. And that’s about it.  I’ve been in the “zone” with running though, which is awesome.  I’ve been to the gym every day this week and all my runs have felt great. Total Body Conditioning last night was awesome, as always.

I’m excited for the Manhattan Half on the January 21st. Hopefully it doesn’t rain or snow. The course is two laps of the 6 mile loop and a little bit more. I’m not that excited about it, but I will have an advantage since I’ve been running that loop for a year now. It’ll be like home 🙂

Anyone doing anything fun during the three day weekend??
I’m planning to see a lot of friends and get a solid long run in.

I’m also trying to plan a little trip to St. Maarten at the end of August. Has anyone been there??? Any recommendations???

Wouldn’t you love to be there right now?????


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Christmas time in Oregon

Christmas time in Oregon

Cookie baking

Candy eyeballs from Target made these little guys so cute!

The Ugly Christmas Sweater party was a hit!

These girls have been my best friends since high school! Love them!

Cooking attempt fail… But it still tasted good!

Christmas Eve 🙂

Opening presents with family (Go Ducks!!!)

Cute apron for my cooking… See above photo…

Christmas morning!

Christmas ball

My Dad makes me one every year! – not store-bought~

What’s in the middle??? A beautiful little box with money in it for my travels to the half marathon in March!!!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!!! No running took place for me, but lots of fun and eating great food did!!!

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No, I didn’t die.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Searching for an apartment in Manhattan, finding one, applying for it, being approved, packing and moving… Oh, and then going on a little weekend getaway. Needless to say, I’ve been so busy and running did not take precedent.

The past two weeks I only ran eight miles. TOTAL. But I’m okay with it because I now have a fantastic place to live with a great roommate and I enjoyed a wonderful “mini” vacation!

With the Portland Marathon just two months away I need to really amp up my mileage and make running my #1 priority.

So. New month means I’m starting fresh and I’m going to really train! Monday night I joined New York Sports Club and ran a great six miles on the treadmill. The gym is four floors and really nice. The other plus. It’s around the corner from my apartment!

Tonight, Friday and Sunday are my running days. Sunday I’m hoping to do 14 miles…

Here are some pictures from our trip to Cold Spring, New York. The best little village in america 🙂

Ryan playing with his new camera!

We went on a five hour hike. Really fun! But I was super tired afterwards.

photo credits: Ryan Smith

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The Move

I’m all moved!!!

Yesterday was a loonnngg day but I’m so happy in my new place! I just love the apartment and the neighborhood! (Lexi the cat likes our new place too)

There were so many boxes! The move made me realize that I really need to get rid of some stuff… I need to donate a lot of stuff to Goodwill.

This is what our living room looked like after the movers left… I was a little overwhelmed to say the least!

Tonight Ryan and I are off to Cold Spring, New York. This will be a fun weekend of hiking, kayaking, good food, and playing with Ryan’s new camera!

Next week – RUNNING!!! and lots of it!


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Oregon Vacation – Biscuits, Wine Tasting and Pool Party II… and back to reality

FRIDAY: Pine State Biscuits. Probably the best thing I’ve ever had. My Mom called it “heart-attack on a plate.” It was that good.

SUNDAY: Wine tasting with my parents was so much fun! Every time I visit Oregon they take me out to the wine country and we taste and learn about many different wines. It’s so relaxing and fun.

MONDAY afternoon: I had another impromptu pool party. Everyone just hanging out and lounging by the pool. This is when I got super burnt… Yes, I did put sunscreen on, but I guess not enough…

Then is was back to the “real world” and my training! I only ran once while I was home… not good.


This week: Getting back in to training:

It’s been super humid here which makes my legs feel as though they weigh 1,000 pounds each. Wednesday I went to the gym to run. There was no air conditioning… I could only run two miles because of the horrible heat and humidity in the room. I did get some weight training in.

Last night, (Thursday) I was on puppy duty so after Bailey and I went to the dog park (notice the Oregon harness) I ran by the river and banged out a good five miles. The humidity was pretty terrible but I just kept at a slow and steady pace (9:24).

Goal for this weekend: Relax and make a really good dinner with Ryan tonight, run 12 miles Saturday morning!!! And go to a super fun barbecue 🙂

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Oregon Vacation – Pool Party

One of my favorite days while visiting Oregon was the pool party I had at my house! My friends and I had so much fun and I’m pretty sure my parents did too!

Pizza at a Fourth of July party… Why not?!

A little competitive Beer Pong action happened… My team came in second.

We also had a dancing segment in the competition… No big deal. Has anyone else heard of Double Dream Hands??? If not go to YouTube right now. You’re welcome.

This trip to Oregon really made me realize what wonderful parents and friends I have!!! I miss then terribly!!! October can’t come soon enough!

(Chloe and Sarah – You better keep training!!! I want to see you finish the Portland Half-Marathon!!)

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I’m here! In Oregon!

Oh my gosh. I’ve already done so much fun stuff and I haven’t even been here for 24 hours!

The night before I left Ryan and I went out for Mexican food. So delicious. The guacamole at Vamos is soooo good!

Then I was up a 4am on my way to Newark International Airport.

Once I landed in Portland it was off to lunch and then of course… one of my favorite places, NORDSTROM!!! I had bought my Dad Sperry TopSiders for Father’s Day and the size was wrong so we had to go exchange them and my Mom and I had to do some browsing and pre-Anniversary Sale shopping…

In the end my Dad choose a pair similar to mine so we just had to take a twins photo!

We ended the night with delicious Chinese food and watching the movie Hitch. A classic. My parents had never seen it before and thought it was pretty funny.

This morning I started my day going to lap-swim with my Dad. He goes everyday, Monday – Friday, so I thought I’d join him and get some cross training in.

After our great 45 minute swim he made some tasty oatmeal loaded with raisins and blueberries. I then decided it was now or never and threw on some running clothes and ran a quick 3.5 miles.  I felt good and I’m happy I’m able to work running into my vacation. Hooray it’s Friday! More fun stuff planned for the rest of the day and tonight!! I can’t wait 🙂

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