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Can You Freeze Soup?

Valentine’s Day with Ryan was so much fun. Super relaxed. Silver Linings Playbook was really good and I think everyone should see it such for the dance at the end. I laughed so hard! Then we enjoyed the chocolate dipped strawberries I had made the night before. I added peanut butter chips to some of them. I highly recommend doing it – super good.

Then it was the long weekend! Saturday I got my 16 miler in and it was the best long run! I ran 10 miles with a fellow NY Flyer and the other 6 by myself. I averaged an 8:40 pace. I have no idea where that came from, but I felt great the whole time. photo-1I’m feeling more and more confident about Eugene now that I got a solid long run in. 

Monday I added two new recipes to my recipe list. I’m getting closer and closer to my goal of cooking/baking 26 recipes this year.

The first recipe I made was White Bean Soup with Red Chard. There was A LOT of chopping involved – finely chopping two onions is not fun… 


But – I did it! I made my first ever homemade soup!!!


I then moved on to baking. This bad boy doesn’t look so pretty but it tastes really good! I made pear upside down cake. The hardest part was flipping the darn thing over on the cutting board.

Now I have a ton of soup and lots of cake… and there’s one of me. So yeah… I’ll be eating soup and cake for the rest of the week. Can you freeze soup?

NYCRuns Half-Marathon this Sunday in Central Park! I can’t wait to kick butt on another training run!



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Two Dates on Valentine’s Day

First off Happy Valentine’s Day!
Make sure to eat some chocolate today!

I’ve already been on one date today. A running date 🙂 I met up with my friend Nicole, who is also a New York Flyer, for an early morning run in Central Park. We had a great 6.5 mile run and it flew by! We talked the whole time. I love when that happens! I also LOVE making running dates. I’ll never cancel and I always run farther with another person. It’s a win – win!

My second date is with Ryan tonight. We’re going to grab a quick dinner (I’m hoping for Chipotle) and then see Silver Linings Playbook. I love going to the movies. The popcorn is so good! And then dessert – chocolate dipped strawberries. I made them last night. I even got creative with a couple of them! 
I can’t wait!



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Best ever

One of the best Valentine’s Days everrrr!!!!

Ryan got me some of my favorite things!!!! Pirate’s Booty, coffee and chocolate!

We then went to our ALL TIME FAVORITE asian noodle place – Tasty Noodles, in China Town. It’s amazing and I want more noodles right now.

To get to the subway you have to pass the courthouse – Mom – this is where they film Law and Order. I thought you’d appreciate this 🙂

And then it was ice cream time…. So good!!!

One bad thing though… There’s a cupcake shop right next door…

So we had to try some cupcakes too…

Way too much sugar yesterday! Woah. I hope you all had a great  Valentine’s Day!

Back on the treadmill tonight. Just a nice three mile run. And I may go to Total Body Conditioning… Not sure….


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Valentine Surprise

The other day I got a package full of Valentine goodies from my parents.

Little did I know how awesome it would be!!! It was filled with coffee, tea, cute Valentine themed socks, Boston Terrier notepads… AND….


Isn’t it beautiful????? And it’s RED! So cool! I can’t wait to use it!

This week I’ve hit all my goals. 4.5 miles on Tuesday, 3 miles on Wednesday and tonight – 5 miles 🙂 Sunday I’m planning to run 10! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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