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What I’m Doing When I’m Suppose to be Training

Since this week has been so busy and I have not yet gotten a run in I thought I’d give you a look into what I do on Wednesday nights – when I’m suppose to be training 🙂
Every Wednesday night I volunteer with the New York Junior League and we teach kinds about art. It’s really fun and they get excited about each new artist and their different techniques.
This week we learned about stained glass.
I even joined in the fun and made this beauty.
My plan is to do a “long-ish” run on Saturday (10 miles??) and then hope for the best for marathon day. I was looking over my Eugene marathon training and I wasn’t that much better than my training for New York. So maybe I’ll surprise myself and be speedy. We’ll see.
I can’t wait to go to expo! Anyone else going Saturday, November 2nd???


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NYC Half Marathon.

Sunday was a long day.

I woke up at 4:45am and was at the New York Road Runners Headquarters by 5:30am. I signed in, got my stylish orange volunteer vest and was ready to go.

By 6:30 us, Start Marshals were checking bib numbers and making sure all runners had a wrist band. I was stationed at the first entrance. This was for runners with bib numbers 1 – 3,999… Tons of people who had bib numbers higher than 3,999 kept trying to come in the entrance and we had to be tough. Many people were rude and mean. At this point I’m thinking in my head, “Aren’t runners suppose to be nice, all those endorphins??” I guess not at 6:30 in the morning.

After the race started our job was to cheer on the runners. I’m not kidding. We stood there for a long time. The elite runners ran by… Then the masses.

After our cheering ended it was time to clean up and move and barricades (those things are heavy!).

We were done by 10am. All in all it was a good morning, exciting and I met some nice people.

Some really famous runners were at the race too which was a plus and it was fun to watch them fly by and cheer for them. A bunch of Nike runners from Oregon were there so I was happy to see a little piece of home in New York.

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Once I got back to Ryan’s apartment I crashed. I slept until he got back from New Jersey. We ate lunch and then went for a run. It was a beautiful day and we ran by the water. It was a nice, easy 2 mile run. A perfect recovery run after my 12 miler.

This weekend flew by and was filled with running. I’m happy my body is handling the training so well.

Up Next: Las Vegas this Friday!!!!



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March = Whirlwind

The month of March is non-stop for me. I was looking at my calendar last night and got a little nervous about this coming month. There is so much going on!

This week I’m getting ready for the Coogan’s 5k race. Last night I ran a 5K on the treadmill and added in some inclines so my legs won’t be too shocked by the hills that are throughout the race. (Time: 27:47) I’m excited but also nervous because the weather forecast for Sunday is rain. And guess what?! I’ve never ever run in the rain before…

After Sunday I’ll need to regroup and really train for the half marathon on April 2nd. The one thing that makes me scared about this race is that I’ll be in Vegas celebrating Ryan’s birthday the weekend before (March 25 – 28th)… Not good planning on my part. But we’ll have so fun!!!! I’m super excited!

Oh, and I’m volunteering for a race through the New York Road Runners on March 20th. This will be my first time! I think this will be a great learning experience because I’m volunteering at a half marathon so I’ll be able to see how races function and watch other runners run a half before I make my debut!

With all this training, races and my volunteering there’s no doubt the month of March will be exciting, fun and exhausting!


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