I’m on the team!

Guess what!??? I finally joined a New York running team!

The New York Flyers!!

I’ve been researching for a while now trying to figure out which team would best suit me and I kept coming back to the Flyers. I’m really excited and I can’t wait to go on group runs and race for the team!!! 

Yesterday I signed up for my summer races (go check out my races page) and I loved being able to put down a team. I’m on a running team! Too crazy! I even get a uniform…pretty cool, right!? I also got a shout out on the team’s web site:

This weekend I’m off to Boston to visit my friend Lauren. We studied abroad together in London and were basically inseparable those 4 months. It’s been WAY too long and I CANNOT wait to see her!! It’s also my first time to Boston!


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One response to “I’m on the team!

  1. Cathy Goddard

    The running club shoulb be fun! You’ll never have to run alone, that’s for sure!
    Boston will be a fun weekend – guaranteed!! You’ll be with a great friend in a wonderful city! I’m sure your mom has given you a few ideas of places to check out!! I’ve only been there once to visit your mom when she went to school there. She took me as her guest for Spring Break in March 1974 to Bermuda for a week!! We celebrated my 21st birthday there – every day!! I only got to see Boston for about a day and a half. Have a great time!

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