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My training consists of running races…

The past two weekends I’ve run races and haven’t done a true long run. Not good. I’m pacing a long run this coming weekend – 16 miles. The last time I ran 16 miles was during the Eugene Marathon. Oops.

On Saturday I raced in a 5k on Roosevelt Island. It was a beautiful morning and the course was flat. The only downside – the last mile you were the sun was beating down on you and there was no shade. I’m not good in the sun. It slowed me waaaay down.

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 10.33.44 AM

This race was the Laurie Harris 5k which was put on my my team – The New York Flyers. The race raised $12,000 towards cancer research. Pretty awesome, right?!


It was the perfect way to start the weekend. And I even got some sun! I’m actually a little tan.



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I feel lighter now

Work and life have been too busy to even explain.
I ran for the first time since Eugene last night. I felt great but my right foot felt a little off.

I’m signed up for the Brooklyn half marathon that is tomorrow but I’ve decided not to run it. I really don’t want to spend an hour both ways to pick up my race packet and I REALLY don’t want to wake upat 4am.
I’m not even really supposed to be running races yet. You’re suppose to take off a month from racing after a marathon.

So. I’m not going to run. I’m going to organize and paint our new apartment. That’s what I want to do.

Running races is supposed to be fun and something you want to do. This race has become a HAVE TO. Not a WANT TO. It’s just too much to just run 13.1 miles.

So yeah. Writing this makes me already feel lighter and happier. Much more relaxed.

480345_984647526482_2090322337_nThis is how you want to look and feel after a race – this is a photo of a want to/can’t wait to race-race!


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Let’s Compare the Two

In order to be completely ready I researched the elevation for the Eugene Marathon. In order to get a good idea of what I signed up for I compared it to the six mile loop in Central Park. I ran that loop twice on Sunday.

Eugene Marathon:
Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 1.22.11 PM

Look at that nice downhill from mile 12 1/2 to mile 21!

Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 1.22.04 PMI’m confident my training in Central Park will help me. 

Being able to master the Central Park hills definitely gives me an advantage. (i hope).

Oh, and my friend Kesal sent me this the other day. I love it.



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What a weekend! From Friday to Sunday I was busy! Ryan and I accomplished a lot for our upcoming move. We got a bed, sofa, love seat, chair and ottoman. phew. And we still have a lot to do. 


Sunday was the More Magazine half marathon. It was a great day for a race. Sunny, in the 50s – perfect. I did not race this race. I made this my last long run before the Eugene Marathon. I added on two miles at the end to run a total of 15 miles. I finished the half in 1:47:32 – a 8:13 pace. I felt great the whole time, my confidence for the marathon has definitely increased.


And then of course, I had to celebrate my race 🙂 16 Handles frozen yogurt.


This week I’m going to take it easy and run Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Nothing crazy, just some quality runs. Throw in a Pure Barre class or two and I’m good.

I can’t believe Eugene is so soon!


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Can You Freeze Soup?

Valentine’s Day with Ryan was so much fun. Super relaxed. Silver Linings Playbook was really good and I think everyone should see it such for the dance at the end. I laughed so hard! Then we enjoyed the chocolate dipped strawberries I had made the night before. I added peanut butter chips to some of them. I highly recommend doing it – super good.

Then it was the long weekend! Saturday I got my 16 miler in and it was the best long run! I ran 10 miles with a fellow NY Flyer and the other 6 by myself. I averaged an 8:40 pace. I have no idea where that came from, but I felt great the whole time. photo-1I’m feeling more and more confident about Eugene now that I got a solid long run in. 

Monday I added two new recipes to my recipe list. I’m getting closer and closer to my goal of cooking/baking 26 recipes this year.

The first recipe I made was White Bean Soup with Red Chard. There was A LOT of chopping involved – finely chopping two onions is not fun… 


But – I did it! I made my first ever homemade soup!!!


I then moved on to baking. This bad boy doesn’t look so pretty but it tastes really good! I made pear upside down cake. The hardest part was flipping the darn thing over on the cutting board.

Now I have a ton of soup and lots of cake… and there’s one of me. So yeah… I’ll be eating soup and cake for the rest of the week. Can you freeze soup?

NYCRuns Half-Marathon this Sunday in Central Park! I can’t wait to kick butt on another training run!


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He is just saving his for later

My weekend was full of fun! Friday night Ryan and I went to a theme party! The theme was The Great Gatsby. We didn’t know how dressed up people got so we played it safe. Well… we were with the small group of people who didn’t dress up like crazy!

The photo below – from when I was a flapper for Halloween is what most of the attendees were looked like. Minus the leggings… It was a great time and I can’t wait to go to more of these types of events!

Saturday was a lazy day with an early bedtime. I had to get ready for the Staten Island half! I had no idea so many people were going to be running it! The weather was perfect – 50 degrees at the start and the rain held off!

I ran this race as a training run since I was sick and hadn’t gotten a long run in for two weeks. I hardly looked at my Garmin while running and just ran on how I felt. The last three miles I kicked it into gear and actually beat my half marathon pr time! I ran this half in 1:41:31. A 23 second PR! And I didn’t really push it until mile 10 – I still can’t believe it!

One thing I loved about the race was the transportation to the start. To get there we had to take the Staten Island Ferry. The views were so pretty of the City!

I couldn’t help myself – I had to take a picture of this guy… We all got a bagel after the race. He is just saving his for later I guess.

Hope you all had a great weekend! 


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Running Through the Weekend


I had an AWESOME running weekend. I feel so much more confident about the up coming New York City Marathon!

Saturday was the 4 mile Fitness, Mind, Body, Spirit Games. The race is hosted by Fitness Magazine. This might be my favorite race. Great course, awesome goodie bags and tons of stuff to do before and after the race!

The weather was perfect and I felt good throughout the entire race. My finish time was 28:10. First woman New York Flyer to cross the line!
After the race I hit the “fitness expo” and took a mini pure barre class. As you can tell on my face it has HARD. The ten minute mini class I took made me feel so out of shape! My abs were sore the next day! I loved the class and I’m thinking about signing up for some of the classes.

Sunday was the New York Flyer Palisades Long Run! I had never been to the Palisades so I was really excited to run somewhere new. It was again a perfect day and the view from the George Washington Bridge was amazing!

I ran in the 9 min group and we had a great time. I think this run was the hilliest (is that a word?) run I’ve ever done – up there is the Red Rock half marathon for sure!

I finished 18 miles in 2 hours and 40 minutes – an 8:53 average pace. I’m SUPER happy with that pace!

Sunday I’m running in the 18 mile tune up hosted by the New York Road Runners so we’ll see how I do. The course isn’t as hilly so I’m interested to see what my time will be.
Oh – and compression shorts work miracles. My legs aren’t that sore today. They are worth the money!




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Back to Training

Sunday I ran in the Race for the Cure. It was a nice and easy 5K that helped a great cause.

My friend Amanda created a fundraising team – The Pink Panthers. The race was way more laid back then I’m used to. There was no timing (we used my Garmin) and the bib numbers did not correspond with each individual. It was weird to me since I’m used to being timed and really racing hard.
I ran two miles to the race start which was a good warm up but I could tell my legs were a little tired from my ten mile run the day before. The weather was perfect running weather and there was a lot of downhill on the course so I knew our team would do well.

I paced my friends Marc and Andrew which was really fun. I had never paced anyone in a real race before! Marc had a goal time and we crushed it by a minute and a half! Awesome! Our time was 22:34 – a 7:16 pace.

Some of the team members!

I’ve looked at my calendar this morning and freaked out a little bit… Did you know the marathon is in 54 days?!?? And each weekend in September I have a race/and or running commitment. Yikes. My poor legs are going to be tired!

This Weekend’s Line Up:
Saturday – Fitness Spirit Games 4 miler
Sunday – 15 mile Palisades Long run with the New York Flyers.

So I guess this is when I say “I’ll see you all after November 4th…” That’s when I can be social again… Oh, and then I have to start thinking about the Eugene Marathon… (who needs a social life, right???)


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I’m famous.

So… I’m totally famous.

My picture is in New York Runner magazine 🙂 This photo was taken at the New York Mini 10k, my very first race as a New York Flyer! (Thanks Elisha for letting me know!!)

Saturday was the Percy Sutton 5K race which was part of Harlem Week. It was a very humid morning and the course was hilly but I powered through and finished in 21:47 – a 7:02 pace! First woman Flyer, 23rd in my age group! 
After the race I ran some more miles with a new Flyer friend and totaled 11 miles for the day.

After running I didn’t really do anything…. I did try out this face mask thing… My Mom had sent it to me awhile go – so instead of spending $150 at a spa, I did it myself!

I watched a lot of TV and then it was time to get ready for my friend Lisa’s end of summer party. We all had a lot of fun and it was great to see friends from college. 

And now… I just need to get ready for vacation!!! One more day of work!!!


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Getting the Miles

Saturday I’m supposed to run 14 miles.
PS – I’m running a 5K Saturday morning…

Here’s my plan on getting those miles.

Run to the race (4 miles), run the race (3.1 miles), run back to my apartment (4 miles), run at the gym (3 miles). 14 miles total. Easy, right?!

It will definitely make the actual running of the 14 miles seem shorter since it’ll be broken up into parts. 

I’m racing in the Percy Sutton Harlem 5K. I haven’t raced a 5K race in a very long time so I don’t really know how to approach my pace. One thing I am excited about is that the race is not in Central Park. Most of the races run by NYRR are in the park so it’ll be fun to see a different part of the city.

I will have to remember that I’ll be running seven miles after the race… Lots of factors here.

Saturday night Ryan and I are going to our friend’s end of summer party and then Sunday I’m hoping to pack for our trip!!! I can’t wait!


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