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Back at it

I’m back. Back to blogging and back to training!
My New York City Marathon training started last week and so far it’s going pretty well. The only problem. The weather. It is HOT here. Like crazy hot and humid. I’ve been running at the gym because my body just can’t handle this weather. Maybe I’m a wimp…
Oh, and I signed up for the Big Sur Marathon this week! AND I AM BEYOND EXCITED!!! This marathon has been on my list since I started running. 
Other than that life has been good. Just working, running, going to Pure Barre, trying to become a better cook… still trying to get my 26 List checked off! Very busy!
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Happy to be back! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long!


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Can You Tell I’m Excited???

I’ve been up since 6:30am… I wish I could say it was because I went for a run this morning. But no, I had to take Lexi to The Cat Practice, where I’m boarding her. I like to call it “Kitty Summer Camp”… I’m really nervous – I’ve never boarded her before and she hasn’t been around other cats since I adopted her at 8 weeks! I hope she does okay and doesn’t hate me when I get back from vacation!

Vacation time is almost here! Ryan and I just have to get through today and then we’re off to the West Coast at 7am! We’re going to be in Seattle for a couple of days and then my parents are going to come up and pick us up (from the Mariners game) and we’ll all head to Oregon. I cannot wait for this trip!!! We have been planning it forever! Ryan has never been to Seattle so there will be lots of sight seeing and we’re going to the Dave Matthews concert at the Gorge!

How awesome does this look!? AMAZING! We’ll be there Friday! I also can’t wait for my annual pool party at my parent’s house, wine tasting with my family! And my friend Abby’s wedding! (We have a lot planned… It’s going to be a VERY BUSY TRIP!)


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This weekend felt like I was on vacation. It was great! We were very active but also relaxed and got some sun!!

Friday night Ryan and I went to the gym, ran and then picked up these amazing wraps at The Muscle Maker Grill. It’s next to the gym and the food they serve there is all healthy. I may or may not be addicted to that place now. I’m pretty jealous Ryan lives 5 minutes away…

On Saturday we laid out and got some sun, went to the gym again and did weight training stuff – I really need it and then went out for Chinese food. Super good. I love Chinese food.  

Sunday we took Bailey for a walk in the park.

We had to cut it short because it was sooo hot and she was looking a little too hot.

Poor Bailey rested by my feet and drank lots of water after our walk.

Basically our whole weekend was – working out, eating awesome food, and laying around. The best kind of weekend, I think 🙂
A long run didn’t happen… Oops.

Oh, and we painted Bailey’s nails. She is a styling puppy.


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Check it Off The List!



Summer To Do List

One of the things on my list was to take a cooking class this summer… Well, Ryan and I came close. We SIGNED UP for a cooking class yesterday – which is in November. So it kind of counts… Ryan found this awesome class:

We’re going to take the class in November for our anniversary. I’m SO excited! I’ve been looking at this web site for a year now wanting to take one of the classes. I really want to be a good cook and this will definitely help!

I’m happy to check something else off my summer to do list 🙂

Little Italy – you’re next.



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Just a random post

Another reason why I love running for the New York Flyers! There’s always someone out on the course taking pictures! 

I also got a pretty good photo from the course photographers:

Don’t I look hardcore?!

This week’s training: Tuesday, 3 miles; Wednesday, 6 miles, Thursday, 3 miles, Saturday, 11 miles, Sunday… see how I feel?

Summer To Do List:
Things that still need to get done! :
1) Go to Little Italy
2) Two more beach days need to happen
3) Boston trip!(might not happen in the summer… Fall maybe??)
4) Cooking class with Ryan

What I’ve accomplished:
– 1 beach day
– Kept up my volunteering with NYCares
– NYC Marathon Training is going well!

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I’m too old for this stuff

Atlantic City…. I think I’m too old for that place. Or at least where we stayed? and the club we went to? I’m not sure. 
I loved seeing all my friends and the dinner we went to beforehand was awesome! Great little reunion. And we were able to celebrate our friend’s recent engagement 🙂

Oh, and I did get my nine miles in. I woke up nice and early on Saturday, 6:25am, to be exact, and hit the park. I had a great run and I didn’t feel tired or sore afterwards.  Sleeping on the bus to AC probably helped too.

This week’s training… hmmm… I ran 3 miles on Tuesday… My goal for tonight is to run 5 or more miles, 3 miles on Friday and then I’m running the Boomer’s Run to Breathe race (6.2 miles) on Saturday.
Oh, and then right after the race I have to head straight to Penn Station and go to New Jersey. Ryan and I are going to the beach. Remember that Summer Goals List I made??? yeah… Not doing so great on that list.

I’m tired looking at my week/weekend….



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the next three days

I haven’t run in two days. There’s this little heat wave here in New York and I don’t know if my body is ready to run in 95 degree weather… I just couldn’t get out there. Today is a lot cooler and this weekend is supposed to be nice so my goal is to run the next three days. 

Can you guys hold me accountable?

Please? Okay, thanks.

happy friday*


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